What is childfree in simple words


More and more experts say that our planet is overpopulated. And the modern rhythm of life and constant trials make many people think that life without children is much calmer. The childfree movement can outrage, someone agrees, no one is indifferent. What does the position of childfree mean, who can become one and for what reasons.

Why do people deliberately refuse children

In simple words, childfree is life without children, a conscious choice to avoid difficulties and enjoy your existence. The literal translation from English reads “free from children.” This does not mean that they are opposed to the little ones. Some of the supporters willingly work with other people’s kids, contribute to their development, closely monitor their fate and help in everything.

There are many reasons why men and women do not want children. Among them, the most popular are the desire to fulfill oneself as a professional in creativity, career, and sports. They are happy, do not experience discomfort, travel a lot, engage in self-development. There are many examples of world stars, successful, beautiful, who do not have children and feel happy.

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Women have a fear of pregnancy, childbirth, the fact that the figure will change, extra pounds will appear. It is better to abandon children than to endure pain and discomfort. Your opinion may change over time, and that’s okay. But today the movement is constantly growing and replenished with new supporters.

Consider what it is from the point of view of psychology. Supporters of freedom of choice, free disposal of their time prove the effectiveness of this way of life. The child obliges to constant control not only until adulthood, but also after. An important factor is the financial capabilities of future parents. Not everyone is ready to impose additional obligations on themselves or believe that this process can be postponed for a while.

Some make a conscious choice based on their own experience, their childhood. They develop a clear belief that life will be better without children. They do not want to doom their offspring to problems and difficulties. Such fears and principles are familiar to everyone, but not everyone dares to openly express their position.

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How the childfree direction was born

Modern society is so diverse that it is difficult to surprise with something. But childfree attract attention. It is difficult for many to understand how one can be happy without children, how to refuse them consciously. As the psychologist explains, the reluctance to have babies is normal and corresponds to the inner state of mind of a person. Each one manifests itself individually.

Adherents of the movement are people of different ages and professions. They do not include those who cannot have children for medical reasons. The modern contraceptive market allows family planning without problems.

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In different periods of the origin and formation of the movement, one or another classification was used. By type of perception, by reasons for refusal, and others. The result remains the same. A society with traditional family values ​​is controversial about such people. Some strongly condemn and believe that procreation is the direct duty of every citizen. Others support and adjoin the flow.

What’s in store for the future

Surveys of childfree supporters show that everyone thinks about life in old age. But there is no fear of being left without support and help. There are many social programs designed to help retirees. As they retort, it is possible to remain in old age without support, having several children.

All this does not prevent you from enjoying the world around you, adding new elements and relationships. This is everyone’s personal choice.


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