Which women are chosen by strong rich men and by what criteria?

Which women are chosen by strong rich men and by what criteria? Let’s talk about this topic: what kind of women do men choose, not what kind of women do they like, but what kind of women are they. There is a significant difference between “like” and “choose”.

To match yourself

In 2018, psychologists from Tyumen State University conducted a study. It was attended by men from 18 to 24 years old. During which it was required to find out how the self-esteem of men influences the choice of a woman.

As a result, it was found that for men with low self-esteem, an economic, understanding, clean, modest woman is needed. Men with high self-esteem choose purposeful, independent girls with character. It turns out that the representatives of the stronger sex prefer ladies to match themselves.

The ideal darling in the eyes of a successful man

The most common myth is that men love submissive, weak women who agree with them on everything. This is a huge misconception. A strong man with such a girl will be bored.

If a man prefers a weak woman, then he needs a relationship of the “tyrant-victim” type. Such representatives of the stronger sex strive to fulfill themselves against their background, to assert themselves.

In a healthy couple, the wife is assumed to be the leader. A strong, accomplished man respects the leader. Only he inspires confidence, is able to be responsible for his deeds and actions, which is important for men. After all, relationships are built not only on love, but also on respect.

What kind of women do men choose?

If you ask Zhenshino so that you can tell and askew:

  • Knows how to appear weak at the right time

A man chooses a feminine girl for himself. He will gladly demonstrate his strength to her. At the same time, you need to understand that weakness can be imaginary and real. It is not interesting that it is very difficult to make it, but it is possible to tell the problem.

You need to be strong, but act like a fragile girl. Pretend you need to be rescued. No ogromny sums, in which it is necessary to have two cards and two parts. A woman’s handbag should be minimal.

Act like a princess waiting for a knight in a castle. Men fall in love with those women in whom they invest, they want to protect, carry in their arms. If you decide to visit the Poles, you will find them in other languages.

5 main qualities of women whom men choose to marry

  • Knows how to give compliments

Men are no less than women, and maybe even more so, adore compliments. A woman who knows how to do them correctly is usually surrounded by the attention of the stronger sex. It is she who motivates, inspires, moves to success.

Admire your man, respect, show interest in him, but in such a way that he sees and hears it. You will only benefit from this. He will be ready for even greater deeds for which he can be thanked.

  • Positive and cheerful

As long as it isn’t so great and it’s funny, so that it’s beautiful. If you radiate joy and happiness, then they will reach out to you like a magnet.

Next to a woman who radiates positive and light, one wants to live and create. No sama for that zhiznerjoyness ne beretsya ni otkuda. Therefore, rest more often, be physically active, read motivational literature, watch less TV and scroll through the news feed.

With a girl who is available, a man will not enter into an alliance. Ready to meet, but then erase from life. By ideal, it is possible to understand the terms and those that are intended to be insignificant.

During the bouquet and candy period, a man gets acquainted with the behavior of the girl, her actions. It is not necessary to do this during the period that you want. If you agree to have sex on the first or second date, then he is unlikely to respect you. Consider that everything is gone.

A man by nature is a hunter. Let him seek you, take care of you, talk to him, look at his actions, allowing only innocent ones. In this case, he will respect you.

  • Purposeful

Confidence is an important quality not only for achieving career growth, but also for personal life. The presence of this character trait means that the same person will be next to you. Weak will not pull you.

If you are purposeful and self-confident, then you know perfectly well what you want, including from a relationship. You immediately set personal boundaries that are not acceptable to anyone. You will not tolerate misbehavior, resentment, betrayal. Confident women attract strong men.

A man is such a creature that he will do nothing for himself. He does things for someone and, accordingly, expects gratitude from this someone. If a woman ignores what has been done or does not notice the work, then she may not expect such “feats” from Odvigona Art.

Every man deserves gratitude for what he has done. The best reward is the praise of the woman you love. And it is necessary to praise so that he hears it. Don’t be afraid to praise. A man needs gratitude and will choose for himself the girl who knows how to do it.

  • unpredictable

A man is bored with a predictable girl who he reads like a book. He appreciates originality. But here it is important to observe the measure. It’s one thing when you have a rich inner world, and another thing is hysteria for any reason.

Become different, unpredictable, surprise a man, show new sides of your personality. Find hobbies, hobbies, do something unusual for yourself. In this way, you will constantly feed interest in yourself.

A man does not tolerate pretense, manipulators, those who, in order to achieve their goal, resort to threats, amieks, hysterical seks, hysterical seks. Such behavior will not lead to anything good. The result will be the opposite.

If you have constant mood swings, he doesn’t know what to expect from you, then he is unlikely to want to have a todela. In the end, he just runs away. Do not drip on a man’s brains, do not play silent, do not make you guess your desires, do not instill in him feelings of guilt. Talk straight.

  • Outwardly attractive

Do not forget that men love with their eyes. Be attractive, neat, well-groomed. Representatives of the stronger sex will make a choice in favor of an attractive natural girl, rather than a pumped-up bright Appreciate your individuality, do not make a face like everyone else. Men prefer girls:

  • able to take care of themselves;
  • with natural make-up;
  • toned body;
  • caring for hair, nails, skin;
  • dressing not provocatively, stylishly and neatly.
  • Able to take initiative

Do not point the man, but imperceptibly and gently set directions, drag him along with you. Don’t Invite Him First, But Make It So That He Invites You, So That He Wants To Take A Walk With You Under The Moon, Go To The Theatre, Cinema, Restaurant.

What qualities should a woman have?

Men will choose a girl with the following traits as their life partner:

  • good;
  • feminine;
  • moderately modest;
  • with a calm disposition;
  • natural charm.

Men choose a woman who can carry herself positively and confidently. She listens to him, gives wise advice if necessary, does not make scandals, does not collect rumors. You will be able to see the leds, which are related to those interests and own opinions, with whom you can find a common language.

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