15 Romantic Captions for Instagram

Romantic captions for Instagram that can make heavy There are many ways to express love for your loved one, one of which is by writing it on social media. If you want to write beautiful words to your boyfriend, we have romantic captions for Instagram that you can choose from. Come on, watch!

There is a romantic Instagram caption for a crush that is perfect for those of you who don’t dare to express your heart’s content directly to your idol. Yes … who knows after reading the romantic Instagram caption, he will realize how sincere his love for him is.

There are also romantic Instagram captions for girlfriends near or far away. So, the relationship you live in will always feel sweet and fun no matter what distance separates it or not.

Are you interested in reading romantic captions for Instagram or the romantic quotes for Instagram captions that we present in this article? If so, let’s just take a look at the following description!

15 Romantic Captions for Instagram
15 Romantic Captions for Instagram

Romantic Love Captions for Boyfriend


1. Be More Alive

Thinking of you keeps me awake. Dreaming of you makes me sleep. With you make me live. Inconnu

When you are in love, maybe you will always be pictured with the face of your crush all day long. The memories of her made the days feel beautiful and colorful. Likewise, when you are sleeping, the image of him that adorns your dreams may make you sleep soundly.

However, among all that, the most fun is when the lover is on the side. That way, you will be more enthusiastic in carrying out your daily activities. So, so that he realizes that his presence means so much to you, make the romantic words above as a caption for Instagram (Ig).

2. Trust me

Even though there is nothing else in this world that you can trust, believe that I love you. All of my heart. Ilana Tan

Trust is something that is priceless. Because, once that trust is destroyed, nothing can make it whole again. Therefore, you know the dangers of being let down too often by their surroundings, right? Yes, he will grow up to be suspicious and easily prejudice by others.

Now, if you have a lover of that character, always assure him that you are someone he can trust. It’s not easy, but with genuine love, you will be able to melt his heart. One way is to write the romantic words above as a caption for Instagram (Ig).

3. Strength and Courage

Being loved deeply by someone will give you strength, whereas loving someone deeply will give you courage. Lao Tzu

Life is not easy. Sometimes there is just something that makes you fall down. However, with a lover who loves sincerely and wholeheartedly, you will find more strength to face even the most difficult conditions.

Not only being loved sincerely provides positive benefits, but loving wholeheartedly also provides the same benefits. Yes, when you have deep feelings for someone, you will dare to face all difficulties just for the sake of the happiness of your lover.

4. Like the wind

Love is like the wind, you can’t see it, but you can feel it. Nicholas Sparks

The wind is the only element in nature that cannot be seen but can be felt. If Nicholas Sparks said, really, such wind conditions can also be likened to love.

Indeed, when you are in love, only you and your lover can feel it. Other people will not be able to see the form of love that you feel. To the extent that an expression appears which states that for a couple, the world seems to belong to both of them, and the people around them are just contracting.

5. Precisely because it is not perfect

You don’t love someone because they are perfect, you love them despite the fact that they are not perfect. Jodi Picoult

Perhaps it is true that feeling attracted to someone begins with liking the strengths that that person has. However, to determine whether it is love or not, you have to look at the flaws.

Because, if you really love him, that feeling of love will still be there even though you know the fact that he also has flaws. Yes, no matter how great a human being must have flaws, right? However, if you feel after seeing the flaws, then you can be sure that it is not loved.

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Romantic Instagram Captions for Distant Lovers


1. Penetrating Distance

Distance is a boundary, but the fabric of feelings is the breaker. Agustinus Wibowo

Not forever you can continue to be with your idol. Sometimes, you have to go far to work or study for a better future.

However, you don’t need to be afraid that a struggling relationship will just end because of distance. Because a strong sense of love cannot be stopped by distance as long as you and your lover know how to care for the relationship. Well, one effective way to maintain your relationship and him is to make romantic words as captions for Instagram (Ig).

2. Distance & Time Doesn’t Matter

The feeling of liking someone has nothing to do with distance and time. Because, feelings alone control feelings. Yoana Dianika

Many say that long-distance relationships will not last long. Because, when a couple does not meet each other, the chances of an affair will be even greater.

However, if you think about it, that was actually not true. You are in control of your own feelings, so if your love for a distant lover is truly genuine, you will always be able to control your heart so that it cannot be filled by other people.

3. Will Be There

Distance and time will become walls. However, whatever distance can give and as long as time can afford it, the feeling will remain there. Diego Christian

It is undeniable that distance can be a barrier in a relationship of love. How not, if usually, lovers can easily meet to let go of their homesickness, the LDR partner must endure their homesickness because of the impossible conditions.

However, that does not mean that if you don’t meet your feelings in your heart, you will just evaporate. In fact, the longing that continues to accumulate will further strengthen the love that is felt. Now, with a strong sense of love, it is unlikely that a third person will be present in the midst of an ongoing LDR relationship.

4. Home Place

Distance, makes me understand. No matter how far I try to run, my heart will continue to go home to yours. Irin Sintriana

Have you ever felt a little bored as a result of having been in a relationship for too long and seeing the same people every day? If so, try testing your love by giving him a little distance and contacting him less often for a while.

If during your time away you feel lost and really miss the presence of your sweetheart, that means you are still in love. Therefore, don’t rush into breaking up if you’re feeling a little bored, who knows all you need to do is enjoy some time alone for a while.

5. About Keeping Commitments

Loving is not about how close or even how far apart two hearts are. But, about keeping the commitment between two hearts in order to realize the beautiful dreams that await these two hearts to live happily together, forever. Okke

Commitment is essential in a long-distance relationship. Trusting each other, taking care of each other, and being in regular communication will make your relationship healthy and lasting.

From time to time, don’t forget to tell him how much you love him. If you are embarrassed or awkward to say it directly, just write LDR-themed romantic words as a caption for Instagram (Ig).

Caption Romantic Love to Melt the Heart of a crush

15 Romantic Captions for Instagram
15 Romantic Captions for Instagram


1. Rather than Blank

It’s better for me to fall in love with you and break my heart a million times, than to feel the emptiness of my heart forever. HC Paye

Have you ever harbored feelings of love for someone? Or maybe you have the courage to say it, but always get a rejection? Eits … don’t get discouraged just yet, try to contemplate the sentence above, is it better to experience one-sided love or experience an eternal emptiness?

Now, if you think one-sided love is better, then the romantic words above are just right to be used as a caption for Instagram. Who knows after reading it, he will realize that your love for him is so great and sincere.

2. Not Forcing

Indeed, I am not wrong if I tell you my feelings. My feelings for you are natural, right? And it’s not wrong. What makes it wrong if I force you to have the same feelings as mine. Desi Puspitasari

Holding on to feelings is painful. Therefore, in order for your heart to be relieved, you must express your love for him. There is no need to be afraid or ashamed because falling in love is not a mistake.

What’s wrong is forcing him to accept your love. Because, love is not something that can be forced. If you want him to feel the same way, gently melt his heart out by giving him extra attention.

3. Easily Liked

Maybe I’m not the one who brings feelings easily, but it could be you who are easy to like. Sashi Kirana

Love often thrives when loved ones are nice to you. Even though it may not be a sign of love, but because he is a person who is always nice to everyone.

If you like someone like that, try making the romantic words above for Instagram captions (Ig). Who knows, after reading these words of love, his heart will melt and he can really love you.

4. It’s both painful

Secret admiration is the most painful. And the feeling that lingers deeply for too long without a reply is just as painful. Ingrid Sonya

When in love, some people choose to harbor feelings rather than express them. The reasons can be various, some are afraid of being rejected, but there are also those who are afraid that the statement of their love will actually destroy the good relationship that has existed so far.

In fact, more than these worries, harboring feelings for too long can actually make us sink into pain. There is only one way to get rid of it, namely by expressing one’s heart.

5. Enough for the two of us

Even if I’m the only one who wants you, no problem. You don’t have to feel the same way. I love you so much, and it’s enough for both of us. Rons Imawan

Each person has their own way of responding to love that is one-sided. There are those who are agitated and upset for a long time, but there are also those who are relaxed and actually make them funny as in the words of love above.

Now, if you are in a relaxed group, but want him to still understand your feelings, just use the romantic quote above as a caption for Instagram (Ig). Maybe that way, he is even attracted to you. Doesn’t someone who is humorous has more appeal?

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Which romantic captions for Instagram are your favorites?

Those are 15 romantic words that you can write as a caption for Instagram (Ig). So, after reading it, which quotes are suitable for your current condition?

If you feel that writing love captions cannot convey your heart’s content clearly, the romantic words above can also be sent directly to your idol, really. So, in what way you want to convey it, it all comes back to your determination.

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