10 Psychological Tricks For Manipulating People

What are the 10 Psychological tricks for Manipulating People? Before starting, it ought to be noted that none of the methods listed below falls below what can be called the “dark art of influencing” people. Anything that can harm a person or hurt his dignity isn’t given here.

These are ways in which you can win friends and influence people using psychology without making anyone feel bad. Let’s begin with 10 Psychological Tricks For Manipulating People….

10 Psychological Tricks For Manipulating People
10 Psychological Tricks For Manipulating People

Here are 10 Psychological Tricks For Manipulating People!

10. Ask for a service

Trick: Ask someone for a favor for you (a technique is known as the Benjamin Franklin Effect).

Legend has it that Benjamin Franklin once wanted to win the favor of a man who did not love him. He asked the man to lend him a rare book, and when he received it, he thanked him very kindly.

As a result, a guy who didn’t really need to even speak to Franklin made friends with him. In Franklin’s words, “Someone who has done you a good deed once will be more inclined to do something good for you again than someone to whom you owe.”

Scientists decided to test this concept and eventually found that those people whom the researcher asked for personal favors were a great deal more supportive of the specialist in contrast to other groups of people.

Influence on human behavior

9. Tag above

Trick: always ask for more than you initially need and then lower the bar. You are addressing a person with a really too higher petition, which he, probably, will refuse.

After that, you come back with a request “lower rank”, namely, with what you really need from that person.

Psychological tricks for Manipulating People; This trick may seem counterintuitive to you, but the idea is that the individual will feel bad when they reject you. However, he will explain this to himself by the unreasonableness of the petition.

Therefore, the next time you turn to him with your real need, he will feel obligated to help you.

Scientists, after testing this principle in practice, came to the conclusion that it really works, because someone who’s first approached with a really”big” request, and then returned and asked for little, feels that he can help you he should.

The influence of a name on a person

8. Give names

Trick: Use the person’s name or job title as appropriate.

10 Psychological Tricks For Manipulating People
10 Psychological Tricks For Manipulating People

Dale Carnegie, the author of How to Win Friends and Influence People, believes that the frequent mention of an individual’s name in conversation is incredibly important.

He emphasizes that a person’s name in any language is the sweetest mix of sounds for them. Carnegie claims that the name is the principal component of human identity, therefore, once we hear it, we once again get confirmation of our significance. That is why we feel more positive towards a person who affirms our importance in the world.

However, using a position or other form of address in speech can also have powerful effects. The concept is that if you act like a certain kind of person, then you become that person. This is somewhat like a prophecy.

To use this technique to affect others, you can approach them in the way that you want them to be. As a result, they will begin to consider themselves in this manner.

It’s very simple if you want to get close to a certain person, then often call him “friend”, “comrade”. Or, referring to someone you would like to work for, you can call him “boss”. But keep in mind that at times it can come back to haunt you.

The influence of words on a person

7. Flatter

Trick: Flattery can get you where you need to go.

This may seem obvious at first glance, but there are some important caveats. For starters, it’s worth noting that if flattery is not genuine, it’s likely to do more harm than good.

However, scientists who have studied flattery and people’s responses to it have shown several very important things. Simply put, people always try to maintain cognitive balance by attempting to organize their thoughts and feelings in a similar way.

However, if you flatter someone who’s suffering from self-esteem, negative consequences are possible. It’s likely that he will begin to treat you worse because this doesn’t intersect with how he perceives himself.

Needless to say, this does not necessarily mean a person with low self-esteem should be humiliated.

Ways to influence people

6. Reflect other people’s behavior

Trick: Be a mirror image of another person’s behavior.

Mirroring behavior is also known as mimicry, and it is something that certain types of individuals are inherent in by their own nature.

People with this ability are called chameleons because they attempt to blend in with their environment by copying other people’s behavior, mannerisms, and even speech. However, this skill can be used deliberately and is an excellent way to be liked.

The researchers studied mimicry and discovered that people who were copied were very supportive of the person who copied them.

Also, experts have come to another, more intriguing conclusion. They found that people who had copycats were much more supportive of people generally, even those who weren’t involved in the analysis.

It’s likely that the main reason for this response is as follows. Having someone who mirrors your behavior confirms your worth. Folks feel more confident in themselves, thus, they are happier and well-disposed towards other folks.

Psychology of influence on people

5. Take advantage of fatigue

Trick: Ask for a favor when you see the man or woman is tired.

10 Psychological Tricks For Manipulating People
10 Psychological Tricks For Manipulating People

When someone gets tired, he becomes more receptive to any information, be it a simple statement about something or a petition. The reason is that if a person gets tired, this happens not only on the physical level, his mental energy supply is also depleted.

When you ask a tired person, most likely, you will not get a definite answer right away, but notice:” I’ll do it tomorrow” because he won’t wish to make any decisions at the moment.

Psychological impact on a person

4. Offer what the person Can’t refuse

Trick: start a conversation with something that the other person cannot refuse, and you’ll achieve what you need.

This is the other side of the door-to-face approach. Instead of starting a conversation with a petition, you begin with something small. As soon as an individual agrees to help you with a little, or just agrees to something, you can use heavy artillery. Experts have tested this concept with marketing approaches.

Once service has been obtained, scientists have found that it is now a lot easier to convince people to purchase products that contribute to that support. However, don’t start with one request and move on to another. Psychologists have found that taking a break of 1-2 days is considerably more effective.

Techniques for influencing people

3. Keep calm

Trick: Don’t correct someone when they are incorrect.

In his famous book, Carnegie also emphasized that people should not be told that they were wrong. This, as a rule, will lead nowhere, and you fall out of favor with this individual.

In fact, there’s a way to show disagreement when continuing a polite conversation, not telling anyone he is wrong, but by hitting the self of the interlocutor to the center.

The method was invented by Ray Ransberger and Marshall Fritz. The idea is quite simple: rather than arguing, listen to what the person is talking about, and then try to understand how they are feeling and why.

After that, you should explain to the individual the points that you share together, and use this as a starting point to describe your own position. This will make him more supportive of you, and he is more likely to listen to what you say, while not losing his face.

Influence of people on each other

2. Repeat the words of your interlocutor

What the person says and repeats what they said.

10 Psychological Tricks For Manipulating People
10 Psychological Tricks For Manipulating People

This is one of the most amazing ways to influence other people. Thus, you show your interlocutor that you really understand him, capture his feelings and your empathy is sincere.

That is, by paraphrasing the words of your interlocutor, you are going to accomplish his place very easily. This phenomenon is known as reflective listening. Studies have shown that when physicians use this technique, people open up more to them, and their”collaboration” is more fruitful.

It’s simple to use while chatting with friends. If you listen to what they have to say and then rephrase what they say, forming a verification query, they will feel very comfortable with you. You’ll have a strong friendship and they will listen more actively to what you have to say since you have shown that you care about them.

Methods of influencing people

1. Nod your head

The trick is to nod your head a little during a conversation, especially if you want to ask your interlocutor something.

Scientists have discovered that when a person nods while listening to somebody, they’re more inclined to agree with what was stated. They also discovered that if the person you are talking to nods, you will also nod in most cases.

This is understandable because people often unconsciously imitate the behavior of another individual, especially the one with whom they will benefit from the interaction. So if you would like to add weight to what you are saying, nod regularly while you speak.

The person you’re talking to will find it difficult to not nod back, and he will begin to have a positive attitude to the information you are presenting, without even being aware of it.

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