The most important indicator that a girl is cheating on you


Being deceived is one of the worst feelings one can experience. It is absolutely disgusting when the woman you love cheats. Imagine how great it would be if there was a way to know in advance if a girlfriend is a potential cheater before she becomes your spouse.

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Find out a cheater by profession

There is no reliable verification method, but fortunately there are some warning signs to look out for. One of the polls showed that the profession chosen by a woman says a lot about her fidelity. If she’s a broker, banker, or flight attendant, she’s more likely to be treacherous, because those careers are where the biggest liars get involved.

In addition to such warning signs, scientists have found another way to find out if a woman can be a heartless liar so that you can leave her before she breaks your pure loving heart.

0rgasm is an indicator of honesty

One study from the Department of Anthropology at the University of Missouri in the United States set out to test the hypothesis that female fidelity is associated with 0rgasm. It turned out that the 0rgasm itself is not associated with female sexual fidelity, nor is it associated with male perception of sexual fidelity of a partner.

But women who fake 0rgasms have been found to be more likely to cheat on their partners. That is, the more often a friend pretends to be satisfied with sex, the more likely she is to cheat and make you unhappy. At the same time, the fake 0rgasm of the partner was also the reason for the lower satisfaction of men with relationships.

Polls and inquiries

The study recruited 138 women and 121 men who reported that they were currently in a romantic relationship. The female audience was asked questions about how often each of the ladies achieves 0rgasms, about their intensity, as well as imitation. The men were asked how they think how often their girlfriend has an 0rgasm. Finally, all participants were asked if they had ever cheated on their partner, and what was the likelihood that they would cheat in the future.


Imitation and fidelity

Researchers have found that women who often reproduce the impression of 0rgasm cheat their boyfriends left and right. It also turned out that men who suspect their girlfriends of pretending are not very happy with the relationship.

So, if you think that your girlfriend is faking during sex, and you are not too happy with the relationship from the very beginning, then she is either cheating now, or she can do it in the near future.

However, don’t take it as a dogma. In every study there is a huge share of errors. Your girlfriend might be the cutest girl who will never cheat despite faking all her 0rgasms.

How do you know if HE or SHE will cheat on you?

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