38 Trigger Words to Build Female Attraction 💣

38 Trigger Words to Build Female Attraction. Would you believe it if I said that certain trigger words can make women so attracted to you that they start stalking you? Does this sound too cool to be true? But the tricks of marketers work for us. And relationships are the same psychology of attraction.

Therefore, there really are words that can sharpen a girl’s feelings for you faster than usual.

In this guide, you will learn some examples of trigger words for creating and enhancing female attraction. Find out why they work. More importantly, you will learn to find those words that are individual and only work with your girlfriend.

Let’s go.

What are relationship trigger words?

I think you roughly understand what I’m talking about. In our case, the trigger word is an emotionally charged word or expression used to evoke a psychological reaction in a girl by using her imagination.

Such triggers appeal to all types and shades of female emotions. In marketing, trigger words are used to entice a person to perform the desired action – buy, share or subscribe to something, and so on. And our task is to attract attention and awaken female curiosity with intrigue and make them stick to you.

Is it healthy? Let’s figure out what words can be triggers.

What are trigger words for female attraction?

You probably won’t be surprised if I say that there are certain words that sexually confident men use that the average guy tries to shy away from. You yourself have probably already thought about this.

Now you will recognize them. (The entire working list will be just below). These are playful words that will spark sexual thoughts in her head. For example, 9 words with emotional by force of attraction:

  • mischievous
  • Adventuress
  • sensual
  • hot
  • daring
  • insidious
  • dangerous
  • naughty
  • Recalcitrant (in general, the tower blows away from this word – implies your undeniable dominance).

Be sure to use these words without a twinge of conscience. Maintain eye contact while doing this. Add a playful smirk. No downvote. Don’t laugh or back off (don’t move away by taking a step back) to release tension or excitement. Your goal is to create sexual tension.

Sparkle after these words. To heighten the effect, you can simply say this one word, as a statement of fact to any of her tricks. And take a break.

Please note that all these words are a little playful, but they are not rude. I will explain later why this is important.

In the meantime, ask yourself: do you use these words when flirting with girls?

Maybe these words will make you a little nervous before you say them out loud? Did you know that women get turned on by these words?

How to use trigger words to seduce a girl

Screw them into your normal conversations, pausing after them for at least 3 seconds. If these are text SMS, then it is better if this word is the end message. I clearly used this technique when compiling a cool list of affectionate SMS, after which any girl will give you her heart.

The following are the words, but it is not necessary to use them in this form. Modify endings and parts of speech: verb, adjective, noun.

In general, in a cunning way, according to NLP theories, you can insert the words triggers into the text “about nothing”, just in passing. They still work.

For an emotion of trust, something like:
Happy day was today. Rescued a stray cat. Pity them, such undoubtedly“.

For emotions of arousal:
quivering you are like me. I wouldn’t even notice this cat.”

And again I reveal the secret about the secret thoughts of girls about sex

Trigger words convey your boldness, sensitivity, and sexual confidence. If you choose your words boldly while communicating, it shows that you will be confident when it comes to the bedroom. Believe me, this is what most women want.


Girls fantasize about sex just like men do. Just look at the data on the buyers of the series “50 shades of gray” – 90% women, the best-selling and most-read novel of the decade.

The problem is that they are ashamed of society when they openly demonstrate their sexual desires.

This is a real nightmare for women. Many fear that being labeled a “whore” will ruin their reputation. This could potentially hurt your chances of finding a good partner, great friends, a great job, and so on. Therefore, girls hide their fantasies from the general public as carefully as possible.

To truly enjoy sex, obey your wildest desires, and experience org@sms, a girl must be able to accept herself.

In most cases, she can do this if she is afraid that a man will judge her for being too sexy or for her behavior in bed. This is a recipe for amazing sex.

However, your use of words that trigger her arousal shows that you are not shy. You are comfortable with your sexuality and, importantly, you are not going to judge it.

The advantage of trigger words is that they are not rude and show that you understand a woman’s fear of being judged.

You are a man who understands this. So she can trust you.

Trigger words for a girl are part of the foreplay

The foreplay begins from the moment you look into each other’s eyes. After that, you can continue the game with trigger words.

The brain is the largest sex organ in a woman’s body (yes, even when you’re inside her). When flirting with her, you should give her the opportunity to imagine what could be next.


By using trigger words, you are helping her create sexual thoughts in her mind. This will wake her up in minutes during a meeting with you. At the same time, you are not so frank, do not be vulgar, do not be obscene to destroy the riddle.

14 Trigger Words to Start an Emotional Relationship the power of trust and interest creation:

  • soulful
  • live
  • Laugh
  • Happy
  • Health
  • Intensive
  • Massive
  • Breathtaking
  • Luxurious
  • Real
  • Reliable
  • Undoubtedly
  • Authority
  • Loyalty.

On the other hand, if she doesn’t like you, these trigger words are gentle enough not to offend or upset the girl. And don’t make you look too in love.

Exciting word triggers for girls

We have reached the sweetest. By the way, “sweet” is also a trigger word. However, don’t use it in the characterization of a girl, it’s too vulgar. Your task is different – to become alluring and exciting.

Using trigger words demonstrates your courage. It will make you stand out and be more interesting than the average guy.

This (as I wrote above) suggests that you will not have problems with assertiveness in the bedroom either. Most feminine girls love to be submissive in bed and are looking for a man who is not afraid to dominate and lead.

These 15 Emotional Trigger Words force of excitation:

  1. seductively
  2. teasing
  3. Fantasy
  4. quivering
  5. breathtaking
  6. Small
  7. Bold
  8. intriguing
  9. Alluring
  10. Incredible
  11. Bomb
  12. Secret
  13. Passion
  14. Want
  15. Delight.

Use them wisely

Of course, the words you use are only a small part of flirting. Much depends on your gestures, posture, eye contact, and how you speak.

However, the words you use contain the context you want to convey. So consider trigger words as another weapon in your seduction arsenal. 38 Trigger Words to Build Female Attraction.

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