6 stages of a relationship between a man and a woman

6 stages of a relationship between a man and a woman. Nothing in life exists by itself. Similarly, it is impossible for any novel to have no beginning and no continuation. There are a variety of points of view on what stages of the relationship between a man and a woman exist, but many of these opinions intersect. After all, even love at first sight develops gradually and grows into a full-fledged feeling or fades away without a trace. To understand what problems you can expect at each stage and how to solve them quickly and efficiently, you need to understand what period of the relationship you have at the moment.

Search for “victim”

On the one hand, it is quite logical that everyone, one way or another, is trying to find their soul mate. But on the other hand, everyone does this sometimes in a completely different way, as one might imagine. Some people directly get acquainted on the street with the first nice person they meet, others have long correspondence on social networks, and still others are just waiting for “weather from the sea”. No matter what type you are, at this stage you are simply opening up to the world, peering into every face to envision your future.

Girls often in anticipation of a serious romance already imagine themselves as happy brides and wives, but guys do not stand such illusory castles. The problem of this stage is to find the very person with whom it will be comfortable.

gradual recognition

The moment when you just met and literally a week just meet and talk can be attributed to this stage. While you do not yet have a strong feeling, however, you are already beginning to believe that everything can work out. On the one hand, you are interested in studying a new acquaintance, and on the other hand, you are still wary of him or her. It is dangerous here to dream too much and make plans, because they may simply not come true. Without obvious guarantees that your friend is ready for a serious relationship, you cannot be so presumptuous in believing in a miracle. And the nerves will be more whole, and you will not be disappointed so much.

quivering love

This period can be called the most beautiful, as it is often confused with true love. However, it is love that evokes the most beautiful and darkest feelings in a person. Constant excitement, the desire to be near, to get to know each other better, to give each other affection and tenderness – all this excites the blood and makes you literally go crazy. At this stage, lovers tend to idealize the companion, attribute to him those features that are not there, and turn a blind eye to all the shortcomings.

This can be called “blindness of reason”, since in lovers he sleeps soundly. The problem here is that without judgment, you run the risk of being deceived. Rose-colored glasses will disappear, and you will remain in a cruel reality, where next to you is a person who is as far from your ideal as possible.

To properly survive this moment, just try to pay attention more often not only to the positive features of your chosen one, but also to the negative ones. This will help you understand what you can put up with in the future, and what will be irresistibly annoying. For example, a slight distraction and inability to put things in their place can be experienced, and even get rid of this habit, but addiction to strong drinks can become a serious problem. And not only for relationships, but for life in general.

Painful cooling

If we compare falling in love with a volcanic eruption, then this stage can be called its cooling. The partners have already managed to get to know each other better, the candy-bouquet period is over. Many things stop looking cute and start to get a little annoying. You still sympathize with your chosen one and get used to him more and more. This can be expressed in the absence of shyness at certain moments. You have joint jokes, friends, interests, incidents from life. However, now you look at everything from the point of view of practicality and do not gather noisy companies at home until the morning, because then you have to get up early for work, and even clean up after everyone.

The main problem here is to survive the first quarrels that will inevitably begin to appear. To do this, on the contrary, in addition to the minuses of a partner, remember his pluses. This will allow you not to break loose and not say stupid things to each other.

In addition, this period is marked by the most “patient”, because it is here that you get used to and become closer. At this stage, many begin to live together, share life and learn how to manage a joint budget. If you cope with all this, you will be able to “live” until this moment, then the next stages of the relationship between a man and a woman will open to you.

Completely addictive

This stage can be called the calm after the storm. The main crises are over, you are no longer offended by trifles and do not get angry because of missed calls. It is easy for you to not only do something together, but also just to be silent. Here comes the test of your internal compatibility, because there is a certain percentage of couples that break up even after crises. All because they simply burned out, leaving no warmth for their soul mate. If you feel happy and everything suits you, then you really suit each other and are able to keep your feelings, no matter what.

True love

The most important stage, which not all men and women reach, is love.

It would seem that the relationship itself should always be built on love and devotion, but the real feeling comes much later. This is the very quintessence of your positive attitude towards your partner. Care, understanding, tenderness, kindness, sympathy – all this makes up the best cocktail that all people call love. At this stage, you no longer have any problems in terms of romantic relationships. You no longer care what other people say or how they treat you. Only one thing is important – the presence of a loved one nearby. Now you are able to feel his feelings with your heart and sincerely support him.

Undoubtedly, every young couple is sure that their feelings will never fade away. However, the statistics are inexorable – there are fewer and fewer people who remain with each other until the end of their days. This sad fact is also confirmed by the divorce statistics, which become more and more depressing every year. Some prefer not to tie the knot of legal marriage, but this is not a panacea for parting, which threatens all people in love who let their relationship drift.

These stages of a relationship between a man and a woman are the main moments that every couple experiences. They are not tied to life events, such as a wedding, the birth of a child, and more. Because people can get married both at the stage of falling in love and at the stage of addiction. And only a few succeed in getting to the true feeling.

All that can be said in this case is to show more attention to your soul mate, learn to hear and listen, and also stock up on a lot of patience. After all, without it, you will not succeed, no matter how hard you try to portray happiness in your relationship. But if you can overcome, then your reward will be a close and dear person who will never betray and will be there no matter what.

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