How to be More Attractive to Men: 11 Tips

How to be More Attractive to Men: 11 Tips! If you want to know how to be more attractive and learn how to attract that special someone, you have come to the right place!

Here, you will learn 10 secrets to increase your self-confidence and make yourself more charming in the eyes of that boy you like.

At school, work, or where you live, it’s important to draw attention, in a positive way, to those around you. Enough of them not knowing your name or who you are.

Leave your mark, not go unnoticed, that’s what you will achieve if you practice and apply these 10 simple tips to be a more attractive and confident woman!

11 tips to have more confidence in yourself

The first thing that has to happen to attract others is to see yourself as an attractive person.

If you want the world to love you, you have to learn to love yourself.

The boy you like cannot see your qualities if you only highlight your flaws.

You cannot be recruited for a position in a job interview if, beforehand, you believe that it will not happen, that you will be rejected, that you are not the right person.

Next, I share 10 tips that will help you know how to be more attractive and confident.

All this without the need to resort to surgeries or psychological therapy sessions: you and only you can help yourself to be a seductress.

Tip #1: Love yourself: mirror exercise

Confidence in yourself will make you more attractive

You need to learn to raise your self-esteem and learn how to be more attractive.

For this, you must love yourself; yes, love you, take care of you, pamper you and tell you nice things.

Of course, right now it may seem absurd to you. Surely you think, “but if I do love myself”.

The question is, is this totally true? How much do you show it?

It may be difficult for you if you think about it that way, but with the help of a small exercise, you will see how easy it is to understand.

This simple activity that I propose to you below is very important and I recommend that you practice it often.

Not only is it essential that you want things around you to come out and look good, but you also have to feel good about yourself.

Therefore, be careful what you say to yourself!

If you think all the time that you are too tall or short, skinny or fat if you put yourself down all the time, you will not make anyone appreciate you.

How to have more confidence?

If you are all the time thinking and repeating to yourself how unattractive you are, you are going the opposite way towards achieving how to be more attractive, more seductive, attractive.

What you will achieve will be to further undermine your self-esteem.

So how to be more confident? Simple, follow the steps below!

Steps to quickly build trust

  • At the beginning of your day, when you wake up, before you leave the house, or any time you need to, stand in front of a mirror, no matter the size.
  • Look straight into your eyes, at your face, and tell the one you see reflected: “you are an attractive woman”, “you are a capable woman”, “I trust you”, “I LOVE YOU”… and smile, even if you don’t feel like it, give yourself a smile

Does it work? Take the test, love yourself for a few days and you will see how you face life differently.

Also, read the article ” Feminine seduction strategies “, it will surely be of great help to recover or strengthen your seductive side and start a safe and accurate path towards conquest.

Tip #2: How to be more attractive

Cancel negative thoughts and welcome positive thoughts!

If every time you are going to do something you think “negative”, then it is most likely that it will happen as you are thinking and not as you really want things to happen.

If, for example, when walking through a place you see the person you like and say “he is not going to notice me”, it is very possible that this will happen.

If you want to start a relationship with that special guy who already has your number and you think “he’s not going to call me” all the time, it will surely be so.

Or if you go to a job interview or to school and say, before you get there, “they won’t accept me”, “I don’t fit in”, then it would be natural for that to happen.

Tip #3: The power of thoughts

Thoughts are a very powerful tool that sometimes we don’t know how to use or we aren’t even aware that we can.

And how to do it? How to use your thoughts in your favor? It is simple!

The first thing you have to do is say NO!!  to all that string of negative ideas that go through your mind constantly.

Every thought contrary to your person contributes to negative things coming to you.

Yes, because if you constantly repeat something like “it’s not going to work out for me”, “I’m not good at this or that” or “I’m not attractive to him”, then what happens is that you end up believing it.

To expand further on the topic of the power of thoughts, I invite you to address the text published by, it will surely interest you!

My recommendation…

Apply the following: every time one of these nefarious and destructive thoughts appears in your head, tell them a severe and resounding NO!! , and cancel them immediately.

Instead, put the ideas that best benefit you, have positive, happy thoughts and images.

Say then “everything is going to be fine”, “I trust my attractiveness and personal charisma”, “they will be interested in me”, “today will be a great day for me”.

Only then will you know how to make him see you as the most special woman in the world and, in addition, you will reflect the best version of yourself to those around you.

At first it will cost you some work, because the negative ideas will come back again and again.

But you will achieve it if you eliminate them from your mind with something as simple as raising your self-esteem with positive phrases towards yourself.

Tip #4: Objective mindset: look for what looks good on you

Attractive women love each other and live fully

Fashion is fascinating, and that’s what it’s for, so that everyone wants to wear what the models wear.

That which will make them feel precious, radiant, sensual, like one of them.

But, beware! Not everything that looks perfect on a catwalk professional is going to look that way on all of them.

How to be more attractive if fashionable clothes do not suit you? The solution is to have an objective mindset.

Think, without extra suffering, what suits you, what looks with you. Do not be obstinate in something that you want to use because they all have it.

Get advice, there are fashions and modes for every woman.

There are different ways to dress if you are shorter, chubby, or older than a model.

Remember that they are professionals who live to show off the shows, and most girls are not willing to even go through a diet for more than a week, right?

Try on clothes, shoes and accessories, and ask for advice, if possible from experts.

To expand this point further, read the article on


The most important thing is to feel comfortable with what you wear and sure of yourself.

Do not make the mistake of copying postures just because they are fashionable, you can have more than one problem if the tight skirt breaks or the high heel makes you fall.

Another extra tip: always rehearse at home first.

By having an objective mindset, you will be able to figure out what real men want in a woman and be the girl any gentleman would love to share his life with.

Tip #5: Count defects and virtues: keys to know how to be more attractive

If you continue with that objective mindset, you will be able to apply it to other aspects of your life.

To gain confidence and raise your self-esteem, there is nothing better than being aware of what you have and what you lack.

Find paper and pencil and draw a table with two columns.

Put a positive sign (+) on one of them and a negative sign (-) on the other. Now to complete the table. How? Well, there you will put everything you can think of.

They can be virtues or defects of your personality, but also things that you do not like or that, because of him, you love.

You even try activities in which you are not good and others in which you are almost an expert.

Start with the negative column, but you have one condition to fulfill: immediately fill in the other one.

If you put something like “I have pointy ears” in the (-) column, you immediately have to write in the other.

be honest with yourself

Push away depression if it’s about filling the negative side, it’s not about suffering… and push modesty far away if you’re going to talk about your qualities.

Get high up!

You will be surprised by the results, above all, because you surely think that you will have more things to put in the negative column.

What it is about is that you are aware of your personal attractiveness, of the good things you have, and not just the bad ones.

Once you are able to objectively recognize your strengths and weaknesses, you will have all the tools to know how to train a man to adore you.

How to be more attractive depends solely and exclusively on you and your personal perception.

Reinvent the concept you have about yourself and no one will be able to resist your charms!

Tip #6: Think more about yourself and less about what others think

It’s all about you. All change begins with you.

If you want to know how to be more attractive, you must be aware of achieving that attractiveness, but, above all, of feeling it.

What’s the use of dressing up like a princess if you’re going to believe that others will be thinking otherwise?

What is the use of showing off the new skirt if you are only going to be aware that others notice it?

Enjoy yourself!

Buy something new because you like it and because you are worth it, not because someone else is going to see it.

That you have new lingerie but you don’t have a boyfriend?

And who cares, use it and feel good about it, be sexy for yourself, anyway if they almost never notice those details when they have the opportunity to see them.

Walk down the street as if no one was aware of your existence, believe me, more than one will notice you.

Enter the office and do not be overwhelmed with the possibility of some whispering, if they talk about you, it is because they care about you.

Don’t think about what they will say

Be free not to wonder what other people are thinking, because it’s just an exhausting effort that will get you nowhere.

Also, how do you know for sure what someone else is thinking?

You do not solve anything with suffering: if he is thinking or talking about you, thank him for dedicating part of his day to you.

 Tip #7: Practice some exercise, keep your mind busy

Feel good inside and out, only then will you reflect it to others

Is it hard for you to feel good about yourself? Do you find it very difficult to get out of your own negative thoughts?

Well, here you have another basic recommendation that will help you, for sure.

The mind needs to be busy, creating ideas all the time.

If you don’t give her tasks, she alone produces thoughts that, sometimes, the only thing they do is disadvantage you.

If you are depressed all the time, thinking about the negative things about yourself or about what is not going well for you, then get out of that vicious circle!

Get up, practice some exercise and you will begin to understand how to be more attractive, by feeling and looking better.

Move on!

There are thousands of modalities to choose from, but if you don’t dare to exercise in groups or in a gym, start with something light.

Also, if you don’t have the preparation for great efforts, go for a run or just walk through a park or your neighborhood.

Breathe the fresh air, change the environment and distract your mind while you concentrate on what you are doing.

Also, playing sports will not only help the health of your mind.

You should know the benefits of physical exercise, so, while you are distracted, you lose or gain those extra or less pounds.

Every time you move you strengthen your muscles and help your circulatory and respiratory systems work better.

Still, think it’s not worth it?

A little effort, of the, will more than anything, two or three times a week and you will become charming in body and mind.

Tip #8: Change your routine, go for a walk

It is useless to be on the couch or in bed all day.

It doesn’t help at all to go from home to work or school and vice versa, without doing something else. You have to change the daily routine.

Every day, certainly, you do the same.

You need to eat, wash and sleep daily and even several times in the same day, but there is no reason to do it the same.

If there is something that will make you gain confidence, it is to do different things every day; Although they are the same, the important thing is that they do not seem the same.

When you get up, don’t do it with regret and annoyance at having to wake up early, NO!

Give thanks for the beautiful day (even if it rains buckets), laze around a bit and extend the pleasure of enjoying the bed, and upstairs, start your day!

challenge yourself!

How to be more attractive is not only a physical challenge, but also a mental and emotional one!

  • If it comes to eating, don’t suffer for what you eat! That’s the first thing: Then, if you prepare food, do it differently each time. Use the crockery that you reserve for special occasions and people, who are more special than you?, and prepare the dishes as in a restaurant
  • When it comes to the bathroom, why does it always have to be the same? Although it seems like the most routine action of all, you can vary it a lot. Take a bubble bath whenever you feel like it, and if you don’t have a bathtub, you can put on some scented candles or music that you like and that’s it! You already have a total change for something everyday.
  • Opportunities for a ride are never lacking: If you don’t have the time, it’s time you start looking for it and strive for it. Getting out of your usual environment will make you renew yourself, change, enjoy new things.
  • Go dance and discharge energy on the dance floor, or if you like to sing, there are thousands of places with karaoke: If you don’t dare to any of these, then discover new places to visit, you can start by changing the route to or from home, you will be surprised what you can find!


Being less angsty with your daily routine will make you look more relaxed and happy, which will increase your attractiveness. In this way, you will avoid making the 25 mistakes that women make and ruin relationships

Tip #9: Surround yourself with people who see the positive in you, not just the negative

It manages to attract everyone's attention with a touch of security

Sometimes the environment in which we live is harmful.

We feel bad and that has a lot to do with the people around us.

Friends are there to tell us when something is not right, but not only for that.

If your friend or your boy only see what is wrong with you all the time, then it may be time for you to change them for others.

The people around you should also help you see what is good about you, what makes you interesting.

What is the use of having someone by your side who only criticizes you?

look for positive energy

There are moments for everything, for criticism and censorship, but also for congratulations.

So get away from that harmful and evil person who only makes you feel bad, or compare yourself to others and look inferior.

You are the best in this world, as we all are, and that nothing and no one can ruin it.

Tip #10: Find something you’re really good at

If you doubt your possibilities, your attractiveness, think a little. Search within yourself and discover the activity that you are good at.

No, don’t say you don’t do anything right, that’s nothing but a lie.

There has to be something, no matter how small, that you’re really good at and love to do.

Well, take advantage, take advantage of it and how to be more attractive will be easier than ever!

the answer is in you

You may be good at cooking, research, and learn new recipes!

Surprise them all with a delicious dish of your own.

Perhaps you like to draw and you are good at it, what are you waiting for to change the decoration of your room and give it a personalized touch and unique style?

If you have not found “your activity”, then study and search, learn new things, investigate, surely you will find something that goes with you.

There will always be an activity that goes with your personality, that brings out the best in you.

Spend your time looking for that in which you are a queen, that in which you have an advantage, and develop it.

Tip #11: Dare to succeed without fear

Now you are ready. Now you can launch. To be a more attractive woman you have to overcome your fears and come out confident, triumphant.

You will be radiant if you go out thinking like a winner, ready to face anything. It’s not easy, but what can happen?

If you don’t try, you’ll never know what will happen. If you don’t risk, then you don’t win either.

Enough of fears and insecurities. Having confidence in yourself is also about daring even if you are not sure what might happen.

take risks

If you tell a guy how you feel, but he doesn’t feel the same way, well, you’re out of your mind!

Anyway, if you hadn’t told him, you already had the “no” for not even trying.

If you apply for a job but are rejected, you haven’t lost anything!

Anyway, before the interview, you didn’t have that job either.

So now you know, take advantage of the opportunities.

Final tips to be more attractive

  • Go out into the world with a smile even if you feel terrible, because you will never know who can notice that smile.
  • Learn to listen and speak cordially so that your good manners make you look more attractive.
  • Keep your skin hydrated and smooth.
  • Always try to have a good aroma and practice personal hygiene.
  • Make sure your hair looks healthy.
  • Wear clothes that flatter you, look sexy, but subtle!

Now that you have these 11 tips on how to be more attractive, all you have to do is dare and put them into practice.

Don’t think about it anymore, start right now!

You will not only strengthen yourself internally, but you will be ready to become the ideal partner,  enjoy life and love as you deserve.

How to be More Attractive to Men: 11 Tips!

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