70 Sad Phrases of Love [Updated messages 2022]

If you have arrived at this place, it is because you are not going through the best of times and you need comfort, even if it is a simple phrase said at the right moment.

For you, then, this article is made, so that you can vent your sorrows with the sad phrases of love that you choose.

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Love is the most wonderful feeling that exists, but it can also be the most painful.

Not all relationships turn out to be the love story depicted in movies and fairy tales, and sometimes we need emotional relief, even if it’s just a brief message.

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These sad phrases of love will serve you, whether you are suffering from a breakup that was almost inevitable, because your love ended at a time when you did not expect it or because your feeling is not reciprocated by that boy you like so much.

The reason does not matter, they are all very painful fatalities that occur and there is no way to avoid them for the most part.

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The sad phrases of love, heartbreak, and sadness can help you express what you feel if you can’t find the right words.

Search within yourself and select the one that best suits the pain you are feeling.

Do not be afraid to vent by saying that you suffer with one of the sad phrases of love.

Every emotion, however painful it may be, must be expressed in order to overcome it and move forward in life.



Here I leave you this selection of sad love phrases for you to choose from and help you overcome that pain you now feel.

It is my hope that you can find comfort through the help that these words can bring you.

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You will surely gain security at that moment when you can collapse!


  • You left and the questions for which only you have the answer are piling up.
  • Your love is over, now it’s my turn to get rid of what I feel for you; So, so easy, as if it were something that can be thrown in the trash and forgotten.
  • You ask me to forget you, to erase you forever, to rip you out of my mind: do you think it’s that easy?
  • How do I erase from my heart the past we had together? How do I explain to him that there is no longer a present nor will there be a future for an “us”?
  • When pride entered, the love we had for each other gradually faded away.
  • Love is the cruelest creature that exists: it won’t let me forget you.
  • What paradoxes life and love bring!: yesterday you and I were just one, tomorrow we are already two strangers.
  • Love doesn’t just end with saying goodbye and parting ways.
  • The tears shed put out the fire of our passion.


  • We are no longer the same, those of before, we no longer love each other as we did yesterday.
  • Being apart does not mean forgetting each other or thinking that everything we have lived together can be erased.
  • This goodbye without words was not wanted by either of them, but there are things that happen no matter how much one wants it to be different.
  • You leave, and with you the kisses that I have never given you, the caresses that I have not yet invented for you, our future together.
  • If I made your eyes, your hands, your dreams, your joy and sadness, your hopes… if I made your whole life mine, what will I keep if you leave?
  • Although we are no longer together, you do not leave me, you continue to live in my heart and in the love that I still have for you.
  • I didn’t realize when or how it happened, but the love we felt before is over.
  • Loving you is stupid if I can only do it in memory, but I can’t help it.
  • Perhaps one day we will see each other again, but we will no longer be the same, everything will have changed and it will never be the same as yesterday.
  • Just when I was beginning to realize how much I love you, you decide to leave.
  • Now that I don’t have you is when you are most present, when I remember you the most, even though I want with all my might to forget you.
  • Over and over again I ask myself endlessly: why can’t I forget him if he no longer loves me? Why do I still love him?
  • I would like to keep everything that we live together, everything that we love, all our memories in a secret, safe, hidden place, so that even if time passes, it remains there untouched, in case one day you pick up right where we left off.



  • My life was all optimism when you were in it, now I don’t believe in tomorrow, I live day to day hoping that something will rescue me from this tedium and suffering in which you left me.
  • I carry you with me like a tattoo in my heart, I will never be able to forget you even if we have parted ways and our lives take different paths.
  • Love left us and we didn’t know when.
  • Although we are done, our history cannot be easily erased, it will always remain in our memories and in our hearts.
  • Sometimes there is no other way than to accept that it didn’t work, even if it hurts our soul.
  • I have a hundred reasons not to love you more, a thousand reasons to forget you, a million whys to even hate you, but if I do accounts with so many things, I lose all the time.
  • If you leave, don’t leave me your memory in every corner, in every space, in every detail of my life: if you leave, take all the memory I have of you, of us.
  • You erased our love and our history as if they were written in the sand and not in our hearts.
  • What do I do with so much fear of the future in which you will no longer be, in which we will not be together?
  • Loving you is not really the problem, but confessing it to you and that you feel the same for me.
  • How to explain that I feel so many things for someone I don’t even know, with whom I’ve never spoken, and who doesn’t know I exist? How to suffer for something impossible that has come out of nowhere, for no apparent reason, but that we cannot stop?

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  • Since that day you said goodbye to me, I am like a ship adrift in the middle of the sea, without a captain or a fixed course.
  • My life without you is as absurd as an empty beach in the middle of summer.
  • Why did your love go without warning, why did it go without me?
  • I have half of this love leftover, all the part that I have to give you, and I don’t know what to do with it.
  • Although you are no longer with me I find you everywhere, how can I forget you then?
  • To live is not to exist, it is to love and be loved, that is why, more than life, what I suffer is a paused death until love arrives.
  • I don’t know how much I lost, but it is possible that you have lost more than me by leaving me.
  • Confessing that you love can be the most difficult thing to do in life, confessing and not having the slightest certainty of what can happen, of what the other person feels.
  • Where do I put so many kisses that I have accumulated to give you, if you no longer want them?
  • You left and I want to escape from your memory, from the life we ​​had together, from the love that still hurts in my heart, from myself.
  • Together with your pride you played to win the game against me without knowing that I had already lost everything.
  • I no longer want to travel new paths if you are not by my side to discover them together.
  • Who will take care of you, who will pamper you and caress you, who will watch over your sleep and your happiness! Who will love you like me?


  • Life is crying as it passes by my side, it is as if it would never stop raining in my soul and my heart, although the tears are not perceptible in my eyes.
  • Without explanation, without reason; without horns or scandal; without lies or deceit; without saying anything at all, without reproach or criticism; without saved suffering, without apparent flaws, without earthquakes or major disasters: love left us, never to return.
  • Happiness and suffering are branches of the same tree: love.
  • I die in life every time I see him and I know I can’t run to kiss him, hug him, tell from the rooftops how much I love him since the day I met him.
  • You don’t really know what pain is, what suffering is, until you truly love.
  • I don’t want to see the sunrise anymore, I don’t want the sunlight to remind me of your smile and your warmth.
  • Even if you don’t want to listen to me anymore, even if you don’t want to know more about me, even if you pretend not to remember and not care about what we lived together, you should know one thing: I will never forget you.
  • I feel you everywhere: in the air I breathe, in the light that warms my face, in the space where you are no longer, if you left my side why didn’t you take your memory with you at once?
  • It is possible to live without you without making greater efforts: waking up, walking, eating, breathing, all of this is really possible to do even if you are no longer with me, the really difficult thing is to make it not hurt as infinitely it hurts every second without you.



  • Like a cold water bath in the middle of winter, the words I thought I would never hear from your mouth sounded: sharp, hurtful, tearing to the core: It’s over!
  • Your memory floats everywhere, along with the smell of your perfume, your words, the kisses you didn’t give me, the caresses that didn’t arrive on time, the explanations I never asked for and didn’t materialize, and the love that remained: what do I do with all that?
  • The true suffering, the most real, is for love.
  • When love is reciprocated, one lives floating in paradise, when only one of the two is the one who loves, one remains constantly in hell.
  • Seeing you walk hand in hand with another, seeing you smile at her side, seeing you kiss her proud of the love they have for each other, seeing you create a future with her… all of that means dying for me, because I can’t have you.


  • How sad that you are disappointed by that person you thought was different.
  • There are attitudes that hurt, things that confuse, and pride that distance.
  • I had never understood the importance of punctuality until I was late in your life.
  • The night is long when you love, when you remember, and when you miss someone.
  • There are attitudes that separate more than distance.
  • If you love someone, avoid filling their eyes with tears, their ears with lies, and their heart with wounds.
  • The day you understand that I was not the same as the rest, you will already be one of the bunch for me.
  • And what do you do when the knot is in the soul and not in the throat?
  • There are people who don’t want to lose you, but they don’t know how to take care of you either.
  • My world was falling apart, but still, I smiled for you.
  • Time definitely answers your questions or makes you no longer care about the answers.
  • I would have asked you to stay, but that is not asked.
  • Don’t make me feel yes, when no.
  • Valuing yourself is understanding that if they are going to love you at times, it is better that they do not love you.
  • Trust is earned in a thousand acts, and lost in one.
  • Everyone takes care of what interests them and neglects what hinders them.
  • Without grudges, but with memory.
  • Hiding the wound doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.
  • You didn’t have time for me until the day I stopped having time for you.
  • The first opportunity is given, the second is won and the third does not exist.


  • And so we began to forget, until we became strangers with many memories in common.
  • If fate wants to bring us together, it will. In the meantime, take care of yourself and be happy.
  • You forced me not to feel anything for you, to mutilate each of the feelings that were for you. You forced me to see you as you were and I don’t know whether to cry or thank you.
  • I have an “I miss you” at the tips of my fingers that I am not going to write to you for fear that you will not have a “me too”.
  • If someone learns to say goodbye to the person they love most in the world, they will be able to endure everything in life.
  • The rain falls because the cloud can no longer support the weight. Tears fall because the heart can no longer bear the pain.
  • Nothing more chaotic than finding the poison, the antidote, the wound, and the thorn in the same person.
  • Do you know what was the worst? That she didn’t fight for me, she just let me go like anyone else, even though she said it was what he loved most in her life.
  • I hope that at night you think of me, at least for a second before sleeping; It’s kind of silly, after all, I’m still waiting for your heart to beat just for me.



  • I feel like I’m waiting for something that isn’t going to happen.
  • How to stop wanting what you started wanting without wanting.
  • If it hurts, it’s because what you felt was real.
  • “He said nothing; she understood everything.”
  • You touched the best version of me and you didn’t realize it.
  • You are the goodbye that I will never know how to say.
  • Sometimes we are good to the wrong people.
  • I don’t know what I’m more afraid of, seeing you again or not seeing you again.
  • In my dreams you are mine; but, in my life you are a dream.

If one of these sad phrases of love has helped you, even if it was something, it was already worth reading.

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Remember, not all heartbreak and suffering you may be feeling right now are final.

The rule is that things change for the better, and you are no exception.

Give time to time and you will see that everything returns to normal.

Take it as if it were the beginning of a new and different stage in your life, in which self-improvement, above pain, will set the standard to follow to strengthen you.

And if you want a little more strength, consult the articles How to be more attractive and A nail does take out another nail? so that you dare, once and for all, to go out safely to the wonderful life that, without a doubt, will love you. waiting.

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