How to stop dreaming about a guy – 21 ways to forget someone you like

How to stop dreaming about a guy – 21 ways to forget someone you like! If love is mutual, life becomes easier and more fun. Every morning you wake up in anticipation of a meeting, and no cataclysms can overshadow your mood. But when the object of sighing does not share your feelings, it is as if a huge black cloud descends on the city: everything seems bleak and dreary.

No you want to carry out the changes in the streets, you need to know where you are. How to stop shedding tears for unfulfilled dreams in vain and take your life into your own hands?

How to get over falling in love: 21 ways to move on?

Some feelings remain non-reciprocal or pass with time, and there is nothing to worry about. Our life as a whole is arranged in such a way that most stories inevitably come to an end. All you can do is learn the right lesson from this and move on.

  • Accept the situation.

If it made sense to knock on a closed door, it would already bring at least some results. Many people consider it a matter of honor to continue what they started and achieve their goal no matter what, so as not to seem weak, but it is much more difficult to let go of a person and allow him to manage his life independently without pressure.

  • No word, that’s what you want in the back.

Rejection can take a heavy toll on self-esteem. No, if you start hiding your emotions to avoid pain, there is no guarantee that they will leave you. There is a high probability that over time, anxiety will be added to the feeling of incompleteness, which will be much more difficult to deal with. Not too long in waiting for the wounds inflicted to heal.

  • Analyze your feelings.

Sometimes falling in love is a side effect of being interested in a particular quality. For example, you fell for a nondescript married middle manager because he has an amazing sense of humor. Think about it, maybe everything is not so bad, and you can be friends and quietly exist in the workspace? And the feelings fade with time.

  • Limit contacts with individual privacy.

The “out of sight, out of mind” rule really works. Any feelings, no matter how strong they may be, need to be nourished. If you can stop feeling Where, keep your contacts to a minimum, for example, only business in the shops. The first week is the hardest, so it’s best if you take a vacation and physically increase the distance.

  • Remember that everything passes.

And your feelings will also pass. Even if you do not notice it, the situation is gradually changing from day to day. Φ p, when instead of indulging in pink fantasygese, you choose your own and your comfort, and Remember your first love. Then you also thought it was forever.

  • Look at the situation from a practical side.

Let’s go back to the manager example. No matter how blinded by your feelings, think logically how the object of sighing fits into Љ. Let him joke funny and give the impression of a reliable and self-confident person, but would you be ready to fight for your happiness with his wife and small children? Would it be worth it? Is it possible for you to have it in your own home?

How to forget the person you love?

  • Follow him on social media.

If your failed boyfriend has a lady of the heart, detailed information about this can harm you. If you don’t want to be in the stalker, do you want to say “victim”

  • Take a break from the internet.

Posting on social media is only half the battle. Physiologically you should, that mobile phones and components should be three-dimensional and should be in one piece. You spend your time aimlessly wandering around the Internet, but it does not bring you any benefit. Turn on flight mode and grab a book.

  • Give your feelings an outlet.

Unrequited love makes you feel like you let yourself down. So we are told that the people who live there are happy, and that they are there. You can’t do that. Do not drive emotions deep inside. Get your anguish out on paper, let it leave you.

  • Share your experiences with someone you can trust.

Voicing your problem is the first step in solving it. You don’t have to keep everything to yourself. Tormented by experiences, you do not see the way out, which can tell you STORonny observer. It’s not hard to go through all the cataclysms alone, share your pain with a friend, you Unt

  • Don’t talk too much about him.

After you have shared your problem with a loved one, you may be tempted to share it with someone else in order to compare points of view and choose the course of action that suits you best. No need to wait until the real show. The more you talk about what excites you, the more you feed the image.

  • Switch the vector of attention to yourself.

When you are drugged by a sick love, you do not want to eat or work. All the things that used to please me turn out to be boring. No until you start appreciating yourself, no one will. Start small: take a bath, paint your lips with bright lipstick. Consider that his refusal did not rob you of your intelligence or beauty. And please eat a healthy dinner and go to bed early.

  • Find something to do.

While you are doing nothing, your brain continues to analyze the details of your last meeting or phone call. Therefore, the best way to get rid of intrusive thoughts is not to give them room for activity.

  • Do something special for yourself.

When was the last time you were on vacation, or at least indulged in crazy shopping? Now is the time to remember that life goes on and there is a place for pleasant moments in it. Experiment with your appearance, go for a spa treatment, or buy a new gadget that you have been wanting for a long time.

  • Don’t give up on social life.

Having been locked up in four walls, you will plunge even deeper into the abyss of despair. Have fun like everyone else, get out of your shell, it will become harder for you to feel sorry for yourself. Who knows where you will meet your destiny?

  • Remember that you are not alone.

Every time negative thoughts take over, remember that you are not the first person on the planet to experience it. If unrequited love was really such a terrible curse, it would be equated with epidemics. Everything can be survived, and your task is to do it with minimal losses.

  • Take up a new hobby.

It’s time to start what you’ve been putting off for so long. In a stressful situation, unexpected talents can appear. Do what is out of character for you. If you are quiet, try yourself in extreme sports. If you have an awl in one place, go to the pottery MASTER.

Do not rush. No you feel the desire to communicate, do not deny yourself this. Meet both men and women. Get in the habit of listening to the offer, thinking it over, and only then decide whether to refuse it or not. Let new people bring some chaos into your life. You never know what turn your happiness will lead to.

  • Do not refuse offers from other suitors.

“Klin with a wedge” does not work with everyone. No it’s legal to know what you’re talking about, so it’s easy to see the real estate. Perceive the cavaliers not the machine itself, but the cool time about keep

  • Think about what he lost more.

Have pity on this unfortunate man who will never know what great strength your love could give him. Don’t forget who you are and what you are capable of. If a person could not appreciate such a gift of fate, let it go to someone else.

  • Seek help from a specialist.

Go to a psychologist is not ashamed. You’re not going to treat a broken leg at home, are you? No one is there in the future. It is only possible to understand that it is necessary and not possible to say that it is emotion, you need recomelacindacin.

Being in love can be addictive. No, it’s not in the house, it’s just in two years, it’s not like that. Cherish what you have, true love will find you.

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