Meaningful Words of Heartache and Disappointment

Meaningful Words of Heartache and Disappointment Words of hurt and disappointment may help calm as well as enlighten those of you who have just been betrayed by someone close to you. Instead of bothering to look for the right phrase, you can immediately listen to the description in the following article!

Heartbroken and disappointed sometimes cannot be expressed in words. However, it does not mean that there are no sentences that can represent such feelings.

An example is a collection of quotes from various sources which we summarize below. Some of them are words from world-famous figures who talk about hurt and disappointment, and how best to respond to them.

You can choose which one best describes the feeling state. Either you were hurt and let down by a friend, close relative, or lover.

Are you curious as to what kind of words contain disappointment and hurt because of being betrayed? Immediately, see the full description below. Happy reading!

Meaningful Words of Heartache and Disappointment
Meaningful Words of Heartache and Disappointment

Words of Disappointment and Deepest Heartache

1. Pain gives birth to strength

You will never know your strength until someone hurts you very deeply. Anonymous

From the words above, it can be concluded that heartache does not always give birth to fear or trauma. Sometimes, hurt feelings can also make someone stronger than before.

However, that power did not just take off. A person may have to feel a lot of pain before finally realizing how much strength they have to endure and move on.

2. The ones who hurt the most

When you have a good heart; You help too much, believe too much, give too much, love too much. And it seems you are hurting the most. Anonymous

Being a good person is a positive thing. But the problem is, sometimes good people get hurt a lot. What made such a thing happen?

According to the anonymous quote above, this is because good people usually lack consideration. One example, they will give up anything and sacrifice so much that they are not aware if it has been used by other people.

3. About Tears

Tears are words that cannot be spoken by the mouth, nor can the heart be held back. Joshua Wisenbaker

When feeling disappointed and hurt too deep, a person will usually find it difficult to express it in words. It’s not easy for him to confide in even his closest friends.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for people to be hurt prefer to be quiet and cry. Crying does not necessarily make him heal, but the pain may be lessened.

4. Misunderstanding

My biggest mistake is to think that people care about me as much as I care about them. Anonymous

There are people who care more about others than themselves. Are you? If so, be careful because no one knows whether or not you care about the right people.

Because usually, those you care about ignore you. Don’t be sorry for caring about someone who doesn’t really care about you at all.

5. Alone is Better

Sometimes it’s better to be alone. Nobody will hurt you. Anonymous

Disappointment is often not expressed in words, but in actions. Those who have let someone down can turn into a person who is more avoidant of other people.

For them, it is more reassuring themselves. Without being approached or accompanied by anyone, they certainly don’t feel worried about being hurt or betrayed by others.

Words of Disappointment to a Heart that is Hurting

1. About Heartbreak

Heartbreak is a good sign. That means, we’ve tried something. Elizabeth Gilbert; Eat, Pray, Love

Disappointment after being hurt has a different effect on everyone. For the authors of the novels Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert, for example, the disappointment of a broken heart can be a good sign.

At the very least, that means someone has already tried something that has never been lived. What Elizabeth expressed in the above quote also indicates that disappointment does not make it too late in sadness.

2. Until You Don’t Care

Sometimes, you just have to wonder how many times the person you care about has to hurt you before you finally stop caring. Anonymous

The above quote alludes to the too much concern for someone to a loved one. Unfortunately, he was ignored by the person he cared about.

If you’re the kind of person who cares too much, it might not hurt to quit. Perhaps that would be better than ignoring your kindness and hurting yourself in the end.

3. Become a Choice or Priority

Never allow someone to be your priority, whereas you are only an option for him. Mark Twain

In line with the previous quote, what Mark Twain said was also related to caring. It’s just that, according to Mark Twain, caring is at a stage where someone makes the person they love a priority.

It doesn’t matter if you make your loved one a priority. But, also pay attention to whether you are also a priority or not. Because it will be very painful if it turns out that you are just a choice that doesn’t really matter in his eyes.

4. Loyalty Depends on Needs

Some people are not loyal to you. They are loyal to their need for you. As their needs change, their loyalty changes. Anonymous

The words disappointed in the quote above might describe how it feels when your heart is hurting. Perhaps you feel sad and hurt by the fact that many people are unfaithful.

They only approach you when they are in need. They are nice and take advantage of you, then leave when they get what they want.

5. A Broken Heart

I don’t want to break other people’s hearts, but you can’t control it. Heartbreak ensues, and it can’t be helped. Lykke Li

Feelings of disappointment and sadness because of a broken heart cannot be avoided. Couples who love each other and are in an affair have both felt it, even though the pain they experience may be different.

Perhaps a couple initially promised not to want to hurt each other. However, often in every relationship, what is expected does not come true. Like it or not, one of them could be the injured party.

Words of Heartache and Touching Disappointment

1. Pretend not to be hurt

What hurts even more is when you start pretending your heart doesn’t hurt. Anonymous

Those of you who have been disappointed and hurt may be able to understand the meaning of the words listed in the quote above. This expression will make it even more striking if it turns out that you are the type of person who often hides pain behind a sweet smile.

You know, hiding it will only make your heart hurt even more. Therefore, it’s better not to pretend and just vent your feelings. Who knows, by taking it out, your hurt will be lessened.

2. Crying Removes Wounds

Sometimes, crying is all you need to release all the wounds you have in your heart. Anonymous

Disappointed and hurt people usually run out of words to express how they feel. They could only cry because they could no longer bear the wound.

When that happens to you, there is nothing wrong with releasing the wound through tears. After all, you are not alone. There are still many other people out there who also calm themselves down by crying, until their wounds slowly disappear.

3. Who Can Hurt You?

Truth is everyone will hurt you. You just have to find out who deserves it. Bob Marley

The words of Bob Marley that you see in the above quote may have a point. The quote implies that everyone has the potential to hurt and be hurt.

Whoever you are around right now, whether your girlfriend, friend, or family member, maybe they have the greatest potential for harm. For that, as much as possible prepare yourself to accept pain from one of them.

4. An outlet

What I want to do right now is cry and scream, letting it all out because the feeling hurts me inside. Anonymous

Apart from crying, screaming as loud as possible can be an outlet for people whose hearts are hurt. At the very least, that way one could feel a little relieved.

The reason is, sometimes confiding in someone who can be trusted does not necessarily make things better. Crying and screaming can be a solution if the pain can no longer be expressed in words.

5. Talking with tears

Crying is the way your heart speaks when your lips are unable to explain the pain you feel. Anonymous

This one quote may sum up the phrases you have read before. That someone’s crying is an outpouring of his heart that can no longer be conveyed using words.

Every human being has experienced it. There are always times when a human being can no longer bear a burden that is too heavy, especially if it is because of betrayal.

Words of Disappointment at being Lied to

1. Believe in Promises

That’s how a heart breaks, you know. When you believe in promises. Kathleen Glasgow, Girl in Pieces

Are you the type to easily believe promises? If so, the words of disappointment from the novel Girl in Pieces by writer Kathleen Glasgow might represent.

The point of this phrase is, believing a promise allows you to experience heartbreak. If so, no one else can be responsible for healing your disappointment and hurt feelings, but yourself.

2. False Beliefs

You said it was a mistake. But what was most annoying, it all seemed my fault for believing in you. David Levithan

You should always be aware of what other people say. Don’t be easy to believe even if the person is your lover or best friend. No one can guarantee whether what is being said is honest or a lie.

If he lies, he will likely make excuses and not admit it. In fact, because of his lie, you will later feel guilty to yourself for having trusted in him.

3. The Truth Sometimes Hurts

Hurt me with the truth, but never calm me down with lies Anonymous

If asked to choose between hurtful truthfulness or comforting lies, which would you take? This question may be difficult to answer because it seems that no one can hear both.

But according to the quote above, the truth is still better even though it hurts, than having to hear lies. The reason is, hearing lies can make someone stop believing what other people say.

4. Broken Trust

In life, you can easily trust someone. But once that trust is broken, it’s really hard to trust anyone anymore. Sushan Sharma

According to Sushan Sharma, there is nothing wrong if you put your trust in someone. However, remember that your decisions may have negative consequences in the future.

The downsides can happen when someone you really trust lies. If this is the case, you will be more alert and have a hard time trusting anyone again later.

5. Unbelievable People

When someone breaks your trust, don’t feel stupid for believing them. You didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just that, they are people who cannot be trusted. Sonya Parker

Through the quote above, Sonya Parker seems to advise you not to blame yourself for trusting someone. If he is lying in the future, it is absolutely not your fault that you have believed him.

They are the ones who are guilty of not being able to hold on to the trust you have placed. You just have to forget about it and stop trusting the person who broke that trust.

Words of Heartache and Disappointment because of Boyfriends

1. Sick because of you

I lied because I didn’t want you to know how much I hurt. Anonymous

In a love relationship, a person should have once or twice been hurt by his girlfriend. The causes are various, and it may be done accidentally.

At times like that, not everyone expresses it directly to their boyfriends. As a result, they lie to their boyfriends to hide the disappointment and hurt they feel.

2. You Must Remember

One day, you will remember me and how much I love you. Then you will hate yourself for letting go of me. Aubrey Drake Graham

Aubrey Drake Graham’s words above describe the feeling of disappointment and hurt after being abandoned by a boyfriend. If you have or are experiencing it, maybe the quote is able to represent your feelings.

Presumably, when your lover decides to leave, you need to convey such an expression. That phrase confirms that one day, he will regret that he never wasted you.

3. Feasible and unworthy

You hurt me more than I deserve, because I love you more than you deserve. Anonymous

Usually, someone feels hurt the most if they are let down by the closest person in their life, be their boyfriend or friend. Even so, it could be that someone’s hurt feelings arise even if a girlfriend or friend didn’t hurt them on purpose.

Not infrequently, disappointment and heartache arise because of too much hope. It could also be because someone loves too deeply and trusts others too much.

4. About Pain

It’s not about the pain. The problem is who the pain comes from. Drishti Bablani

Not all lies or betrayal leave pain in someone’s heart. Oftentimes, only the betrayal of the closest person is that much more painful.

Had you experienced it, the above words of Drishti Bablani’s disappointment and heartache might represent? That is, what hurts and disappoints the most is knowing who made the wound.

5. Disappointed by loved ones

Nothing hurts more than being let down by someone you thought would never hurt you. Anonymous

Trusting no one may have a silver lining. One of them is to reduce the chances of you being lied to by the people closest to you, be it a lover, friend, or relative.

As mentioned earlier, the closest person has the greatest potential to hurt you. This is because they know you well and know what your weaknesses are.

Words of Disappointment Betrayed by Friends

1. Stop Crying It

Don’t cry for someone who won’t cry for you. Lauren Conrad

It seems that Lauren Conrad’s advice in the above quotation is something you need to ponder. That is, you don’t have to cry over someone who has never cried for you.

This applies to everyone, be it close friends, lovers, or family. Your tears are too precious to waste on someone who doesn’t even feel sad when you are grieving.

2. It’s hard to forgive a friend

It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend. William Blake

Being betrayed is already sick, especially if it’s by your own friends. Perhaps, the pain would be many times more excruciating. Have you ever experienced it?

If so, it would be difficult for you to forgive a betrayal by a friend. Because it is so difficult, William Blake likens that forgiving enemies will be easier.

3. Like Betraying Yourself

When you betrayed others, you also betrayed yourself. Isaac Bashevis Singer

For some people, friends can be seen as part of themselves. Therefore, Isaac Singer argues that betraying a friend is like betraying himself.

So remember, you don’t want to betray your friend. And be calm if your friend betrays you, because deep down he will also feel the pain.

4. Those Laughing Behind You

Just because they pray for you in front of you, doesn’t mean they don’t laugh at your struggles behind your back. Trent Shelton

The experience of being betrayed may make a person more careful with the social environment. The reason is, not everyone who is near him can be trusted.

Hopefully, the words of Trent Shelton above can illustrate this situation. That, those with the sweet mouth in front, may sneer and laugh at the back.

5. Survive or Disappear

If they keep hurting you; love them and stay, or love yourself and go away. Sonya Parker

If you have a friend who hurts you a lot, you have two options. According to Sonya Parker, you can be sincere by staying by their side; or leave them for one’s own good.

Whatever choice you make has consequences. Better, love yourself and leave them than you are constantly being betrayed and hurt.

Meaningful Words of Heartache and Disappointment

After listening to the description above, which words about hurt and disappointment do you think the most meaningful? Presumably, there are several expressions that can represent what you are feeling.

Even if they are not, hopefully, these inspirational words can be of use in the future. Who knows, you might be more careful not to just trust other people, even close friends.

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