3 Basic Tips For A First Date

3 Basic Tips For A First Date. Many girls are given the art of seducing at birth, but what do those who naturally have other talents need to know, and the figure is far from the Hollywood standard? It is clear that fitness classes, diets, beautiful clothes are very important tools in achieving your goal, but sometimes it happens that you have all this, but there is no success and it is not clear how you need to behave in order to please a guy?

No one will deny that the first acquaintance plays a decisive role in the development of future relationships. About 80% of further success depends on how and where it happened.

How to seduce a man on the street?

There is an opinion that it is supposedly indecent to get acquainted on the street, but all this is nothing: the street is a great place to get acquainted, especially if you are sociable and do not feel excessive shyness. The undoubted advantage of street dating is its surprise. If a guy who comes up on the street starts showering you with compliments, then you need to respond correctly and subtly to them. The main thing is not to overplay. It is clear that if a guy makes rude and ambiguous compliments, you must immediately turn around and leave, because his goal is clear, and it is completely pointless to improve the art of seduction in this case.

If the compliments are unobtrusive, and the guy himself liked, you can answer him with a restrained, benevolent smile, show a little coquetry. Here the advice is to behave as naturally as possible, not to try to show yourself as you really are not. Firstly, he, one way or another, will feel it, and secondly, you will not be able to play the role that you have chosen, trying to please you for a long time. Mannerism, affectation are the enemies of the art of seduction. Remember, men are repulsed by women whose behavior is felt unnatural.

3 Basic Tips For A First Date.

How can you seduce a guy in a club?

This type of dating also has its advantages. Firstly, in a club, a guy, even if he came there accompanied by his girlfriend or in the company of friends, is definitely determined to have a good time: the very atmosphere of such places predisposes to this. Here, usually, everyone is open for communication and friendly, so it will not be difficult to attract the attention of a guy and like him when meeting you.

Lightness, ease, and aura of a good mood are your true allies. The main thing is not to keep yourself aloof, smile, thereby making it clear that you do not have, and cannot have any problems. If a guy sees that you are behaving actively, that you are here – not a stranger, but “one of your own on the board”, he will immediately fix his attention on you and will be internally ready to communicate with you. Feeling that the prerequisites have been created – immediately take the bull by the horns: agree to dance, smile in response to compliments, call for frankness, do not refuse a cocktail – prepare the basis for the acquaintance to grow into a closer relationship and deepen in the process of attracting the guy’s attention.

Seduce a man over the Internet.

You may have heard that online dating is for the timid or the unfortunate. Don’t believe such nonsense! If you are not prone to adventurism and do not like to act at random, the Internet is the most acceptable way for you to get acquainted. Today, there are many dating sites on the Web that you can use at any time of the day, while at home or at work. At the same time, acquaintance with serious intentions is quite possible.

It is also beneficial to get acquainted via the Internet because here you can always not only choose a guy to your liking, but also make sure that your choice is correct, without creating problems for yourself or the object of your attention. Yes, seduction on the Internet is, first of all, an exciting game, a kind of virtual stage, entering which every guy can “put on” any mask-avatar of a dream guy, or use a photo of a handsome friend.

However, the mask hides the face, but not the soul, and very soon after you start dating you will see who you are dealing with. Mutual sympathy will arise only after both of you are convinced of the similarity of interests and intentions. And then, without risk to your and his self-esteem, you can “throw off the mask” and transfer the acquaintance from the virtual plane to the real one.

How best to position yourself by placing your profile on a dating site? There are some peculiarities here – “hooks”, the essence of which is to intrigue, arouse, and keep the guy’s interest in you, because there are thousands of profiles, and the choice in your favor is largely due to intrigue.

Of course, the best intrigue is a professionally made photo, especially since the guys know very well: women in the vast majority are not inclined to use other people’s photos and animated avatar pictures. Remember: a good photo is an essential guarantee of success. It is better to use not one, but several photographs, in different angles, in different clothes, with different subjects, with facial expressions from carefree – playful to gently caring and romantic.

Filling in the field “Personal data” Try to tell the truth about yourself. It is better to remain silent or say with irony about what makes you not in the best light. So, an intriguing answer to the question of where and with whom you live (alone in a room / alone in an apartment / with your husband / with your parents) will be a joke, something like “In the subway crossing with a tame parrot.”

If the guy is interested in your photos, that is, you passed the primary selection, then it’s time to give him a powerful incentive to develop acquaintances by filling out the “Who I’m looking for” field. And again: know how to intrigue! Come up with a non-standard “hook” like “I’m looking for a guy who knows how to open yogurts!” – this will surely work in your favor and help seduce a man.

3 Basic Tips For A First Date.

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