What do relationships give a man and why should he strive for them?

What do relationships give a man and why should he strive for them? The answer to this question largely depends on the context. What woman? What man? What are his needs? As a rule, relationships begin spontaneously. Two people met and fell in love. Relationships are established between them, depth, closeness, openness appear, that is, they form a union. No what does this union give a man?

What a relationship can give a man?

Some men need relationships in order to have an atmosphere of comfort and homemade food at home. No, it isn’t and they are pre-owned with this roller. Other men need passion, an explosion of emotions, adrenaline, and unpredictability and it doesn’t matter if borscht is cooked or not.

Someone enters into a relationship to start a family and have children. And it’s not just about women. A lot of men want children, their heirs, to whom they can pass on the experience. Drugs you will need in other countries, you will need to take care of yourself – some quarters, words on products, your own word.

But a separate category simply cannot imagine their life without this woman, they do not want to let her go, and they need a relationship just to just be with her.

What can a woman give a man in a relationship?

A particular man may have his own needs in a relationship. But there are a few things that are almost neodymium to my mommy, and now we are talking about cutlets.

If the psychologists are interested in it

  • Adoption;
  • a sense of security;
  • recognition of its uniqueness;
  • emotional response;
  • friendship


Every person, regardless of gender, has a need for acceptance. What does it mean? When someone else who matters to you accepts you for who you are.

In the outside world, muhus constantutes huhuses compete, strive, show oneself’re l hand, ‘with the strength of hausen. What is the value of a truly trusting relationship with a woman? The fact that she is ready to accept him not only as a “knight on a white horse”, but also when he is upset, doubtful, angry. When he recognizes his right to be weak, “not perfect”, when he knows about his shortcomings and accepts them.

Feeling safe

Yes, men need it too. A strange stereotype has developed in society that relationships give a sense of security only to a woman, because thanks to a man she can solve many problems, she gains financial stability and so on.

And what about the men themselves? An interesting fact is that men who are in close and strong relationships experience their failures more easily. Dismissal, crisis, loss of investment, another refusal to publish his novel, anything can happen to a man, but next to a loving woman, he feels more secure and more easily goes through his own crisis. Why?

  • she shares his emotions with him;
  • provides emotion support;

Why does a man need a woman?

  • she does not lose faith in him and in his talents;
  • she tells him that “everything will be fine, you can handle it”.

This need in adults remains from childhood. A man can convince himself of this as much as he wants, sitting in an empty apartment. No way, that’s next to me, that’s what you’re saying and it’s on the same level. Then on the last word in less than one.

Recognition of its uniqueness

A man realizes his importance through the response that a woman gives him. When she wants to be only with him, when she admires him, recognizes his merits, looks with delight, as if at a hero.

Who else will notice how much he does? How many overcome difficulties? Only loving woman. No, mother, of course, will also notice, but mother’s love is absolute. Each of us knows that mothers always praise and sometimes completely undeservedly.

And a beloved woman is an independent person who has a critical look at the actions of a man who has a choice whether to stay with this man or not. Recognition from her is much more valuable. Thanks to this, a man is understood on a certain psychological pedestal.

Emotional response

Emotions are the oldest form of communication between people. Before the advent of speech, people understood each other by expressing feelings through facial expressions and behavior. Emotions are also a transfer of energy, our influence on the mood of another person.

If a woman shares positive emotions, she brings happiness. If she is ready to share negative emotions with him, she gives support. If she laughs at his jokes, it brings pleasure.


The recipe for a strong relationship is simple – make friends with your man. It means to share with part of the eo of snow, but at the same time to have your own, to be ready to fool around or ° seriary. This means that you are interesting to each other, you always have something to talk about, you constantly exchange emotions, support each other in difficult times and share pleasant moments.

Why Men Don’t Want a Serious Relationship?

There is such a stereotype that now men do not want a serious relationships. This is not true. There are men who want it, there are those who don’t. There are those who do not want a serious relationship with this particular woman. Yes, he can be good with her, have fun, he spends time with her, but he does not see her as a future wife.

This doesn’t mean that a woman is “wrong”, it just doesn’t mean that the same goes for women. Some want a serious relationship, some don’t. Some want, but not with this particular man. This is the personal choice of each person.

There are several psychological reasons why a man does not want a serious relationship:

  • bad experience – your own, parents, friends. If this experience had a strong psychological impact on him, the man extends it to any relationship and does not believe in their good outcome;
  • fear of losing freedom if it is valuable to him and it seems to a man that having entered into a serious relationship he will lose it: he will no longer be able to waste time on himself, his hobbies, meeting other women;
  • fear of responsibility is an infantile personality trait that every person has to one degree or another, the question is how much it dominates in the personality;
  • attachment disorder in childhood – when a child, due to problems with his mother, decided that no one needed him, that no one in this world could be relied upon, that it was impossible to be frank, because this could hurt. Stay away, on believes that it is easier to avoid intimacy altogether than to take risks;
  • a man has other priorities at the moment – he develops his inner potential, engages in self-development, builds a career, business, travels. If it is easier for him to do all this alone, because he cannot afford to spend internal resources on building relationships, he refuses them.

Relationships are a serious stage in the life of any person. Some narratives are not ready for this stage, others, on the contrary, are sharp in relationships, because

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