Wasted life: 32 ways to waste your life

32 ways to waste your life. Continuation. Want to waste your life? Then this article is for you! To get started, you can check out the 1st selection of ways to ruin your life. If they didn’t help you, read the tips below!

Wasted life: 32 ways to waste your life
Wasted life: 32 ways to waste your life

How to waste your life?

We hope you enjoy these methods!

1. Insult others

Always go to your goals over the heads of others. If possible, do it in the name of the highest values ​​and be justified by them.

2. Try to please everyone

There are billions of people on this Earth, and in your lifetime you will meet several tens of thousands. Try to make them all happy with you.

3. Feed the trolls

At some point, you will meet trolls. These are people who live to criticize and argue. If you are doing something worthwhile, they will notice you.

The easiest way to go down the drain is to feed them, argue with them, and make them believe they are important.

4. Don’t look people in the eye

Let everyone think you are insecure.

In addition, without looking into the eyes of the interlocutor, you are talking to the ghosts in your head. Sooner than you might think, you will start talking exclusively to them.

5. Don’t travel

Stay at home always. Never leave your apartment, your city, your country, your continent. Don’t meet new situations, cultures, and people.

Do not feel the thrill of discovering, do not take risks for the sake of complete strangers.

“There is nothing in life better than your own experience.”

Walter Scott

6. Don’t read books

They can awaken creativity in you and feed your curiosity. Don’t touch them.

Reading books can be extremely dangerous for anyone willing to accept a boring, limited, and tasteless life. So if you are planning on wasting your life, stay away from books.

7. Live by habits

Spend your life on autopilot. Don’t get out of your routine. Create habits for everything in your life, from eating to making love. And then surrender your consciousness to these habits.

This way you will not have problems in life. And you won’t even know how screwed up you are.

8. Avoid mistakes

Don’t do anything that could lead to an error. You know your position can be compromised, or your career can be hurt by it.

9. Don’t think about yourself

Ignore your needs and try to please others just to get praise.

Become an altruist penniless.

10. Hate

Use all your energy to hate others. Because they have a different skin color, a different religion, or just more resources than you.

11. Be a perfectionist

Try to achieve the ideal, not just get better day by day.

12. Don’t give thanks

Avoid saying “thank you” or “I’m glad we did it” If you are grateful, prosperity and happiness can come. Do you need it?

13. Don’t value your time.

Time is the only non-renewable resource you have. Spend it on empty fun, for example, watching TV series or playing computer games.

14. Criticize

Condemn others constantly. Focus exclusively on the bad things. Don’t even think about extolling the bright side of the world.

In just a few weeks, your life will be completely destroyed.

15. Complain

Complain everywhere and always. The more you complain about something, the more you get it.

If you want to fail in life, start complaining!

16. Take the shit

Instead of expressing your point of view, expressing your desires, just accept everything that is given to you. Fill your life with it.

17. Take it personally 

Remember that you are the center of the universe and everyone has something against you. Just move forward with this mindset and everything around you will start to collapse.

18. Don’t laugh

Always be serious. Do not smile and under no circumstances allow yourself to laugh. Laughter will destroy your walls, it will crush the image of a serious person with a stone face, preoccupied with important issues.

19. Envy

Look at everything other people have and feel bad because you don’t have it. Envy their way of life, their wealth, their freedom. In short, waste your life!

20. Leave enthusiasm

Don’t put your heart into your life. Leave passion and become an empty ink, living only by the laws of physics. Let your life be wasted.

21. Obey others

Don’t start anything on your own. Don’t do anything without permission. Always look for someone who is willing to take responsibility for you.

It’s the perfect way to live a boring, gray, and futureless life. This will amputate your courage and courage, leaving you at the mercy of a mediocre role model.

22. Live past or future

Stay out of the present moment. This will be enough to lead a meaningless life in search of something that doesn’t really exist.

23. Be average

Not too much, not too little. Not too talkative, not too quiet. Always be somewhere in between.

Average life is a wasted life.

24. Be vindictive

Wait for the moment for revenge and carry it out! This will make you a predictable and easy-to-operate machine, ready for anyone to use, smart enough to push the right buttons.

This is a great way to waste your life!

25. Take offense

Even if you do not want to take revenge, at least take offense at those who insulted you.

26. Do what no one needs

Do what has no value. Be a wannabe or a useless clerk – screw it up.

27. Follow all the news

This will give you the illusion of control. Stuff yourself with useless information and screw up your life.

28. Be late

Be late for work, social events, and informal meetings. So you will gradually lose touch with everything that surrounds you.

Come always too late.

29. Don’t be happy

Don’t enjoy it. To be happy is too stupid. Because it’s a useless emotion. This can leave you vulnerable.

30. Be jealous th

Just think that jealousy is a form of love. Spoil your relationship and your whole life at the same time.

31. Panic

Give circumstances control over you. When something goes beyond your normal routine, just panic. Drop everything, follow the crowd, and think that the world will collapse.

32. Don’t love

Turn your soul to stone. Freeze your heart. Don’t let love reach you.

In this case, it won’t take you months to ruin your life. You won’t need weeks or even days. The moment you forbid yourself to love, your life will become useless.

So now you know what to do to make your life go to waste! Send this article to your friends, maybe they will want to spoil their lives with you!

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