30 Sad Words That Can Show Feelings

Express the Troubled Feelings Through the Sad Words of This Life! 

Are you looking for the right words to express the sadness and confusion that you are feeling? If so, look no further because you can find them in the following article. Let’s just read on!

In living life, humans will never be separated from the name sadness which often causes prolonged confusion. Now, if you feel that way but are confused about how to express it in words, you can listen to these upset and sad words. Here, there are lots of quotes that can be used to represent your feelings.

God gives you sadness not without cause. Because of that sadness, He wants you to better understand the true meaning of happiness. As the saying goes that there will be no rainbow without rain, you will not feel happy without going through sadness first.

Life trials or tests are intended to make you a better and stronger person than before. Therefore, don’t give up easily because you may also be prepared to conquer other big things.

Well, it’s not just about living life, you can also find sad and upsetting words about love here. How? Are you impatient to hear it? If so, just read in full below.

30 Sad Words That Can Show Feelings
30 Sad Words That Can Show Feelings

Sad Words that Touch the Heart

1. Don’t Know How

Lately I feel like I am in the passenger seat of my life. I tried to take over the wheel, but couldn’t figure out how. Lauv, Sad Forever

Everyone has been at the lowest point in their life, maybe you have felt it too. You also feel hopeless and everything you do seems pointless. Even speaking of other people who try to encourage you just think of it as a wind, right?

It’s not that you don’t want to get up, but you can be confused about how to start exactly like what the sad and upsetting words are taken from Lauv’s song above. Of course, you can be temporarily stuck in this state and reflect on it. But after that, get up and reorganize your life.

2. Never asked for it

If I could meet God, I would tell Him that life is the cup of coffee I never asked for. RM, Always

Everyone knows that coffee tastes bitter. Whether you add sugar or other mixtures, the bitter taste will still dominate. Now, that is the picture of your life if you are filled with burdens which are likened to coffee that has never been asked for in the sad and upsetting words above.

When they are down, people may tend to blame God for what happened. But you need to remember that no sailor becomes skilled in calm seas. The trials are given to forge you to become stronger. Just believe in yourself if you can get through the bitterness of life.

3. Very Tired

I really don’t want to talk about my problem which is so complicated, but I’m very tired of facing it. 10CM, Help

You may have been in this situation. Trying to be strong through everything and choose to bury everything alone because you don’t want to bother other people. But over time, you feel tired.

Moreover, if these problems make you overthinking and unable to think clearly. Sometimes you also need someone to lean on. Even though he may not be able to solve the problem at hand, at least he can make you feel a little calmer so you can think clearly again.

4. Want to be free

I want to escape to a place where no one knows me, to a place where no one is looking for me. Bobby, Runaway

When stressed facing life’s endless problems, have you ever thought about running away to be free from that situation? Don’t feel ashamed to admit it because most people have. You want to run away with the hope that everything will just end, just like the sad and upsetting words above.

However, running away was not the right way. No matter how big, this problem must be faced because it is a lesson in your maturity. Remember that every problem has a solution, the most important thing is that you don’t get tired of looking for it.

5. I wish only

If I could turn back time and see my future. I’ll know where to walk. I will know which path to take. JJ Project, Tomorrow Today

When you go through life, you will feel sorry for yourself and wish you could repeat the time. Especially when you look at your current life, which may not be so good. You feel like going back in time so you can fix things.

However, turning back the clock is impossible. You can’t change the past, but you can change the future. Therefore, do the best you can in the present so that your future will be even better.

Sad Words of Love

1. False Expectations

Sometimes, you make me feel that I actually have a chance to be with you. However, when I tried to take that opportunity, you made me realize that I never actually had it.

You may have been in situations like those written in these sad and upsetting words. You like someone whose heart is still attached to someone else. When you think he has moved on, then you find the right time to have a serious talk about your feelings for him.

However, at that very moment, there is something about him that makes you realize that you never had the slightest chance. Hanging it doesn’t feel good, huh? Now, it remains only to make up your mind whether you want to continue being hurt or choose to have your own happiness.

2. The Great Liars

The two of us are just two people who like to lie to each other’s feelings. Pretending not to care until he finally broke his heart. Fiersa Besari

Friends become love, maybe the sentence is familiar to your ears. There are people who prefer to be in love with friends because they already know each other well. However, there are also people who don’t want to because when they break up, they will not only lose their boyfriend but also their best friend.

If both of them uphold friendship, then the two people will choose to lie to each other’s feelings. Pretend that the feelings you feel for your friend aren’t real. Until one day one of them chooses to move on, it is possible that the other will feel heartbroken. Sometimes, humans do suffer because of their own choice, right?

3. It turned out to be a pseudo shadow

And at this moment, I can only remember how our separation and every moment I spent with you made me realize that I never knew you. RM Drake

Dating is a time to get to know your partner better, be it behavior or characteristics. Over time, the more likely you will know your partner. But, when the relationship doesn’t work out, it then opens your eyes.

And you may make you think, “Has everything it been showing you just fake?” After separating, he changed 180º and you no longer know him, just like these sad and sad words full of meaning.

4. Not a game

Don’t play with my feelings just because you are not sure about your own feelings. Anonymous

You may have felt the feeling of being hanged by someone you loved. He sends a signal that seems to reciprocate your feelings. Of course, that makes you hopeful. Who does not like to be greeted by idol hearts, right?

But you have to accept the harsh reality because everything he does is just fake. In fact, he is still unsure of his own feelings for you. If so, what will you do? Still, waiting or choosing to go in search of another happiness?

5. Just go

Sadly, the most painful good-byes are those that have not been said and not explained. Anonymous

What is on your mind when you read the sad and upsetting words that touch above? Could it be that you have experienced a similar incident? If so, it sure hurts a lot, right? However, parting with loved ones will definitely make the world feel like it is about to collapse, especially if the separation was carried out without any clarity.

He suddenly decided to just walk away from your life. Not only is it devastating, but it can be traumatic for you to be in a relationship with a new person. In your mind, you may continue to think “What if he’s just like his former ex?” But, what you need to remember is that not everyone is the same, but it doesn’t hurt if you choose your partner carefully.

Sad Words of Love Inspired by Movies

1. Always Remember You

You can go. I will always remember. I remember all the people who left me. Lilo & Stitch

No human being knows what will happen in your future. Today, you can still joke and knit up with someone you love. However, whether a week or a month later, your idol may leave you. If you were faced with that situation, you probably wouldn’t be able to do anything about it, right?

Forcing someone to stay when he wanted to leave would be pointless. If it is like that, there is no other way than to let it go from your life. Even if you let go, you probably won’t just get over it. However, always remember that the people who come into your life for two reasons, either as gifts or lessons.

2. Be happy without me

I just want you to be happy. Even though I don’t belong in your happiness. The Longest Ride

When you love someone, you want to be with him, right? Once together, you and your partner begin to knit dreams and a future together. However, what will you do if it turns out that your sweetheart no longer has the same feelings for you?

You will definitely feel sad and heartbroken because you still love him so much. However, you also cannot be selfish by expecting him to stay with you. Even with a heavy heart, you also volunteered to be happy. Because after all, his happiness is your happiness is also right like these sad and upsetting words of love.

3. Those Eyes

I know very well how you look at him. I know because you used to look at me like that. The Vow

Have you ever thought about asking your ex back? You do this because you regret letting go. However, it turns out that it is too late, your ex has another love affair.

How do you know? Because you can see your ex’s eyes on the person the same way they did when he loved you. Yes, but it can’t be helped because regret always comes at the end. It’s best if you don’t have to bother him anymore and focus on finding your own happiness.

4. It is of no use

Because waiting for you is like waiting for rain during a drought, useless and disappointing. A Cinderella Story

When you love someone, maybe whatever you will do to make him happy, including waiting for him. However, if during this waiting period you are not given certainty, will you still survive? Maybe not.

If you’re in that situation, it’s okay to eventually take a stance and move on. There’s no point in waiting for someone who doesn’t even provide clarity. Just like the sad and upsetting words above, your waiting will just be in vain.

5. Thinking of leaving

Better to disappear. Rather than continuing to exist, but never to be ignored. ILY from 38,000 FT

Have you ever felt very tired from being ignored and thought you were going to leave? In fact, you have tried your best to be there for your idol. But the taste, everything you do is meaningless.

The taste of course is very suffocating, right? If you are in such a situation and feel tired, there is no need to disappear. However, you can give your boyfriend a little distance so he can reflect on his actions and later appreciate you more.

Sad and sad words inspired by books

1. Too Stupid

Sometimes, we give the best of our hearts to those who haven’t even thought about repaying it. TH White, The Once and Future King

Being loved back by someone you love is of course one of the happiest things in the world. Unfortunately, not everyone can be that lucky. There are also people who patiently and sincerely do anything with all their heart even though their love is unrequited.

However, think again about when you will survive to face it? Putting forward your own happiness is not selfish, really. Especially if the case is like what happened in the upset and sad words above. Remember that in the end, you can only rely on happiness for yourself, not on others.

2. Go for Good

It’s not that I left because I didn’t love you anymore. But because the longer I lived, the harder it would be to love myself. Rupi Kaur, Milk and Honey

If a couple has a healthy loving relationship, of course, they will be even better off. But unfortunately, not everyone is like that. Not infrequently many people are caught in unhealthy relationships that make them suffer.

So, like the words of confusion and sadness from Rupi Kaur above, if the relationship you are going through makes you lose your identity, you better end it. It’s not easy, but do it for yourself. Out there, there will definitely be people who are willing to accept you for who you are.

3. An Answer

‘Do you love me?’ I asked. And in your doubt I have found the answer. Lang Leav, Love & Misadventure

Every couple does not need to say the words ‘I love you every day to show their feelings. Because, these words can be reflected in the actions taken. But when you feel your partner has changed, then you have the right to ask him to confirm his feelings.

If he can say out loud that he still loves you, that means his feelings are still the same. However, if he had any doubts, it was likely that someone else had already succeeded in filling in the emptiness of his heart.

4. Can’t Go Back

Hearts break easily, and even if you think you are healed, you will never return to the way you were before. Cassandra Clare, City of Fallen Angels

Most people have probably had a broken heart before. Parting with someone very loved of course will make you feel devastated. Sometimes, it will also traumatize you for a new relationship.

Healing heart wounds is not as easy as turning your palms. And, even though you feel healed already, but maybe you will not be able to trust people again as before.

5. Destiny

I just can’t stop thinking how this life brings us both together, but in the end he was also the one who separated it. Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor & Park

What do you feel after reading the sad and upsetting words above? For those of you who are experiencing a broken heart, you may feel sad and think about your ex again.

Indeed, sometimes fate is that joking, huh? Initially, he was the one who brought you together with your ex. However, it is fate that then separates the two of you.

Broken Heart Words Inspired by Songs

1. I Can’t

My footsteps are getting heavier now, I can no longer walk. I can’t let you go like this. Heize Ft. Giriboy, We Don’t Talk Together

You probably already know exactly what it is like to be apart from someone you really love. Especially if the separation is triggered by external factors such as family blessing or the presence of a third person. It hurts a lot, right?

Then you feel that life has no meaning anymore. Someone you have been protecting and fighting for all this time has to be let go. Even though your heart is hurt, there is still a lingering feeling of not being willing to let it go.

2. Destroying Each Other

We often talk about forever, but all we do is destroy each other. I thought we had the same dream, but in fact that dream will never come true. BTS, Outro: Tear

One of the dreams of people who love each other is to be able to live happily together forever with their partner. To make this dream come true, they then try to better understand each other. But unfortunately, the process sometimes doesn’t work as expected.

Not a few couples end up not understanding each other, but instead hurting each other. If so, maybe there is no other way to take other than to separate and forget all the shared dreams that have been strung together. Why stay in a relationship that only hurts each other, right?

3. Take care of yourself

Suffice your bond, give up what is not supposed to be for you. What you better take care of is yourself. Kunto Aji, Eldest

It can be difficult to give up someone you still love. However, if indeed the relationship will only continue to hurt you, is it still worth maintaining it again?

Two people in love should both sacrifice for each other, not just one side. After all, why always take care of others when you never notice yourself? Like the sad and upset words of Kunto Aji, give up the fate that is not supposed to be for you and take care of yourself.

4. Bitter Reality

Who do you love right now? I want to know the truth. I know you love someone else. 5SOS ft. The Chainsmokers, Who Do You Love

One of the sad things about being in a relationship is realizing that your partner doesn’t love you anymore. Maybe at first, you will deny that it’s just your feelings. But gradually, you too realize how different his attitude and treatment are.

Even though it feels painful, you have to talk seriously with your partner and clarify your relationship. Even if in the end you have to separate, it can’t be helped. It’s all better than just maintaining a one-sided relationship.

5. Only For Use

I found you when you broke your heart. I overfilled your cup. I made you rise again. But apparently, you only used me. Halsey, Without Me

Have you ever been in a situation like those written in the sad and upsetting words above? Maybe you have and it certainly can’t just disappear from your memory, right?

It really hurts to betray someone you love. Moreover, when you’ve done everything to make him happy. But in fact, he’s only using you. It’s really sad.

Which sad and sad words can describe your feelings?

Those are the 30 sad and upsetting words that you can read in lovepsychologys. Are there any of these quotes that accurately represent how you feel? If there is, just use it as a social media status to vent your upset and sad feelings.

Of course, you can feel sad and upset about your life and your love, which is normal. However, it’s better if you don’t mourn for too long. You have to get back up and live life as usual. It’s not easy, but if you keep trying, you’ll be able to do it. www.lovepsychologys.com

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