12 Ways to Make a Girl Think and Miss You

12 Ways to Make a Girl Think and Miss You? You met a girl who now fills all your thoughts. And you f@cking wish it was mutual. This can be achieved! How? With the help of fairly simple steps, which you will read about a little below. By the way, most of these methods are suitable for both correspondence and

How to make a girl think about you?

  • Compliment the little things

Most guys are pretty banal in terms of compliments. Eyes-lips-face-hair-chest-figure. Stand out from the crowd – compliment some little thing in her that you don’t immediately notice. This will show that you are attentive to her, that for you she is not just a beautiful picture, but a truly significant person. Believe me, such compliments – said with attention and sincerity – girls can then remember for years.

Another tip: Compliment based more on her personality than her looks. For example, not her hair – but the way she successfully chose the image in clothes. Not her eyes – but the way they burn when she talks about her favorite hobby. Not her figure – but her perseverance in sporting achievements.

Compliments on the appearance of a girl, especially beautiful ones, receive quite a lot, and often they even get sick of it, because they are monotonous, and they smell of vulgarity and concern. But they receive personal compliments much less often, and such compliments are much more valued.

  • Be attentive to details

When talking with her, try to remember the little things that she says about herself. Her favorite weather, her morning habits, favorite sleep routine, favorite movie, favorite book, childhood fears, whether she had pets, and so on. After that, you can casually mention one of these details, and the girl will be pleasantly surprised by your attentiveness.

And yes, she will think about you for a long time – about how amazing you are, and what a loving and attentive person you must be, who truly appreciates her, and she must have made an indelible impression on you. if you are so attentive to even the smallest details about her personality. She will be pleased, it will make her melt and amuse her vanity.

  • Do not rush things

Guys are often overbearing. Let’s meet, let’s move in, let’s kiss. From this emanates the desire to drag into bed and wave the pen. You have a different goal, right? You want her to think about you, so that she feels something for you. Therefore, do not rush things. Enjoy every subsequent stage of your relationship.

Of course, you should not drag out the events too much, because otherwise the girl will start to get nervous, worry about whether her feelings are mutual at all. Here you have to look for a balance, and it is difficult to find it, because every case, every girl is individual. Be guided by intuition and focus on your partner. You can be guided by the principle of “move a little slower than she would like” – this will create languor in her, waiting for you to take the next step.

First, do not judge or ridicule her interests. The girl will be very pleased if you try to delve into them, even if it is not close to her at all. After all, many girls go hiking, explore space, and learn to understand cars and sports for their boyfriends – why shouldn’t guys do the same?

Secondly, accept its negative sides. This will help the girl feel safe. If she knows that she can always talk to you, and you accept her upset, angry, offended with the same warmth and tenderness as you accept her joyful, cheerful and kind, she will definitely miss such a wonderful person like you.

  • Be open about your feelings

Honesty is very captivating. If you like her, tell her about it. Did she do something that made you happy? Tell her about it, your sincerity will surely make her wish to do the same again. Did something upset you or something you don’t like? Say again.

Guys tend to hide any dissatisfaction at the stage of courtship, because they are afraid, as they say, to frighten them off. Don’t do this – such behavior reeks of insincerity, and plus, even if it works at the initial stage, then the truth will still be revealed, and the girl will be doubly offended that she was not only deceived – she was also deceived for a long time.

So honesty is the best strategy here.

When a guy knows better than anyone what a girl should think, what to get involved in, how to think, what to do, what she should like or dislike – this is always very repulsive. But when a guy respects her opinion, allows her to have her own opinion and does not condemn it, but accepts it – this is always very attractive to a person.

It’s nice to be around someone you have a respectful relationship with, right? So, the girl will miss such a person if he is not around.

  • Make plans for the future with her

A very simple trick: tease her with promises of your future together. Not global, of course, if you really do not have such intentions. Just say how you would like to hug her and hug her when you are together, or how you plan your next date, or want to see her tomorrow. It’s nice, it flatters women’s vanity and – it makes her also think about the future with you, and therefore just about you.

  • Be passionate in bed

It’s a myth that good sex is only important for men. Believe me, there are so few good lovers among men that a girl will not soon be able to forget you if you are really good. So put all your attention on pleasing her. And yes, no need to specify, but just in case: you must be clean, tidy and smell good. Separate bonus points if you are also in good physical shape.

  • Small but pleasant surprises

It can be absolutely anything: send her a cute meme with the caption “look, this is us” (or you can also make a meme about the two of you yourself, oh, this modern romance), a song that reminded you of her or of you (trust me, she will think why you decided so for a very long time, and she will surely remember this song), just an unexpected compliment.

Or a gift. Or an unexpected date. Or “I just wanted to see you and hug you and give you a chocolate bar.” Such little things are always pleasant, just make sure that they are appropriate and do not put her in an uncomfortable position. For example, she may be uncomfortable with romantic gestures in public.

  • look good

Yes, it is important for girls too. It is much more pleasant to think of a young man who dresses well and with taste, moves at ease, is in good shape and smells good, than about a greasy comrade whose jeans remember the Brezhnev era.

If you have a good sense of humor, you are lucky. Laughter binds people to each other even purely physiologically: when a girl laughs next to a man, her brain physiologically begins to associate this person with fun, laughter, happiness, satisfaction. And that means wanting to see him again in order to feel these pleasant sensations again.

  • Be there when she needs you

Nevertheless, close people, as you understand, are tested not only in joy, fun, easy communication and pleasant dates. A truly close person will hug you when you feel bad, apologize if you messed up, cook dinner if you are tired, listen when you feel bad, cheer you up when you give up. And, of course, you will think about such a person and miss him constantly. 12 Ways to Make a Girl Think and Miss You?

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