13 Crazy Signals From A Man In Love

13 Crazy Signals From A Man In Love
13 Crazy Signals From A Man In Love

13 Crazy Signals From A Man In Love

Today we’re looking at the 13 craziest signals from a man in love.

As a woman, I have of course asked myself the question of the signals of a man in love several times and discussed it in detail with my friends. I want to share the 13 craziest signals with you here.

So let’s start right away:

What are the craziest signals from a man in love?

There are also clear signals of being in love with men – just as with women. Depending on the type, these signals can be more or less obvious and range from casual gestures to intense looks.

Would you have thought that it could be so easy to interpret your feelings?

It is important that you look carefully to classify his signals correctly. There are men who have their hearts on their sleeves and who you quickly notice that they have real feelings for you.

Others, on the other hand, do not yet know exactly how to deal with their feelings and are more cautious.

It is important to look carefully and read between the lines.

Body language in particular shows you whether a man has feelings for you. He is usually not aware of these signals himself, which is why he cannot hide them.

But so that you can be really sure what he feels for you, let’s take a closer look at the clearest signals.

This is how you can tell that he’s in love with you

When you’re in love, you often don’t act like yourself, sometimes even a little crazy. He can feel the same way, so be lenient with him.

1. He seeks your closeness

He’s actually a cool guy who likes to be the center of attention in the group and hang out with his friends.

But whenever you do something together, does he seek your closeness and talk to you by chance? Crazy but true, he just can’t help it! You pull him magically and he just feels comfortable with you.

2. He listens to you carefully

A man who can listen? Of course! Does he look at you and listen carefully when you tell something?

And can he even remember things you mentioned on the side a few days ago? Then you can assume that he is genuinely interested in you.

3. He gives you spontaneous compliments

By spontaneous compliments, I don’t mean empty phrases that he practiced for hours in front of the mirror. I mean really heartfelt, honest compliments that he utters before he even thinks about it.

And that from a guy who is otherwise more rational and deliberate? That can only mean one thing: He’s into you!

4. He’ll get in touch with you

Everyone knows the wait for the longed-for call. Does he answer or not? This is one of the most important signals that he is in love with you.

Because if a man is really interested in you, he will ALWAYS find time to message or call.

5. He invites you

That he invites you to ice cream should go without saying. But if you have the feeling that he really enjoys doing it and would like to put the world at your feet, then he has definitely fallen in love with you.

6. He likes to show himself with you

He likes to spend time alone with you, but really wants to introduce you to his friends and family? And would he like to have you by his side at every party?

The reason for this is very simple: You mean a lot to him and he is proud to be by his side with you! He would love to share his happiness with the whole world.

7. He’s acting silly and kind of crazy

Oops, what happened to Mr. Cool? In your presence, he suddenly becomes silly and acts weird? Then his feelings are probably going crazy and he cannot quite classify them himself.

One thing is certain in any case: his crazy behavior is a clear sign of being in love!

8. He indulges in future plans with you

Did he really just say that? Can he imagine the two of you living with your children in a small house by the lake in a few years?

Then it definitely happened to him! Just make sure that his reverie stays within the framework and that he does not restrict you with it.

9. Your preferences are important to him

Men are selfish and always like to think of themselves first? Not all of them, and certainly not when they are in love!

Then it can happen that suddenly your greatest goal is your happiness and your satisfaction. Enjoy this attention and show him that you are reciprocating his feelings.

10. Intense eye contact

Let’s face it, those kinds of looks only exist when there is more than friendship involved. He just can’t help himself, he has to look at you and seeks your gaze.

And one thing is certain: looks say more than a thousand words … Return his look and show him that you are interested in him too.

11. He casually touches you

It seems to have been a coincidence, but has happened again and again lately: He is not only looking for you to be close, but seems to touch your arm or leg by chance?

He is definitely attracted to you and seeks physical contact.

Give yourself a little more time to find out if you are only physically attractive or if you have the same sense of humor and can talk to each other well.

12. He is there for you

Today is just not your day Did you get up on the wrong foot and just feel bad? Or did you catch a stupid cold and are walking around with a bad cold?

If he is there for you on such days and stands by your side, then you mean more to him.

13. He likes to tease you

What teases each other loves each other! We all know this saying and have perhaps already experienced its meaning.

If he likes to tickle you, make you laugh, or tease you, then he’s sure to have butterflies in his stomach. Enjoy this light-heartedness and see what develops from it.

Is he in love or just nice?

The transition between being nice and being in love is often fluid, so you should pay close attention to his signals. You will mainly see the difference in his body language.

When a man holds the door open for you and treats you courteously, he may just be nice and well behaved. But if he is looking for you, gives you intense looks and is really interested in you, you can assume that he feels more than just friendship.

Pay attention to his signals, his body language, and also listen to your gut feeling. Then you will find out very quickly whether he just likes you and is nice to you or whether he is in love with you and could develop even more between you.

Touched a thousand times – when friendship turns into love

If you’ve been good friends for a long time and you suddenly feel like more could come of this, it can be confusing for both of you at first.

It is best to ask yourself first how your feelings are. Is he still just a good buddy or do butterflies fill your stomach when you think of him? Because that is the basis for even thinking about further steps!

You should definitely ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I feel more for him?
  • Did he fall in love with me or am I just imagining it?
  • Can I imagine a steady relationship with him?
  • What does that mean for our environment?
  • Is it worth it to me to risk our friendship?

When you have clarified the questions for yourself and have come to the conclusion that the two of you could become more than just good friends, then you shouldn’t hesitate any longer and take the next step.

He’s probably just as insecure as you and can hardly stand the uncertainty.

similar questions

Is he interested in me as a person or am I just a pastime?

You will be able to answer this question quickly. Is he really interested in you and wants to know more about you?

Maybe he even wants to get to know your friends and family? Then chances are you’re more than just a pastime for him.

What can I do if he clings?

His signals are clear and he is obviously in love with you. But somehow it doesn’t feel right. Does he keep in touch with you and would like to be around the clock?

If it gets too much for you, be sure to pull the emergency brake in good time! Find a conversation with him and describe your discomfort to him. Set clear boundaries for it, because you also have a life of your own!


Whether a man wants to or not, he sends out clear signals when he is in love. Take a close look, read between the lines, and talk to friends if you are unsure.

If several of the signals described above apply to him, you can be sure: He feels something for you and you should also signal him if you feel the same way.

What are the clearest and craziest signals for you from a man in love?

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