15+ Words of Encouragement for your Lovers

Words of encouragement for your Lovers so that they don’t give up easily. Support from loved ones means a lot when you are facing difficulties in life. If your partner needs some encouragement, the words of encouragement for your girlfriend/boyfriend in this article can help. Let’s look at the quotes here.

You can convey encouraging words for your lover in this article directly to him. If you’re separated by distance, just send it via private message or with a greeting card.

Are you curious about what words of encouragement for your lovers that you can use? Let’s take a look at the full list below. Hopefully, you will find a quote that matches the conditions you are experiencing.

Words of Work Spirit for Dear Girlfriend

15+ Words of Encouragement for your Lovers
15+ Words of Encouragement for your Lovers

1. Always There

Our life today may be full of thorns and thorns, but it is a sign that we are struggling.

When wading through life, nothing can ensure that the human journey will be free from various obstacles. Especially if you are fighting for a job career.

If your boyfriend is having a hard time with his job, show him your support so he doesn’t get discouraged. One of them is by sending a message containing the words of encouragement for the girlfriend above.

2. Never Give Up

If you feel like giving up, look back at how far you have come.

When your boyfriend complains about the workload he is carrying, just listen to all his outings. Sometimes, expressing her grievances can lighten the mental burden she is carrying a little.

However, on the one hand, don’t forget to remind him that what he gets now are the things he hoped for. In line with the brief motivational quote above, giving up will only waste the hard work he has done before.

3. For the future

You are tired for your future. Stay enthusiastic about working. Hopefully it’s full of blessings.

Efforts to achieve a brilliant career cannot be done half-heartedly. Therefore, it is natural that feelings of tiredness sometimes come to your loved ones and eventually need your support.

You can convey motivational words full of meaning for your boyfriend as an injection of enthusiasm. To add a more romantic impression, just tuck the message as a greeting card along with a flower arrangement or a chocolate gift.

4. Never Stop

It doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you never stop. Confucius

One thing that needs to be understood in life is not to compare yourself with others. Therefore, don’t let your partner feel inferior when he is not as successful as his friends.

Encourage him not to lose hope and keep working hard. As Confucius’s advice expressed in the above quote, as long as he does not stop and continue to do his best, believes that his efforts will pay off.

5. Limitations and Doubts

The only limits to tomorrow are the doubts we have today. Pittacus Lore, The Power of Six

Obstacles when wanting to try something new don’t only come from the environment, but also yourself. In fact, some people may unconsciously limit their potential because they don’t want to step outside their comfort zone.

If you feel your idol is experiencing the same thing, you should motivate it with the words of encouragement for your boyfriend above. Apart from motivating, the quote taken from the novel The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore teaches us to believe in one’s own abilities.

Words of encouragement for a distant boyfriend

15+ Words of Encouragement for your Lovers
15+ Words of Encouragement for your Lovers

1. Close to the Heart

Even though you are far away now, we are looking at the same sky. Far from the eyes, near the heart. RAN, Close to the Heart

The distance that separates when undergoing a long-distance relationship (LDR) makes you miss pile up. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, you cannot meet your partner as soon as possible.

The excerpts from the lyrics of the song Dekat di Hati from RAN above might be a suitable message for you to send to him. In addition to expressing homesickness, who knows words of encouragement for your boyfriend can strengthen you and your partner.

2. Long Distance Doesn’t Mean

The distance between two people means nothing when their souls are linked. Matshona Dhliwayo

The lack of opportunities to meet your crush can affect the continuity of your relationship. However, if you and your lover are committed to each other, it seems that distance is not a significant obstacle.

The same thing is expressed by Matshona Dhliwayo in the motivational words of love for girlfriends above. You and your partner will certainly look for all ways to maintain the relationship that you have.

3. Need Struggle

There is no great love without a great struggle. Piash

To get something valuable, of course, requires hard work accompanied by strong determination. It is the same when fighting for your love affair with loved ones even though they may be separated by distance.

Instead of blaming the situation, you and he should encourage each other. The words of encouragement for a girlfriend from Piash above can be a reminder message for you and your partner to stay strong in maintaining the relationship of love.

4. God’s plan

Distance is only God’s way for us to fight for happiness.

There are various kinds of tests given by God when having an affair. Starting from misunderstandings, feelings of jealousy, to the distance that separates it as if it is God’s way to test the strength of your love with your lover.

Those words of encouragement for your boyfriend that go far above can be conveyed to him who may be missing you by his side. Reassure your partner that you and he can be together again when the time comes.

5. No How Painful

The pain of being separated is nothing compared to the joy of seeing each other again. Charles Dicken

It’s natural for your boyfriend to feel sad when he has to part with you for a while for some reason. Initially, you can meet every day, perhaps your meeting with him can only finally be counted on the fingers of a year.

Convince your partner with the words of love motivation from Charles Dicken above. The pain that arises from separation will later be replaced with happiness when you can meet one another.

Words of Encouragement for a Sad Girlfriend

1. Not Alone

I don’t promise to solve all your problems, but I promise you won’t face them alone.

Endless problems can indeed put someone down. No exception to the loved ones who you initially thought were the most powerful in your eyes.

Show him you care by being there for him when he needs someone to lean on. Just like the words of encouragement for your boyfriend above, your attitude can at least make him sure that he’s not alone.

2. Learn from Failure

Without failure, you will never experience a moment of awakening. So, keep up the spirit, huh.

Most people want to achieve success without things getting in the way. However, the reality is not like that because the flow of life is unpredictable.

The failure that may be experienced by a loved one can be used as a moment of awakening for him. So, in line with the words of encouragement for your boyfriend above, keep giving support to him so that he doesn’t keep getting lost in sadness.

3. Don’t be afraid to start again

If one dream falls to pieces, never be afraid to take one of those pieces and start over. Flavia

When you see a loved one unable to make their dreams come true, it may hurt your heart too. Even if it hurts, you have to stay strong and keep encouraging it.

You might be able to cheer him up with these motivational quotes for girlfriend from Flavia above. Hopefully, after hearing this, the urge to fight again from your partner will arise.

4. Give your best

Success is about giving our best, not getting what we want.

The meaning of success according to most people is when they succeed in getting what they want. However, sometimes success is about how much effort has been put into it.

Through the words of encouragement for your boyfriend above, you can calm your lover, who may be sad because of the unexpected results. At least he knows that no matter what happens to him, you will always be by his side.

5. Hope

Hope is not always happy and can hurt. However, with the hope that you will have the spirit to fight endlessly.

When bottomed out, the only thing that might cause someone to fight back is the hope that eventually things will get better. It can rekindle the flames of enthusiasm that may have dimmed.

If your partner is lost and doesn’t know what to do, maybe the words of motivational meaning for your boyfriend above can encourage him. Convince him not to give up easily because your prayers are always with him.

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Which Quote Is Your Favorite?

Those are the words of encouragement for your love that we can summarize. Is there a quote that leaves an impression because it matches the conditions experienced by the lover? If so, immediately send those words to get his spirits up.

When you are committed to having an affair, your existence with your boyfriend/girlfriend really matters. Therefore, don’t even think that your efforts to encourage him will end up being in vain, okay?

Apart from this article, there are still many articles containing a collection of other inspirational words that you can find on Lovepsychologys.com. Call it Islamic pearls of wisdom, wise motivation, and a collection of funny rags to cheer up the moored. Happy reading.

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