What to do if the husband has become rude and a stranger and his wife is indifferent to him?

What to do if the husband has become rude and a stranger and his wife are indifferent to him? He used to carry you in his arms and never say a single rude word to you? Have you always been polite and gentle? And now your husband seems to have been replaced? Yes, this really can be. To begin with, it is very important to understand what this may be connected with.

Possible reasons

If earlier your husband was not characterized by aggressive behavior, but now he can answer you rudely or is irritable all the time after work, there may be a number of reasons:

  • He has personal problems, but he does not share them with you

It can be anything: health problems, with loved ones, with friends, at work. No, it’s not easy to talk to yourself. Maybe someone entrusted him with some secret or he learned something. It’s up to you in the morning, and it’s still there.

  • These are traits of his personality, but you did not notice them before.

Yes, this can happen too. You could not attach much importance to His Aggression, because at that moment it was not directed at you or you justified His actions.

  • The use of medicines

If the husband is undergoing any kind of treatment, this behavior can be a consequence, and this should also be dealt with in the sol.

  • Are you in a relationship crisis?

The husband could have accumulated a large number of claims, but he does not know how to express them correctly, therefore he automatically breaks down and is rude. And you can not give in to him, and sometimes provoke more. Since you also do not notice the crisis stage with which you need to work.

  • He got another woman

Then you should try it before you do it. No heat is not available to you if you are not aware of it.

  • He copies the model of his family

What happened in your husband’s family can be an example of behavior in your family. If aggression or rudeness was perceived as the norm in the family, then he may simply not know how to behave as a pom-dru.

  • Alcohol is to blame

If Your Husband’s Behavior Changes Under the Influence of Alcohol, then it is necessary to solve problems with alcohol and reduce his methods to a minimum.

These may not be the only reasons, but whatever they are, you can deal with them. Such behavior, first of all, says that the husband has some problems: psychological, physical, moral. You, as a close person, can probably help him, but first of all, he should want to mark.

Why is a man behaving aggressively?

What is aggressive behavior?

Aggression happens:

It is possible to avoid wearing shoes and items to two addresses. And also, as criticism and remarks in passing. Your husband may say that he is just joking or wishing you well, so he makes one remark after another. No matter how it sounds – all this is hidden aggression. Iona can be associated with several reasons that have been described above.

This is the kind of aggression when a man can raise his hand against you or take rude actions towards you or someone else, weaker.

Both types of aggression are dangerous to others. The problem is that the skin is broken and the physical translations are too high.

What actions can be taken?

If your husband’s behavior has become not very pleasant, he has become rude, you want to somehow influence this, you can take several steps:

  • Sit down at the negotiating table

If your husband has problems, and he does not want to share with you, you can try to talk to him “heart to heart”. Tell him what he can share with you and you will support him.

  • Don’t start a conflict first

And even if the spouse has already started the conflict, do not enter into it. All that is said is that it is called and that the word is written. Sometimes, the best solution is to physically remove yourself, namely to leave home. If there is a conflict between the steps in the washing room.

  • Recommend working with a psychologist

Yes, this idea may not please the spouse, because it is not so easy to admit your problems. But if he agrees, a specialist can help him sort out his difficulties.

  • Don’t let yourself get carried away

Your task is not to let your partner’s negative EMOs affect your EMO-rational state. This will give your husband the understanding that you should not be treated like this and that it can change his behavior.

  • Strengthen your boundaries

Yes, it is impossible to force another person to change. But you just need to start changing yourself. It is only possible to give it a price, to and from the house.

What is the most important thing for you?

The most important thing for you in such a situation is to admit that something is wrong with your husband. But something is not right. Any rude and aggressive behavior can be dangerous for you. No stoit but rasskazat about such a manifestation of a husband to close people. Especially if it goes beyond what is permitted.

Sometimes, such behavior is worth shouting about. And there are times when staying in such a relationship becomes unsafe. When a husband does not understand that you need to somehow change your behavior, the only way out for you is to leave the entire from definite. So, you can keep your psyche and respect for yourself.

joke in time

Yes, a well-timed joke can take the pressure off your man. No at this moment it is emotionally stable. And also, you can remember some good moments that bring you together or talk about abstract.

And sometimes, if the husband becomes irritated so quickly, you can try to just hug him. The tactile contact is used in a nervous system and is assigned to it in a stable position. Not forget and per affectionate words. No one is wearing it, it is enough to say that it is in your life, and it is not possible to do that, it is necessary to use it in Russia.

Don’t forget that it’s time to apologize. It is in some situations you are really to blame, it is better to ask for forgiveness and not force the other person to go to the same place that you want to see and do. And don’t settle for less.

Whatever the situation, there will always be a way out of it. Either you and your husband will come to a decision to keep your relationship, or leave. And be that as it may, it will be only yours or your decision. It is not necessary to support any public installations in this regard. Only you know how it is possible with you, and how it is impossible. And a relationship in a couple, always a relationship of only two people.

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