How To Control Your Emotions?

How To Control Your Emotions?

Few have the ability to control their emotions. After all, a person who controls his emotions is largely in control of his life. Emotions are an element that definitely needs control. Because it’s under the influence of emotions that people make most of the mistakes in their lives. Humans are by nature quite emotional creatures, so a person needs to make a big enough effort to deal with his natural character. But the main issue is that it is possible in principle to do this. Anyone can learn how to control their emotions. This is what we will talk about in this article.

Why Emotions Arise?

Step one is to understand why and how an individual has emotions so as to have the ability to prepare for them. Emotions arise in any case, they can’t be avoided, they can simply be controlled. And they arise because of internal and external stimuli, to which we obviously respond emotionally. It’s impossible to split insecurities to those to which we react emotionally and those that don’t evoke emotions in us, because everything that we deal with in the external world and that affects us from the inside causes us emotions. It is just that in some cases we might have a moderate psychological reaction to something, while in others it is quite violent. Emotions are an innate response at the reflex level. Nature made man so he could respond to certain stimuli as soon as possible. Think, reflect, analyze, we can’t evaluate, compare from birth, we will need to learn this. And a person needs to respond to certain stimuli immediately, as soon as he is born. Therefore, a psychological reaction to something is a quick reaction. She’s instinctive, unconscious, primitive, reflexive, but most importantly quickly. If our primitive ancestors, having fulfilled a predator, would start to reflect on what and how they ought to do, they simply would not survive. But the emotions they experienced at that moment, first of all, this is fear – they forced them to make quick decisions necessary to save their lives. Consequently, in this way, emotions are our protection against all kinds of threats to which a person has to be able to react quickly. Another thing is that by far not in most situations they ought to prevail over reason. Therefore, they ought to have the ability to pacify. To understand how to do this, let’s take a closer look at emotions.

What Are Emotions?

We have already learned something about emotions. Now we’ll learn much more about them. Emotions are, firstly, as I said, the key reflex reaction to any stimuli, and secondly, it is the energy that moves a person. It’s emotions that induce a person to take particular actions. Emotions, like electricity for electric appliances, trigger others, such as the thought processes inside someone. Therefore, they are not only inevitable but also required. Someone without emotions is an entirely passive person, he’s not interested or worried about anything. Once I thought that someone can do without feelings, getting cold and calculating, and then, after a more thorough study of this subject, I realized that this is hopeless. Thanks to her, we really live. But so as to suppress this energy, it is necessary to come up with a different reaction to various stimuli, replacing emotions with the mind. That is, it is necessary with the support of special trainings [about them will be discussed below] to develop the practice of beginning the thought process in those situations that normally evoke any emotions in a person. Such training will enable you not to succumb to your emotions and always keep your sanity and calmness in order to act intentionally in any circumstance, and not mindlessly respond to everything. Which usually provokes emotions in a person. Such training will enable you to not succumb to your emotions and always maintain your sanity and calmness so as to act deliberately in any circumstance, and not mindlessly react to everything. Which usually evokes emotions in a person. Such training will enable you not to succumb to your emotions and always maintain your sanity and calmness so as to act intentionally in any circumstance, and not mindlessly react to everything.

Managing Emotions

So, in order to develop the habit of responding to various stimuli rationally, you will need to learn how to start the thought process in order not to allow emotions to take control of your own mind. To begin with, you will need to start loading your mind with the right questions regarding the situation that evokes certain emotions. In other words, it is all about an individual’s attention – what he directs him, then he’ll work. By directing attention to thinking, with the help of properly asked questions, a person gives him energy, and not to emotions. And that means he controls them.

I know that this isn’t hard to say, but not easy to do. But this is not such a big effort as to be difficult to undertake. You can train yourself to think as opposed to react very quickly if you train frequently – by asking yourself various questions in certain emotional circumstances. You feel that some kind of emotion wakes up in you, no matter what – instantly ask yourself a question that will permit you to understand why and where this emotion came out, how important it is, and the way it can be replaced – with what sensible choice. By way of instance, if you are confronted with a situation that causes you panic, then you need to begin asking questions about the reason and significance of the fear, with the support of thinking to begin to delve into it, disassemble it in components and eliminate it all of the elements of uncertainty that make up its strength. Thus, with the support of thinking, it’ll be possible to dissolve this emotion, depriving it of its power with your consciousness. This is how you are able to do with the rest of the emotions – examine them with the support of well-posed questions in order to deprive them of their power and strength over a person. And in place of this power will come the power of reason.

If you wish to deal with negative emotions – ask positive questions – use them to search for positive in negative. If you wish to cope with positive emotions [they can also be harmful – they blind someone ] – ask negative questions – look for a grab, think about what is hidden behind everything happy and good, and about who can make the most of your relaxed state. If you are angry, consider either about the negative effects you might face because of your anger, ask yourself the proper questions for this, or about the hints that life provides you to push you in the right direction. After all, very often a person is angry because something is not going the way he wants, without realizing that other scenarios for the development of events in his life can be much more useful and interesting for him. In general, oppose the innate emotional response to the power of your intellect – train your mind with the questions it should consider, then it will work. When someone experiences emotions, his brain is asleep and therefore unconscious, reflexive [creature ] behavior dominates in him. And you’re able to cope with it only with the help of the mind, which turns on when a person thinks.

Thus, thinking is a tool for controlling feelings. By developing his thinking, a person gains power over himself. At the exact same time, there is a fundamental difference between educated people and thinking, thinking. Knowledgeable people may seem very smart because they know a lot, but their thoughts ends where their knowledge ends. And therefore, in situations where they just don’t know how to act properly, these people can behave very emotionally, just like most ordinary people who don’t know how to control their emotions act. However, a thinking person relies not so much on knowledge as on his ability to manage this knowledge. He skillfully uses the knowledge that he has and, by asking himself the appropriate questions, can study any situation, any subject, any individuals.

So, friends, you want to train yourself to think to be able to understand how to control your emotions. This is the trick to solving this problem. There are other ways to solve it, for example, you can fight some emotions with the aid of others, but thinking is, in my opinion, the most reliable weapon against damaging emotions. And to think, you need to be able to ask questions, you want to become inquisitive, like children who always ask adults the question”Why?” This is a very useful question. Many adults sometimes need it like an atmosphere. After all, curiosity helps a person to understand the world, and it’s impossible to understand it without asking questions, and for that reason, without thinking about all those things that surround us. The practice of thinking, asking questions, looking for new information makes a person’s mind living, flexible, responsive to any changes.

Emotions and Thinking

Emotions and thinking are completely different things. In 1 case, nothing is required from an individual, his psyche will do everything by itself, causing the necessary emotional state in him, and at the other, efforts must be made to act more competently and adequately. The more primitive a person is, the more psychological he is, since emotions are the only known and habitual reaction to any stimuli. Emotional response to external or internal stimuli is a simpler way of existence for a person. Emotions do not need any tension from him, no volitional efforts, they just exist – they arise by themselves and go out on their own. But thinking is the direction of oneself and conditions, it requires will and effort from someone. A lazy person will not think, thinking will be the one who is used to breed, is accustomed to doing something with the support of volitional efforts. That’s the reason it is so difficult to take control of emotions – a lot of people don’t like to strain, it is easier for them to go with the flow, and not to overcome the resistance of the external and internal environment.

The stimulation for the transition from an irrational and, therefore, an emotional way of life to a rational one, can serve as a person’s idea of ​​the world where he lives. The better a person knows this world, the more he will want to engage in his own development. So we all seem to want to live well, we want to be wealthy, successful in various matters, we want to feel safe, we would like to be loved and respected by people, but not all people know how to come to this. And what we see in the case of successful people is not even the tip of the iceberg, it is its shadow. What they reveal to other people and what they do are entirely different things. Many of us think it is necessary to purchase expensive things and begin behaving the way successful people do, and then life will instantly change for the better. But that’s all of the course crap. Real success is achieved in different ways. And one of those ways is the ability to make the right decisions, which in most cases are correct not because of intuition, but because a person thinks over his choices. And to think about them, you need to learn how to think by controlling your emotions.

Emotions in many situations are our internal enemy. They prevent us from making the appropriate decisions and at the same time help others to manipulate us. And if someone manipulates us, then we’ll start to perform actions that are helpful for the manipulator, rather than for ourselves. We’ll start to follow the lead of our emotions, which other people will skillfully evoke in us and will act as they require. What then can we discuss success. Allowing himself to be manipulated, a person will become the source of someone else’s success. And the fact that a person is not difficult to manipulate with the help of emotions is perfectly demonstrated by the exact same advertising, which quite effectively controls most people. Therefore, developing your thinking means making a contribution to your happiness.

Handling The Situation

Let’s look at another very good way to get ready for situations that could cause a man to have strong emotions that are hard to cope with. Try to simulate these situations in your creativity, immerse yourself in them, and think about several options for your behavior, which should be as deliberate and effective as possible. Do this several times, like an actor in front of a mirror, train your mind so that it is ready for the most likely scenarios in your life. And then all those events for which you prepare in this way will not take you by surprise, which means that you can cope with emotions far better. Here it is important to make certain that your thought is faster than your feelings. There is no problem yet, but you are already solving it – you use your brain to be one step ahead of your responses to certain conditions, not one step behind, as is the case with emotions. Notice how easily we succumb to feelings when dealing with unfamiliar situations. And why? And because we don’t have a ready-made answer to the question that life poses before us. To stop this from occurring – imagine all those possible scenarios in which you may find yourself and find an answer to them, or rather a few that can allow you to figure out these scenarios. To put it differently, start starting your thought process before there’s a reason for emotions to arise. To prevent this from occurring – imagine all those potential scenarios in which you can find yourself and find an answer to them, or rather a few that will allow you to figure out these scenarios. To stop this from happening – imagine all those possible situations in which you may find yourself and find an answer to them, or rather a few that will allow you to understand these situations. Start controlling them before they look.


One cannot but mention the rest among the strategies to control emotions. A person needs to rest well so as not to be overly emotional, particularly irritable. After all, when he gets tired, he no longer has enough resources to consider certain things, and he slips into feelings, as more, as we have found out, a simple type of reaction to different stimuli. As a result, the more you get tired, the greater the level of your thinking decreases, with the assistance of which you can process the information coming to you, rather than just react to it. Well, it appears to be simple and understandable, however, a lot of people don’t attach much importance to recreation and often neglect it. They can work a lot and have very little rest, and then on emotions, because of fatigue, make a bunch of different mistakes, the injury from which can considerably exceed the benefit from their shock work. But this is not always obvious, which is why lots of individuals often don’t take their vacation seriously, particularly its most important form – sleeping. So I suggest everyone who has little rest to rethink their views on this issue. Individuals who have good rest, people who get enough sleep are more balanced.

Disidentification With Your Self

And the last way that will help you control yourself and your emotions in the most difficult situations is the ability to abstract yourself from your personality in order, so to speak, to look at yourself from the outside. To do this, you want to dis-identify with yourself. Dis-identification with your Self is a view of yourself as an outsider, with whom that which you observe in your life happens. Sometimes it’s even useful to imagine yourself as a different person, that is, to consciously split your personality and from the position of the second person to understand the issues of the first person. This is similar to dissociative identity disorder [multiple personality disorder], only in this case it does not happen by itself, as in the case of a mental illness, but absolutely consciously, when a person invents a new character for himself. In this case, the person won’t become ill with this disorder, although the habit of employing this way of curbing their emotions may remain. This process is well suited to those situations when a person is very, very sick, very painful, and suffers a lot, so he can no longer stay the person with whom he identifies himself. The split character occurs just on this basis. Therefore, it’s better to do this split yourself, consciously, than to wait till your mind breaks down and you get an uncontrollable psychological illness. In my practice, this approach to solving problems with negative emotions has shown itself very well in the toughest situations for people.

These are the techniques to control your emotions. In principle, all of them are somehow connected with the thinking of an individual, with his rationality, consciousness. The ways in which a person copes with some of his emotions with the help of others, I did not begin to indicate, since they’re not very effective. Although in some cases you can’t do without them. Therefore, I will explain to them in my other articles. Generally speaking, I believe that controlling your emotions with the assistance of the thought process is the best, most trustworthy way. I told you how to start this process, so train your thinking so that even in the most unexpected, difficult, and hopeless situations, you stay calm and calm, and act extremely competently.

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