10 Signs You’ve Fallen in Love with a Guy

10 Signs You’ve Fallen in Love with a Guy. Why are you overcome by apathy and you feel an emotional decline? Are these temporary difficulties caused by external circumstances? Not excluded. But the risk is great that it’s about your feelings for your boyfriend.

More precisely, in their absence.

10 Signs You’ve Fallen in Love with a Guy

(Not) eternal love

When we fall in love and our hormones are raging, it seems to us that this relationship will last forever. You will never stop loving each other and will become one of those sweet old couples who leisurely walk in the park and smile at each other.

Well, that happens too. Love for life, a fairy tale come true and all that. But unfortunately, most couples break up after a certain period of time. Ruthless statistics indicate that eternal love and unclouded happiness are the exception rather than the rule. Sometimes we put in a lot of effort and try to do the impossible, but the relationship still dies.

The reasons why relationships fall apart are different for every couple. Perhaps you and your boyfriend are looking in different directions and the lines of your future simply do not intersect. Or your boyfriend does not understand what you want from him, and you fail to convey your desires to him.

Or a more common option – you just fell out of love with him.

It can sometimes be difficult to separate anxiety, depression, and general psychological fatigue from the fatigue caused by your relationship.

But we will try to do it.

Here are ten signs that you no longer love him.


10 Horsemen of the Apocalypse

  • You are annoyed by his attention

He tries to hug you, but you obviously don’t like it. It seems “too tactile” to you, although everything suited you before. It’s hard for you to be around him even when he is sweet and caring, like a cinnamon roll. Two options are possible here – either he doesn’t give you enough personal space, or you just stopped loving him.

In a relationship, you get enough personal space, you don’t spend 24 hours a day together, but just being in the same room with him drives you crazy?

The conclusion suggests itself.

  • You don’t like his smell

A little strange, but true – we are programmed by nature to look for partners by smell. And as long as you love this guy, you love his smell. Pheromones! It’s all about them. The smell of a loved one has a calming effect on us.

If you suddenly don’t like the smell of your partner, everything indicates that your feelings for him have faded.

  • Not love, but fear

When you love this person, you do everything to make him happy. You want to see him happy. So that a smile shone on his face, and his eyes burned. The desire to make your partner happy should be maintained throughout your relationship. On both sides, of course.

It’s completely different if all you’re worried about is fear. Fear of arousing his anger. There are two options here. You no longer love him – this is the first and most favorable option. And second, you are in an abusive relationship and you urgently need to get out of it. And it doesn’t matter if you love your boyfriend or not.

  • You don’t feel anything at all anymore

Perhaps you understand what we mean. You don’t feel angry. You don’t get hurt. Sadness, joy? What is it all about? You have no feelings left. You are so tired of all this that it is as if you have forgotten how to experience any emotions at all.

Even jealousy as such is no more. Looks, words, actions that could previously cause you to have a surge of jealousy no longer affect you. Are you familiar with this? Draw conclusions.


There is one very important point here – the above situation may also indicate that you have depression. Here’s a little test for you: when you’re not with him, do you enjoy life? Do you like to go out, chat with friends, go to parties, do hobbies? If you still feel the taste for life, most likely the problem is in your relationship with this guy.

  • You don’t want to touch him

When you love a person, you want to touch him. Hug, kiss and do all sorts of indecent things. That’s how love works – unless you’re asexual, of course.

Pay attention to how you feel about having sex with him. If you no longer love him, the idea of ​​making love with this guy will not cause you much enthusiasm – at best.

At the very moment when he tries to touch you, and you recoil from him, know that feelings are over. Yes, you have understood this for so long, you are just afraid to admit it to yourself.

  • Too tiring

As soon as you lose interest in your partner, any interaction with him begins to resemble torture. It’s one thing when a guy and a girl calmly and peacefully disperse according to mutual desire. Feelings fade away, but in their place comes a feeling of gratitude. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

You suddenly realize that you have to mentally prepare yourself for every date. You’re looking for an excuse to cancel the meeting. You convince yourself that today is not the right day for a date. And if you live together, then you unconsciously begin to linger at work or with friends – just not to return to this person.

Our family, our friends and partners are the people who keep us going in this crazy world. But it often happens that they are the ballast that pulls to the bottom.

  • You make decisions, forgetting about him

A healthy relationship is a special form of partnership. When we make important life decisions, we keep in mind the image of a loved one. How will this affect our relationship? How will he react? Will he support me? You cherish this person and see him in your future because you love him.

If your feelings have faded, you gradually begin to forget about the needs and desires of your partner. He has to constantly make concessions and take all the care of your relationship on himself, just to stay with you. But you don’t need it anymore.

  • Other couples cause a feeling of loneliness

The same “loneliness in the crowd.” You feel uncomfortable around couples in love. They remind you that everything in your relationship has not been so rosy for a long time. You don’t look at each other the way they do. Don’t smile or laugh. And there is no more this ease between you. And they have. It hurts.

You have a boyfriend, but when you see happy couples, you feel pain and envy. “I miss this” goes through your head when you see carefree lovers.

“I miss the feeling of being in love and I want to love this person again, but I can’t.”

  • You’re waiting for an excuse to leave

You fantasize about catching him cheating. How wonderful it would be! You could finally end this relationship and you wouldn’t have to explain anything to anyone. Or you start behaving in a terrible way – saying and doing things that you would never have allowed yourself before.

“Come on, freak out and break up with me! Let’s get this over with!”

Needless to say, this clearly indicates that you no longer care about his feelings?

  • He’s just “one of”

“Just another fish in the sea”, that is, “just another fish in the sea.” Falling in love with a person, we do not believe our happiness. We thank the heavens that everything turned out this way.


But the feelings are gone. It ceases to seem to you “one and only”. And you are absolutely not ready to spend the rest of your days with him.

Because it’s very hard to waste your life on someone you don’t love.

It’s not about the numbers

“How many points must converge to know for sure?” you ask. Well, how can I tell you. If you are deeply unhappy with this person, but “only” seven points came together for you, what will you do? Will you continue to pretend to be in a happy relationship and spend your only life pretending?

If the title of the article caused a lively response in your heart, this is already a red alarm. 10 Signs You’ve Fallen in Love with a Guy

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