How To Understand That The Beloved Guy Is Lying To Me?

Today, a large number of girls and women suffer from the lies of their young men and women, and in most cases – harmless lies.

Girls, meeting with guys for a very long time, begin to convict the latter of lying, often this is a very simple concealment of a few facts, as an instance, walking with friends, borrowing money, and others.

But sometimes such minor reservations can then lead to rather large issues and scandals, because the slightest reticence and also the tiniest deception can cause great suspicion and, finally, complete distrust of a person. So what to do if your beloved guy is lying?

How To Understand That The Beloved Guy Is Lying To Me?

I’m an old fashioned guy. In a relationship, the main thing is trust, and if it disappears, then the rest goes to hell. MICKEY ROURKE

Reasons for cheating

In order to have a beneficial impact on a young man and try to wean him from continuous lies, you must first understand the motives that cause it. It’s likely that in childhood the boy was forced to continuously report, report on his activities, punished for the slightest mistake.

In adolescence, the guy realized he could defend himself with lies – embellishing some events or not stating them. As a result, when his own family appears, the young man also tries to conceal some moments from the girl so that she does not become disappointed in him or, even worse, doesn’t leave him.

With the help of lies, young individuals attempt to avoid any condemnation in their friends. Moreover, lies happen on a subconscious level, when the account of actions is practically not given, the lie has become a habit.

How to spot a lie?

    • The most obvious sign that a young man is unclean in words is that the traditional “hands in pockets”.
    • Other gestures with which it is very easy to bring a person to clean water are touching the face and shoulders during a conversation, covering the mouth with a hand.
    • Correcting a tie or the traditional “scratching the chin” gesture can also suggest a lie.
    • A shrug of the shoulders or some sort of grin speaks well of lies.
    • The constant desire to get away from details in a conversation, fussy actions, light coughing, and shifting eyes indicate a desire to end the conversation as soon as possible.

How to react to your boyfriend’s lies?

First of all, one should not act as a “controlling mother”, since the young man understands that “mother” loves him anyway, and therefore will forgive him, no matter what. Moreover, such an approach to the problem will only aggravate it, scandals will follow, which will lead to nervous exhaustion of both, and there will be no sense from this.

It’s best in this situation to try to solve the issue in stages, eliminating the cause of the omissions and trying to assure the guy the bitter reality is much better than the candy lie – anyway, someday”everything key will become apparent.” The major rule in the search for a way out of the scenario is gradualness – you can’t eradicate evil in one moment.

In no case should you overreact to a lie, since in most cases it is harmless. It is best to note to yourself that the guy “having stood in a traffic jam for 2 hours” had a great time with his friends and drank a can of beer – there is nothing wrong with that. He hid a certain amount of money – perhaps he is planning to buy you a gift, and you have exposed him.

It is not necessary to expose lies!

It has to be eradicated over time. Wanting to look like a successful person in your eyes, a man is ready to keep quiet about a lot, just not to disappoint. And then, having caught a person, you may hurt him, which won’t lead to anything good.

After a while, you can translate the revealed”secret” into an easy joke – and the young man won’t suffer, and the girl will be convinced that she’s right.

Over time, a young man, making sure that his failures or meeting with friends do not involve any condemnation from the woman he loves, will gradually avoid false messages.

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