How to Get a Guy to Kiss You? 20 Best Tips

How to Get a Guy to Kiss You? 20 Best Tips. He calls for meetings, takes him home, casts interested glances, but … does not kiss. Or, perhaps, he does not pay attention at all, but you really want to arouse his interest! In any similar situation, it’s time to take the initiative and intrigue … with a kiss. How to kiss a guy if he is indecisive or does not notice the girl at all? How not to go too far at the same time and remain in his eyes a feminine, vulnerable beauty, and not a “man-decider”?

How to understand that a guy wants to kiss you?

Before deciding to take the first step herself, it is important to understand why the young man does not take it on his own. If he is just shy or thinks he is indifferent, then you can move to the next level without hesitation. And the faster the better.

However, sometimes guys do not dare to kiss their chosen one for a long time because of upbringing and politeness. In other words, they think that moving too quickly into a kiss can hurt their partner’s feelings or raise doubts about his intentions. If this is true, then it is better to wait and give him a chance to prove himself. The main signs that he will kiss himself, but a little later:

  • actively supports communication, does not hesitate to make compliments, and, in general, does not look shy;
  • starts talking about kisses and closely monitors the girl’s reaction when answering;
  • shows signs of gallantry in everything – gives a hand, puts aside chairs, helps to put on or take off outerwear, takes a companion not by the palm, but by the elbow, etc .;
  • obviously trying to do everything gradually – first simple conversations, then compliments, then direct glances, and finally light tactile contact.

With confident guys, everything is clear, but how to determine the presence of interest in a timid young man? He:

  • from time to time casts glances at the lips of the chosen one;
  • often embarrassed by the collision of views, accidental touches;
  • stutters confuse words, and expresses uncertainty in communication differently, especially with compliments;
  • trying to constantly get closer or demonstrate their strengths;
  • while sitting, he tries to take up as much space as possible (occasionally), puts forward and spreads his legs, leans back, spreading his arms;
  • in correspondence, calls behaves more confidently than in real communication;
  • when parting, he looks after him for a long time as if he wants to ask or do something.

It is important to consider that the presence of only one or two signs does not guarantee his feelings or desire to kiss. It is important to find at least 3+ signs to finally verify the fact of his love. And if he is in love, then he probably dreams of kisses.

How to Get a Guy to Kiss You? 20 Best Tips.

How to get a guy to kiss you?

No matter how significant the reason for the long absence of kisses is, you still want the man to initiate this step. If the prospect of being the first does not warm at all, you can try to make a hint. Perhaps such a decision will be the impetus to finally receive your long-awaited “gift”. How to do it:

  • walking or getting close to him while walking or talking in private;
  • transform your desire into a playful form, for example: “Something itch lips. Probably, they ask for kisses ”;
  • share thoughts on “the perfect guy or person”, mentioning that they like decisive personalities more;
  • adjust the situation in which people will be close – get into a crowded bus, “stumble” and let him catch, support himself;
  • flirt with him, make eyes, flirt;
  • focus on your lips – lick, bite them, touch them;
  • kiss him on the cheek goodbye. Do it slowly so that he has time not only to understand his desire to kiss on the lips but also to move into action.

If there is a lot of courage, it’s enough to directly tell the guy something like “I want you to kiss me” or joke “I was left with my mother alone. Will you fix it?”

How to kiss a guy first?

Gave a hundred hints? Walked in front of him with a poster, flyers, and a light board with the inscription “Kiss me!”? Said in the forehead, but he still does not understand? It’s time to kiss yourself. Or look for a more drastic alternative. Otherwise, you will have to swim in the near-kissing ocean for a long time, and then, as in a flat-faced joke:

一 Zina, I plucked up the courage and…. in general … well … I love you!

一 Excellent, Kol! You are just a witness to my fiancé, and we are already in the registry office …

What exactly better not to do so this tells the guy about your desire directly Or ask him for permission to kiss. If a girl herself decides to take such a step, it is advisable to act creatively:

  • conclude a dispute on a kiss, it doesn’t matter who wins (although he should win), kissing will be the reward for winning;
  • play in the company in the “bottle”, after sitting opposite your lover;
  • pretend that the kiss is directed to the cheek, and “miss”;
  • say that something got into the eye, and ask him to look. When he approaches, look at him, then at his lips, and then gently and slowly reach for him for a kiss;
  • whisper a compliment in his ear, passing it off as a secret, then carefully get down to business.

You can think of a bunch of other options. The main thing is not to go to a kiss with nothing. There should be a pretext for action.

Naturally, before the very day “X” it is extremely important to take care of the hygiene of the body and mouth, makeup, and attire. The main principle is to let the appearance reflect the inner essence, “I”, sincerity. It is also better that there are notes of femininity.

Pass the love test

How to kiss a guy so that he likes it?

1. Give the palm.

It is enough for him that the first step was taken by a girl. For this reason, already during the kiss, it is better to take the position of the slave and let him lead the whole process. Why is that:

  • he will feel confident and prove himself;
  • from now on, the young man will doubtless, take the initiative more often and in other situations;
  • the label “I myself” will not appear on the girl and she will be able to rely on her young man;
  • so you can get to know your partner better, his skills, desires;
  • there is no effect of pressure, which can greatly frighten off the chosen one;
  • it’s just nice and even natural.

Even if the first battle will remain with the girl, it is advisable to appoint the guy as the main commander of the arena.

2. Teasing.

Men are hunters by nature. They have in their DNA the desire to win, to extract, to win back. It’s just that some realize it immediately and more clearly, while others need a good kick towards self-confidence.

How can you spark interest? How to tease and let him enjoy the course of the “hunt”:

  • lightly bite or suck on his lips;
  • alternate tenderness and passion of a kiss in contrast;
  • slightly deviate from his face so that he reaches out after him, and smile;
  • make a path of kisses from his ear to the corner of his mouth, but do not touch the lips themselves;
  • make the kiss short, but do not go far from the young man so that he can take a portion of the supplement himself;
  • tickle his lips with your tongue, making quick, light movements with them.

And one more tip: it is important to open your mouth during a kiss. Even if the technique is simple and involves only the lips, the teeth should not be kept clenched. This will improve the quality of the whole process.

3. Touch.

No good kiss intersects with the “hands at the seams” position. Let them act, and not just lie statically on some point. This is uninteresting and gives a false (or not) feeling that the lady is too shy, inexperienced, or weak in imagination. How and what to touch:

  • face, stroking it with the palm of your hand or fingertips;
  • shoulders, sides, or chest with soft strokes;
  • neck neatly with nails;
  • back with smooth and light massaging movements;
  • hair, burying his fingers in them;
  • palms, crossing his fingers with theirs.

It’s already clear how to kiss a guy. The question remains whether it is necessary to do this, or rather, whether you want to. If there is no ardent desire to spend your time with an indecisive notorious boy, it is better not to start this business. However, if a young man really likes you very much, this is an occasion to give him another chance and help him reveal himself.

How to Get a Guy to Kiss You? 20 Best Tips.

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