What is a Serious Relationship? 7 Ideas how to build them

What is a Serious Relationship? 7 Ideas how to build them. Sooner or later, there comes a moment when we feel ready for a serious relationship. I want to take care of someone, plan the future together, know that there is someone to rely on. But how to build such relationships, and what are their signs? How to understand that the pair is moving in the right direction? And are all partners suitable for such a course? You will find the answers by reading the article.

What is a serious relationship?

Serious relationships are relationships built on mutual understanding, mutual desire to develop and continue them. The definition sounds abstract because each person puts their own experience into the definition. For some, sǝx is already a sign of a serious relationship, while for others, intimacy is not an indicator at all.

However, the most common signs are:

  • Acquaintance with relatives, friends of each other;
  • A high level of trust, which is manifested in the discussion of important personal issues;
  • Confidence that the partner will support during an illness or other difficult situation;
  • Willingness to sacrifice one’s time, effort, or means;
  • Building joint plans;
  • The habit of consulting and reckoning with the opinion of the second half;
  • Both sides have no “fallbacks”.

What is a serious relationship between a guy and a girl? These are relationships that inspire, give stability, develop, fill. Whatever the conventions of the relationship are not overgrown, but they can be called serious only if the foundation is love, the desire to give and care.

frivolous relationship, on the contrary, inspire uncertainty, devastate or simply remain in the neutral zone. They have the following features:

  • Partners have scanty knowledge about each other’s past and personality as a whole: how childhood went, who was the first love, and so on;
  • For help, they turn primarily to friends or relatives;
  • There is embarrassment, fear of looking ridiculous;
  • I want to constantly ask for advice on how to behave, what to answer.

What is a Serious Relationship? 7 Ideas how to build them.

How to build a serious relationship?

1. Choose a partner.

No matter how sad it may sound, it is not possible to build a serious relationship with everyone. Someone may not be ready for them now or ready, but not with you. Here are the qualities inherent in partners who are ready for such a relationship:

  • Willingness to take responsibility and become a parent if this happens;
  • Responsiveness;
  • Attentiveness;
  • Listening skills.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your outlook on life. Naturally, the question: “Are you ready to marry me in a year” will sound out of place on the first date. On the second one too. But the topic of how a person sees the future, what he aspires to, what type of relationship is close to him, is still worth asking.

2. Stay in reality.

There won’t be enough rich princes on a white horse for everyone. And why is it needed? After all, the requirements of princes for their chosen ones are quite high: they need a hostess, a model with honors, and a priestess of love … To find “your” person, you need to forgive yourself for imperfection, accept yourself, and then approach a potential partner with the same position.

3. Be positive.

It rarely happens that a serious relationship can be built the first time. But if you immediately set yourself up that mistakes and an unsuccessful acquaintance are also an experience, albeit not the most pleasant one, then you can avoid “obsession”, live “here and now”, enjoying what is happening. The fear that nothing will work out only leads to a dead end.

4. Don’t rush things.

Even if the partner is potentially ready for a wedding and children, you should not immediately choose a name for a joint child. It is also better not to rush to rent joint housing. In this situation, the saying is appropriate: “quieter you go – you will continue.”

First, you need to lay a solid foundation, get to know each other better, make sure that it is with this person that you are ready to share time, life, finances, and life in general.

Everything should be gradual. You can “jump” one of the stages, it will still overtake, and, most likely, not in time.

5. Relinquish control.

Partners do not like it when their every step is controlled. By limiting the freedom of another, we create a vicious circle. In this circle there is no place for common sense, a new round of development may never begin. Therefore, you should not control the situation as a whole. It doesn’t work out – so be it.

6. Avoid routine.

The paradox is that in order for a relationship to become serious, they need a frivolous approach. That is, a non-aggressive attitude with attitudes like: “You wash the dishes, and I take out the trash. And we also urgently need to choose a new sofa. Of course, everyday life issues are very important, but it is better to discuss the upcoming trip or a movie watched together. When there is no routine (and we most often create it ourselves), then the issues of everyday life are resolved on their own.

7. Beware of danger!

It is important not to confuse serious relationships with codependents. People in the latter often say: “I can’t live without you” and manipulate. A healthy alliance lies in the development of partners separately. When everyone lives their own life, and does not dissolve into the life of another. Then two separate personalities create a lasting union.

What is a Serious Relationship? 7 Ideas how to build them.

Top 5 men with whom it is better not to start.

No matter how hard a woman tries to build a serious relationship, she must understand that not everything depends on her. There are men who are not ready for this, at least not yet.

1. Macho.

A closer look, perfume with pheromones, a characteristic gait. He is generous with treats and compliments. The only drawback is that he needs a girl for one night. Or for a month, but then two.

2. Prince.

He is romantic and generous. He considers it his duty to patronize and take care of a woman. But it is too likely that over time such a man will turn into a jealous and despot.

3. Simpleton.

Such a man is not ready to become a wall and take the place of a protector, because he himself is looking for such a wall. He is well-mannered and sympathetic, and will most likely want to create a mother-son relationship.

4. Free guy.

He is not used to reporting what he will do in the evening, and tomorrow, and in general. Communication with such a guy is full of adventures and bright moments. But he leaves first. Ego comes first.

5. Chief.

He doesn’t have to be in a leadership position, but work will always come first. If he calls colleagues even in bed, then the relationship with the “boss” is definitely not a priority.

If it’s time to build a serious relationship, consider whether the right person to find next to you. If you are sure that yes, follow our advice, gain experience, avoid pitfalls and be happy.

What is a Serious Relationship? 7 Ideas how to build them.

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