What is a kiss? Kissing types & What do different kisses mean?

What is a kiss? Kissing types & What do different kisses mean? Touching, incendiary, nimble, playful, first, farewell – what a kiss can not be. However, few people know the meaning of each variety. And very few focus on the benefits derived from such an activity. More about everything, as well as special bonuses – later in this article.

What is a kiss?

A kiss is one of the ways to openly express feelings or have a positive attitude towards a person. However, not in all nations, such a manifestation of emotions causes delight. For example, in Mozambique, the process of lip fusion is considered almost vile. The same courtship in public places in Japan is a sign of bad taste.

As for the origin of such an occupation, there are three versions:

  1. Legends and esotericism. According to Plato, previously man had no gender. But he had two heads, four arms, and legs, and the shape of the body resembled a ball. As punishment for sins, the gods divided man into two parts – male and female. And the kiss became the only way to merge the halves.
  2. Social connections. In ancient times, kisses were more of a ritual or diplomatic nature. Rulers, ambassadors, merchants, even artisans kissed as a sign of trust and partnership. Then the whole idea took on a new level and kissing began to include romance as well.
  3. Scientific hypotheses. Scientists noted in the behavior of chimpanzees actions similar to kissing. Animals make them during periods of flirting or feeding. According to these data, the desire to kiss may be a manifestation of a long-standing reflex and part of evolutionary development.

To better understand the essence of such a process, it is better to get acquainted with its varieties, because each kiss is unique.

Kissing types.

1. By nature.

  • Romantic. The manifestation of sympathy or love between partners.
  • Friendly. Brief kisses between friends or acquaintances. More often – on the cheek.
  • Related. Expression of closeness, trust between relatives.
  • Secular. Has a diplomatic character. It often happens three times. Sometimes left on the back of the hand. Rarely implies sincere emotions, but emphasizes efficiency.

2. According to the degree of expression of emotions.

  • Easy. Short, lips barely touching the skin or hair. Leaves the feeling as if made “on the go.”
  • Gentle. Longer, touches are soft, smooth, slow, accurate.
  • Passionate. Impulsive, persistent. Often a person who kisses in this way opens his mouth wide, uses his tongue, sometimes doing everything casually. Often partners during the whole process try to ensure maximum physical contact.
  • hickey. Aggressive, assertive. Leaves traces in the form of bruises, a “network” of broken capillaries. If desired, then it is considered as bright as possible in terms of the level of emotional intensity.

3. By object.

  • interpersonal. Dedicated to people. Accompanied by touches to the skin, hair, eyelashes.
  • subject. Expresses admiration for something. It can be superficial – a girl bought a beautiful dress and, for joy, kisses the fabric, for example. It can also be deep – a woman kisses a pectoral cross (devotion to faith), a man touches a photo with his daughter with his lips (longing for a loved one).
  • Mimic. Does not involve contact. Imitation of the lips of a standard kiss.
  • Air. Another distant view. The scheme is simple: kiss your palm, point it towards the person or object of interest, and “blow-off” the trace.

4. Non-standard.

  • Eskimo. Partners rub their noses. Another variation is to press your nose against your partner, trying to inhale his scent as much as possible.
  • Butterfly Touch. The pair touches the tips of the eyelashes and then begins to wave them. The pace of swings can be different. If desired, you can tickle your cheek, neck, or other areas with eyelashes.
  • smiley kiss. A separate subspecies, born in the era of the Internet. Applicable in correspondence. Takes the form of an animation, picture, emoji, or a combination of an equal sign and an asterisk (“=*”).

What is a kiss? Kissing types & What do different kisses mean?

What do different kisses mean?

1. Face and head.


CheekMutual care. Ability to be a partner, a friend. Trust, affection.Lips

The most abstract version. It all depends on emotions, the degree of lip pressure, the duration of the process, etc.

However, this is one of the most exciting, sensual options.

Eyelids (angelic)Sincerity, reliability. Caring attitude. The ability to appreciate, the fear of “frightening off” or losing.NoseHumor, fun in character. Often – optimism, bright cheerfulness, sociability. Peacefulness is the ability to avoid scandals. Forehead or crownCaring, devotion. “Parental” feelings are expressed in the desire to patronize, protect, be supportive. Ear and lobe

Touching the ear – experimentation, changeability, excitement. Also, this kind means that the partner wants to cheer up, excite or, more often, excite.

Touching the earlobe – passion. The desire for intimacy, romance, sensuality, but also sparks.

back of the head The need to be cared for. Feeling of leadership. This is a sign of an already established relationship in which trust reigns.

2. Body.


NeckOpenness, a passion of nature. Willfulness, impatience of borders, control. Impulsiveness, sometimes incontinence, impatience. Occasionally – passive or active aggression. hand, fingers

Sign of respect, gallantry. Often – a secular gesture caused by the appropriate atmosphere.

If the partner touches the fingers – a sign of flirting, sympathy, playfulness.

HipsPassion, but delicacy, devotion. A hint of intimacy. Compromise, lack of selfishness. The ability to make contact, the desire to please your couple.Stomach If there is no erotic subtext or it is not strong, then such an action means a kinship of souls, a close connection. More often this type occurs in couples who have been together for several years and are completely used to each other.BackWanting to be around for as long as possible. Attachment, interest, attempts to get to know a person on a deeper level. Curiosity. Devotion.

3. No lip fusion.


EskimoStrong relationships, similarities of characters. Ease of nature, optimism, cheerful disposition. Conflict-free. Loyalty.AirFlirting, coquetry. Adventurism, risk-seeking, routine avoidance. Weak communication is typical for the initial stages of the relationship or even before them. Sometimes – frivolity, irresponsibility, infantilism.Mimic

Getting used to each other, a long union. Respect for personal space, calmness in a couple.

Ironic facial expression, sometimes flirtatious.


The standard way to convey romantic feelings is through electronic means of communication.

If not supported by real kisses, then shyness, indecision, or lack of serious intentions.

Butterfly TouchTenderness, love, desire to please, please. At the same time – lightness, flirting against the background of complete mutual understanding.

What is a kiss? Kissing types & What do different kisses mean?

4. Emotions.



Passion, insatiability. Intimate overtones with a hint (consciously or not) to continue.

In a long relationship – a sign of sustained interest, admiration.

hickeyNervousness, jealousy. An attempt to “mark the territory”, a sense of ownership. Aggression, intolerance for the mistakes of others, irascibility, passion.one lip Close connection. A sign of a couple who have been together for a long time. Trust, confidence in a partner, softness of feelings. Biting or suckingTemperament, it is possible that choleric. “Explosiveness” character. Occasionally, it may indicate polygamy, windiness, the search for exclusively carnal pleasures.”Vacuum”The desire to possess, control. The desire for physical contact. Emotionality, expressiveness (not only for bad emotions but also for good ones). With body contact mutual understanding, sincere sympathy. Desire to learn on a physical, spiritual, moral, intellectual level. An attempt to bind a person to himself.

Why is kissing good?

1. General benefit.

  • Kissers have a longer lifespan. Husbands who kiss their wives in the morning before work live an average of 5 years longer.
  • The risk of getting sick is reduced. The processes of restoration and regeneration are accelerated. Patients who often kiss with loved ones recover faster.
  • Aging slows down. And this applies to both appearance and brain activity.
  • Improves the quality of sex. Lovers, who often touch their lips, retain sensuality in bed, emotional attachment. Also, kissing a partner helps to turn on.
  • Increased resistance to allergies, acute physiological reactions.
  • The process can become a real breathing exercise. It improves the condition of the lungs, invigorates the body, and heals it.

2. Metabolism.

  • A simple peck on the cheek burns 5 calories. But the French version takes 26 kcal.
  • The level of acidity in the oral cavity is normalized due to the release of saliva. This prevents the development of caries and other dental (also gum) diseases.
  • Lip receptors (especially their mucosa) are extremely sensitive. Their activation ensures the good functioning of the adrenal glands, pancreas. The normalization of their work, in turn, improves the hormonal background.
  • Partners exchange different bacteria (+fats, proteins, salts). They activate the immune system, make you fight new, previously unfamiliar mini-threats, producing antibodies. This improves immunity.

What is a kiss? Kissing types & What do different kisses mean?

3. Cardiovascular system.

  • The pulse accelerates, the work of the heart muscle is stimulated. This increases its endurance, favorably affects the whole body.
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, heart attack.
  • The pressure stabilizes. Kissing prevents high blood pressure (useful for hypertensive patients). They also block attacks of vegetovascular dystonia (good for hypotensive patients).
  • The blood flow is activated, the cells are better saturated with oxygen and useful substances.
  • Reduced pain in the heart (as well as headaches, rheumatic, weather).
  • The walls of blood vessels become stronger, cleared of harmful cholesterol.

4. Nervous system and psyche.

  • The hormones of stress, fear, and other negative experiences are suppressed. As a result, the person is more often in a good mood, feels more cheerful.
  • Increased energy, which affects the character. A person becomes more confident, liberated.
  • The quality of sleep improves. Insomnia goes away, the number of nightmares decreases.
  • Creativity, memory is enhanced, imagination develops.
  • The emotional background is stabilized. Mood swings disturb much less often, there is a feeling of inner calmness, balance.

Kisses and signs.

  • If the lips are very itchy – to passionate kisses.
  • If the couple first kissed on the new moon – be married.
  • You can’t kiss on the steps – to problems and a break.
  • Kissing an amulet for good luck means strengthening its power.
  • A kissing couple under the mistletoe – to a happy marriage and long love.

Kisses and records

  • The longest kiss recorded in 2013 belongs to a Thai couple – more than 58 hours.
  • In 1990, Alfred Wolfram managed to kiss about 8,000 strangers in just 8 hours. Eight years later, he raised his own target to 10,504.
  • “Kissed”: Arkady Stepanov in 2005 kissed a Porsche for more than 58 hours in a row. The same car was awarded for the record.
  • “Don Juan” (1926) – the film-record holder for the number of kisses – 191.
  • “Now You’re in the Army” (1941) – the comedy with the longest movie kiss, lasting more than 3 minutes.
  • The most expensive pleasure belongs to an American who paid $350,000 to kiss George Clooney.

Kissing facts.

  • The first kiss in cinema was seen in the 1896 film of the same name, which lasted only 30 seconds.
  • There are people who are afraid to kiss. Their fear has a scientific name – philemaphobia.
  • Every year on July 6, the whole world celebrates the official Kissing Day.
  • When kissing, partners often close their eyes. Usually, this reflex is explained by a bright surge of emotions. In fact, during such an activity, the pupils dilate, the eyes become more sensitive to light.
  • On average, a person spends a total of 2 weeks of his life kissing.

Kissing is an art. Only those who know all the subtleties of this craft can become a master in it. Experimentation, theory, and constant practice of such an enjoyable activity will improve your skills. And this article will speed up the achievement of the status of “Kissing Guru”.

What is a kiss? Kissing types & What do different kisses mean?

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