What is Free Love? Types of Free Love

What is Free Love? Types of Free Love Free love from religious, moral, ethical, and social points of view looks like something forbidden, unacceptable, even dirty. But is it really so? Often such feelings are underestimated, humiliated, even denied due to an incomplete or inaccurate understanding of their essence. What is meant by free love? And what can it be? What do swinging and polygamy have to do with it?

What is free love?

Free love is a type of worldview that is characterized by maintaining sǝxual relationships with different people, even in the presence of a serious relationship. Partners do not perceive mutual intimacy, long acquaintance, strong feelings as obligations, or a reason for fidelity in its usual sense.

Moreover, the concept of free love lies in absolute freedom, the ability to give it to your couple. That is, lovers

  • do not have the right to claim each other, control, bind to themselves, arrange surveillance;
  • completely deny selfishness, jealousy, possessiveness;
  • do not fit into each other’s personal space, respect him, always reckon with him.

Surprisingly, the level of trust between participants in an open relationship is often higher than between partners in a standard behavior model. Such a union lasts in different ways, but the duration primarily depends on the desire of the couple (group) itself and the persistence of interest in each other. There are relationships of this type that have existed for decades, and all of their participants feel absolutely happy.

Free love is a conscious choice, in which all the actors are clearly aware of the features of this form of relationship, do not experience negative emotions about this. However, not everyone enters into such an alliance because of the desire for freedom or personal convictions. Sometimes the reasons may be:

  • falling in love and the accompanying attempt to be close to the beloved person on any rights;
  • interest in a similar topic, boredom, desire to unwind, try something new, adventurism, experimentation;
  • the desire to prove to oneself, others, the couple itself that such a relationship has no future or positive prospects;
  • weak willpower, inability to refuse, inertia, payroll, because of which a person finds himself in an unfamiliar environment out of unwillingness;
  • nymphomania and sǝxual disorders of this type.

In such cases, one cannot talk about the happiness or success of the relationship. Most likely they will collapse, and rather quickly, as soon as someone starts to download rights, saw, blame, control.

As a rule, supporters of this theory rarely have children. They are well aware of the issues of contraception, protection against seǝxually transmitted diseases. Another reason why you can’t call them just frivolous or windy. Promiscuous sǝx is clearly not their story.

What is Free Love? Types of Free Love

Free love and sǝx without obligations.

These are not identical concepts. They are based on different principles and levels of the relationship of lovers to each other. What are the main differences?

free love free sǝx

Includes strong feelings for at least one partner. The maximum level of feelings is sympathy based on physical data. Often includes displays of unobtrusive concern for their couple. In the center is the satisfaction of personal needs. There is constant communication, relationships continue outside the bedroom. Communication breaks off after sǝaxual intercourse (with rare exceptions). Lovers are aware of sǝx “on the side.”The intimate life of a sǝxual partner before and after is a mystery. Attentive care for men’s/women’s health.Unpredictability due to the presence of STIs and AIDS. The fact that a new acquaintance likes outwardly does not mean that they will go to bed with him. There is selectivity. Any person who likes their appearance will do. New acquaintances are warned about their worldview, without misleading them. All on a voluntary basis. Dirty tricks are often used to lure into the bedroom – deceit, manipulation, blackmail, “pumping” with alcohol or drugs.

Supporters of free relationships respect not only their freedom, the personal space of the couple, but also the privacy of all those around them, without exception. They, as a rule, are completely honest in their intentions, adequately, without aggression, relate to the traditional model of relations.

Types of free love.

1. Swing.

Swing is a group sǝxual relationship that occurs more often between married couples with an official stamp in the passport, less often between spouses in a civil marriage. The decision to find a swinger couple is necessarily taken jointly. Moreover, the couple itself is selected together.

Often, swingers organize entire private clubs to have sǝxual intercourse with trusted people. There are several subspecies of swing:

  • easy (soft) – exchange of lovers only at the stage of foreplay; also – intimacy between a couple and a third participant;
  • closed – a full-fledged exchange of spouses in different rooms;
  • open-ǝx semi-orgy, involving them in the same room with all couples (that is, from two or more).

What is Free Love? Types of Free Love

2. Open marriage.

An open marriage is a marriage with mutual consent to have sǝxual relations on the side. It differs from swing in that the selection of lovers is carried out separately from each other, does not require the approval of the spouse. Also, swinging more often involves the exchange of couples, while in an open marriage they prefer to find many partners, but one at a time.

The meaning of this form of relationship is the desire to increase the tolerance of the spouses to each other, to preserve the independence of each of them, to get rid of power and control.

3. Polygamy.

Polygamy is a type of marriage that exists in one of two forms:

  • polygyny (polygamy) – a husband with two or more wives,
  • polyandry (polyandry) – a wife with two or more husbands.

This is a kind of harem, which is often built not so much on personal views, but on the characteristics of ethnic or religious beliefs. Spouses are not allowed to have ǝxual relations with someone who is not part of the family circle. Although sometimes the leader (a man in polygyny, a woman in polyandry) still allows himself premarital sǝx if he intends to legitimize the union after.

4. Polyamory.

Polyamory is a conscious choice in favor of a love relationship (not just sǝx) with several partners at the same time. Absolutely all participants are aware of the details, while they are satisfied with this alignment of events. This is a generalized type of free love, the difference of which is that marriage is not required here.

Supporters of this movement have made attempts to create a symbolic emblem and even a polyamory flag. Although there is still no generally accepted option, there is a common feature – colors and their meaning:

  • blue – sincerity, trust, voluntary consent of the participants,
  • Red – feelings, in particular – love,
  • the black (sometimes) – solidarity with those who have to hide their status, avoiding condemnation from society.

Free love has a right to exist. But only in the case when all participants in the action consciously agree to the “conditions of the game.” These feelings have their benefits, which few people know about. But the cons are familiar to everyone. But, if a person belongs to the category of those who actively practice such love in their lives, this is not a reason to insult or despise him. Sometimes it is enough to hear his version of events to understand that he is a completely normal person with his own views.

What is Free Love? Types of Free Love

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