15 Best Excuses to Cancel a Date Last Minute

15 Best Excuses to Cancel a Date Last Minute
15 Best Excuses to Cancel a Date Last Minute

15 credible excuses to cancel your date at short notice [NEW] or Best excuses to cancel a date last minute.

Today I’ll tell you 15 excuses that you can use to cancel a date at short notice.

I’m single myself and have had some dating experience.

Sometimes it just happens that you let yourself be carried away on a date that you don’t feel like going on later and then have to think about how to get out of there without hurting the other too much.

Then let’s get started:

What best excuses can you use to cancel your date at short notice?

You spontaneously agreed to go on a date, but now you really don’t feel like it anymore and are wondering how you can best get out of it?

Who doesn’t know it sometimes?

It’s Sunday afternoon, it’s cold and rainy outside and you’re watching one episode after another. Your friends are doing some couple stuff. Something like drinking coffee with the in-laws in Spe, or maybe the new boyfriend/girlfriend will be introduced to the family for the first time.

In any case, nobody has time for you.

The only thing left to do is to make yourself comfortable on the couch with tea and Netflix. Of course, such a lazy afternoon isn’t the worst. Who wants to sneak into their in-laws or keep running from one family celebration to another?

But still, it worries you. And actually, it would be even nicer with someone you could cuddle up to now.

So out your cell phone and off to Tinder and Co. You swipe left a few times, right a few times and soon there will be the first match. You write back and forth a bit, he/she gives you nice compliments and you’re already scheduled to meet for coffee next week.

The sense of achievement that someone wants to get to know you comfort you over the dreary Sunday evening. But the very next day you are no longer so sure whether yesterday’s match is your type at all.

In retrospect, you actually don’t even know what you found so interesting about his / her profile. Your chat was a nice distraction and you didn’t feel that lonely, but actually, you can get along quite well on your own.

And now another date? Where your week is stressful enough as it is. It doesn’t really have to be. So what is the best way to cancel without hurting the other?

Does this situation sound familiar to you?

I can reassure you because almost everyone has been in this situation before.

Now it is just a matter of taking a casual look and finding the most plausible possible explanation why you cannot appear on the planned date.

Sure, you could just as easily pound the truth on your date. Say that you were bored and lonely and that he/she rebuilt your confidence. And that after sleeping about it for a night you don’t think that it would be right for you.

Sure, it’s all well and good, to be honest, but using the wrecking ball could hurt your counterpart more than if you charmingly pull yourself out of the affair with an excuse.

And just for this case, I have put together 15 Best Excuses to Cancel a Date Last Minute:

1. You got sick. Especially in the cold season, nobody will doubt this excuse anytime soon. And in the summer there is also an annoying migraine attack.

2. You have to work overtime and therefore you can’t do it. And in general, it’s so stressful that you don’t really have your head free for a date.

3. Your car suddenly gave up and now you have to see how you get from A to B in the first place. You don’t have the nerve for a date.

4. Your pet is sick and since you are very attached to them, you don’t want to leave them alone.

5. Admittedly a bit macabre, but there is a bereavement in the family and you really don’t feel like going on a date.

6. With all the stress you forgot that you have to go on a business trip this week.

7. Your wisdom teeth will be extracted one day before the scheduled meeting. Nobody can expect you to go on a date with a puffy face.

8. Suddenly the ex got in touch from nowhere. Now you are completely confused and you realize that you are actually not ready for something new.

9. The classic best friend emergency. He or she was suddenly left and now, of course, you have to be there for your best friend.

10. The food poisoning. Admittedly, looking back, the reduced sushi from the discounter was not the best choice.

11. Broken water pipe in the apartment. Now everything is underwater and you have to wait for the plumber, who comes just when you have your planned date.

12. You were on the waiting list for a place to study in another city and have finally been accepted. Now you have to organize a move and if you live several kilometers away, a date is no longer worthwhile anyway.

13. You’re a little bowl and forgot your grandma’s 90th birthday. Such an anniversary naturally takes place.

14. Friends spontaneously invited you on a short trip. There’s no way you can turn down this offer.

15. The public transport is on strike again and you don’t even get to your date.

With this selection, you should now have enough excuses to find the right one for your situation

But what if your date suggests an alternative?

If your date finds you so interesting and suggests alternatives to the planned meeting, you may feel flattered, but still have to think about how to finally cancel it.

If your excuse shows that you have to postpone your meeting for several days, you can use the time to slowly let the contact run out.

However, if your planned date cannot be shaken off, you only have one more excuse. With a little luck, your date will understand the hint and leave you alone afterward.

But what if your date is particularly persistent

If your date is one of those specimens who won’t be able to wink at the fence post, you’ll have to teach them the hard way.

It’s not exactly fun to hear that someone is tired of meeting you, but in this case, the truth is the most stress-free path for both parties.

similar questions

How do I get out of a bad date quickly?

If you do go on a date, but notice right from the start that it won’t work for you, it is good to have a plan B. The best thing to do is to casually say at the beginning that you only have about an hour and then have to do something afterward.

The date went well, but the spark just didn’t go off?

If you’ve had a good time, but you just haven’t gotten the infamous spark, just be honest. Maybe the other person felt the same way and a friendship can develop from it. Unfortunately, you can’t force the spark. The only thing that helps is looking further.

How do you react if you have transferred yourself?

It can always happen that something comes up. Imposing an excuse right away would be premature. However, should the rejections from your data partner pile up, caution could be called for? If there are no alternatives on his part, you can almost assume that he is not really interested in getting to know you and you can tick the box.

Do you make yourself more interesting when you hold out to the other?

If you cancel your first date to make yourself more interesting, you probably won’t be too lucky with it.

Of course, there is the saying: “If you want to apply, make yourself seldom”, not without reason. However, if you don’t know each other at all, the rejection tends to make the other person more and more annoyed and in the end, no longer feel like going on a date.


As you can see, there are a few ways you can credibly cancel a date.

Most of us have certainly been in a situation where we didn’t feel like going on a date. And as long as you cancel in good time and the other person does not have to worry about unnecessary effort, a little excuse is perfectly legitimate.

What excuse have you ever avoided a date? Or have you ever been given an excuse yourself?

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