How to meet a girl on the Internet? 11 tips

How to meet a girl on the Internet? 11 tips. How to meet a girl on the Internet? Every second guy at least once asked this question, because online dating is a really convenient way to find a mate. Correspondence allows you to think about answers, reduces search time, and has many other advantages. However, despite all the advantages, this alternative has its drawbacks. Where exactly to look for a girlfriend? How to start a conversation with her? And is it possible to figure out the perfect moment to ask her out on a real date?

1. Social networks.

Great place to find your perfect match. But how exactly to navigate in Facebook or VK, for example? There are several specific ways:

  • go to dating groups (many are tailored for a specific city);
  • find profiles by search using filters and sorting;
  • join communities of interest and study the accounts of subscribers.

However, you will have to be careful and attentive – there are a lot of scammers or impostors on social networks. Personal information sometimes turns out to be distorted or consists almost entirely of lies. Although, as a rule, this is not difficult to calculate.

  • Sometimes girls give out photos of famous actresses, athletes or singers as their own. The background, other celebrities, the location, or very expensive items may be talking about it.
  • A large number of erotic photographs (by the way, also strangers) most often indicates that the owner of the profile is not one of the most honest persons.
  • Dozens of photos or a hundred posts added in one day are suspicious.
  • The absence of photos where the face could be seen, dubious offers, as well as posts about sales or work indicate that the girl registered here is clearly not for romantic acquaintances.

It is also important to check the marital status column. The inscriptions “single”, “married”, “in a relationship”, “actively searching” and similar ones do not raise questions. But the statuses “everything is complicated” and “not married” may indicate that the young lady has a partner, but is not averse to having an affair for selfish purposes.

In all other respects, social networks are a good way to chat before a real meeting. With their help, you can choose an interlocutor according to interests and taste, get to know her a little even before the first date through correspondence and studying her profile.

2. Dating sites.

If users of social networks do not always want to get acquainted, then visitors to dating sites are clearly not there by chance. The main thing is to check the activity of the account so as not to get on the old abandoned profile.

To increase the chances of pleasant communication, it is advisable to immediately take care of correctly filling out your questionnaire. For this it is better:

  • choose a photo that would show the appearance well (ideally with a friendly smile), would not contain other people or something compromising;
  • indicate age, city, circle of interests, real name. So those who view the profile will also have the opportunity to understand the compatibility and even write first;
  • define your goals and not hide them – a one-night stand, friendship, a short romance, a serious relationship, etc.

It will not be superfluous to take care of your own literacy. Women, as a rule, easily forgive small blots in spelling. But blunders strongly push them away or make them not take the guy seriously.

The level of consent of candidates to go on a real date on dating sites is higher than in social networks. But profiles with highly processed photos are more often found here. In addition, some of the most convenient features and benefits (for example, PRO status) require one-time monetary contributions or a paid subscription.

3. Thematic forums.

Chats with similar interests help you find like-minded people. Here you can find a true soul mate. But there are four potential problems:

  1. a large distance between the interlocutors (there are not so many online chats created for specific cities);
  2. marital status (although free people communicate more often on such sites, the risk of falling for a married woman is significant);
  3. unwillingness or unwillingness to see in reality;
  4. a small amount of information: photos are rare, names are most often replaced by nicknames, even gender is not always clear.

Despite this, thematic forums play a big role in making new acquaintances. They simply serve as the initial link in communication. In most cases, the interlocutors start a conversation in a chat, and then exchange contacts on social networks or instant messengers. And although many of these sites block links or phone numbers, there are several ways to get around these bans:

  • indicate only the name of social networks and their nicknames in them;
  • write numbers in letters or emoji (there are numbers);
  • attach a photo, video or audio with contacts;
  • write with typos – interfere with numbers / letters / symbols / spaces;
  • send everything in parts, omitting the country/city code or HTTPS.

Here’s another paradox: the anonymity of users allows them to be sincere in their thoughts. Unafraid of being exposed, they express their point of view more freely and are more willing to describe interests. So, if you want to find a more sincere companion, such online chats are ideal for this.

How to meet a girl on the Internet? 11 tips

4. Video chats.

Usually, those who have already managed to communicate through correspondence for some time come to video communication. It is like an intermediate stage between the initial Internet acquaintance and a real meeting. Moreover, this is a convenient option for residents of different cities or even countries.

But what if you use video chats not as an intermediate link, but as the initial stage of dating? Why not try?

Yes, it can be more exciting than simple correspondence, but at the same time, this method allows you to:

  • consider the appearance of the interlocutor, hear her real voice;
  • reduce typing time by communicating in real-time;
  • see her surroundings (it often speaks of character, habits);
  • notice her real emotions, attitude towards a new acquaintance;
  • win her heart with push-ups, a wink, or singing a song.

Of course, in video chats sometimes there are not the most adequate shots, shining with their genitals. But you can always show a thumbs up, raising the pervert’s self-esteem, and then click on the “Next Chat” button. In general, a humorous approach to help.

Here you can also run into a ban on exchanging links or numbers, but in the “Thematic forums” section there is an answer on how to get around this.

5. Mobile applications.

The most portable and convenient way to meet a girl, especially for those who are constantly on the go and rarely enjoy free minutes. This is perhaps the most versatile option for almost everyone. The only serious disadvantage is the frequent need to issue paid services for better communication and search for candidates.

Mobile applications combine three advantages of the previous alternatives:

  • extensive search filters, sorting;
  • open profiles with personal data;
  • often – the possibility of video communication.

Moreover, by giving the mobile application access to your geolocation, you can search for girls who are somewhere nearby. Of course, such a function is more relevant for large cities with an appropriate population, where they use such applications more often and everyone is not familiar with each other.

Equally important, in such applications you can immediately indicate your contacts – from Instagram accounts to landline numbers. Naturally, at the request of the user, information becomes hidden for everyone or for those who are not “friends”. And unpleasant or obsessive fans are easy enough to block.

Take a self-assessment test

Even if in reality the phrase “Let’s get acquainted” or the more timid question “Can I get to know you?” do not have much effect, let alone correspondence. The logical conclusion suggests itself: in order to successfully start a conversation, it is better to come up with an unusual, but not too pretentious first sentence.

However, the starting line is not the only thing to worry about. There are several actions that it is desirable to do even before the actual communication.

6. Check your profile.

Even if this is an anonymous chat, where the entire amount of personal information includes only the creation of a nickname, it is still better to get confused about this. Because girls who are looking for dating, especially serious relationships, do not go for guys with nicknames “hot macho”, “ghbdtn”, “gu0ma4noi5d” or “kastantin”.

Spelling errors, obscene language, outright vulgarity, sexism or aggression are just as repulsive. Therefore, checking your account for such errors will clearly be a useful solution.

7. Familiarize yourself with the resource.

To have access to all the advantages of the site, it is better to familiarize yourself with its functionality in advance. For example, it would be good to deal with:

  • search function and its filters, sortings;
  • the ability to attach files to messages;
  • the presence of prohibitions, restrictions, rules, and a ban;
  • advantages of paid functions, features of free ones;
  • emoji (smilies) and gifs (animation).

Almost all sites have sections like “Rules of use”, “FAQ” or brief instructions for using the site. They will help those who came to the link for the first time or want to delve into the study of all the characteristics. And experienced PC and Internet users can usually easily cope even without them.

8. Understand your own goals and expectations.

There is nothing terrible about one-night stands, as long as the seeker’s intentions are clear and open to all users. It makes no sense to write to girls who clearly claim to be in a long-term relationship if the goal is to sleep with them once. As a result – no sex and scandal with blocking (ban).

And vice versa: do you want romance, family, something serious and reliable? Then playing a lustful stallion out of yourself is far from the best idea. To attract a woman who is looking for a potential husband, it is enough to show her your desire to find a future spouse. In general, the scheme of actions is as follows:

  1. understand your true desires, sympathies;
  2. determine which female type is most suitable;
  3. to speak honestly about the goals, then the expectations will be justified.

How to meet a girl on the Internet? 11 tips

9. Narrow your circle of acquaintances.

A typical mistake of many who visit the same dating sites is to write to everyone in a row. Firstly, such a decision betrays the despair and promiscuity of a man. Secondly, there is a risk of failing miserably, churning out the same template messages to different girls.

It is much better to choose just a couple of profiles, writing first to one lady who liked the most. If she answers and a pleasant conversation begins, then you won’t have to get acquainted with the rest. If not, then you can move up the list, but gradually, communicating with a maximum of two users at the same time.

10. First phrase.

If all the previous points are completed, it’s time to move on to the most important part of the practice – writing the first phrase. It is better that it is not the most standard and expresses respect. You can use information from the profile (applications, dating sites) or the girl’s phrases (chats, personal posts on social networks). A few examples:

  • “Hey. I noticed that you and I have similar musical tastes. How about swapping a few tracks?”.
  • “I have been following your page for a while now. Do you really write poetry? Where can you read them?
  • “I support your opinion on this issue. What do you think of…?”.
  • “I have never seen so many interesting (or funny) posts from anyone. I really wanted to write and chat. ”

Compliments to a girl will interest her, but it is better that they be unobtrusive, without pathos, and supported by arguments.

11. When and how to make an appointment.

It all depends on the character of the girl. This is a task for attentive guys. Because one will be ready to go to a meeting the very next day, as long correspondence tires her. The other will be shy, prefer to first get to know each other, and then just see each other.

But how do you know for sure when it’s best to start dating?

  • Extrovert girls who have a lot of friends, photos, jokes on the “wall”, as a rule, want to see each other as soon as possible.
  • If a girl replies with long messages, she will most likely prefer to chat longer on the Internet.
  • Hints about the meeting can be phrases about movie premieres, good weather, boredom, free time.
  • If, when trying to find out the number, go into a video chat or see each other, the girl answers for a long time, does not read the message, or immediately becomes offline, the time has not yet come.

The very proposal for a meeting may sound as if by the way: “ I just noticed that the lilac blossomed outside the window. Shall we go and admire it together?”. Or he can talk about desire: “ The more I get to know you, the more I want to meet. Seriously, let’s go somewhere, I really want to see you. The main thing is that this replica does not have excessive pressure and does not become the last one in case of failure.

How to meet a girl on the Internet? Just read this article. But to succeed in this business, it takes practice. It is unlikely that you will be able to communicate with an attractive stranger if you are constantly afraid of her refusal or ignoring. Decisiveness in dating is irreplaceable. And it will have to be found not on the Internet, but in reality.

How to meet a girl on the Internet? 11 tips.

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