A man disappointed a woman – what to do about him?

A man disappointed a woman – what to do about him? You probably got into such a situation that after the first meeting you didn’t like the man, and he, for example. What to do in such a situation? Let’s try to deal with this issue.

It is necessary to prolong it, it is not necessary to pay attention to it

According to psychology, men need 10 seconds to understand whether they like a woman or not. Women will need more time to do this. On the first date, as a rule, there is not so much of him to really understand whether you liked the man or not.

If he seemed to you not a very interesting interlocutor or you were disappointed by his behavior, he did not live up to your expectations, then it might make sense to give him a second chance. Often, at the first meeting, people are squeezed, behave unnaturally, even strangely, and are nervous.

Try to get to know your new acquaintance better, And then decide whether you will continue to meet with him or immediately part with him.

What can a man not like on a first date?

Neither men nor women are immune from an unsuccessful first meeting. Moreover, the longer your list of requirements for the representatives of the stronger sex, the more chances he will not like it. So, let’s see what a man can not like on a first date.

  • The man did not bring flowers.

If you did not see flowers in the hands of a man and immediately drew conclusions, then it is possible that they will be wrong. Firstly, a man is not obliged to bring flowers to the first meeting. Secondly, if you go to the cinema, theater, exhibition, then you will not be very comfortable with them. So, the absence of flowers is not an indicator that you should not continue a relationship with a man.

  • Just not that man.

He is wearing a simple sweater with deer, some kind of informal outfit, it seems that he is stuck in the 90s. So you came to meet him, there is nowhere to retreat, but the mood has fallen, it seems that everything is predetermined. No, style or no problem.

Men rarely pay attention to their style of clothing. Most of the time they don’t have style at all. It doesn’t say anything. Give him a chance. After all, the style can be easily changed. Pay attention to the man as a person.

How to end a date if you don’t like the man?

Talk to him, find out his interests, how he relates to life, whether he has such a trait as humor, what is his intellect. Most often, smart men with high intelligence pay little attention to their clothing style.

  • He doesn’t say what you want to hear.

You Come to the Meeting, In Front of You is a Man Who Looks Good, But As He Says – It Would Be Better to Be Quietly Silent or, Conversely, Silent. Perhaps he is nervous. Pay attention to what he says, albeit not as eloquently as we would like. Maybe it’s because of the stress of the first date.

If a man is categorical, impatient, does not consider another correct point of view other than his own, even on the first date he has aggressive attacks, he does not respect other people’s opinions, then a second meeting is not the best solution.

For example, at a meeting, a well-dressed man tells rather funny things, but at the same time he quarrels with the waiter over 20 rubles, offers you to pay for yourself, this indicates his greed. Think, if he behaves like this at the first meeting, then what will happen next.

  • Violates your personal boundaries.

It happens that a man at the first meeting tries to kiss you, if this is unpleasant for you, then immediately discuss this moment, say that you are not ready for such a speed of events. If he didn’t understand from the first time what you want to convey to him, then leave. This is a sign of his frivolous intentions.

Perhaps you met with such gentlemen who, after the first meeting, believed that you agreed on white and white. There is a type of men who sincerely believe that a cup of coffee is an occasion for intimacy. In this case, it makes no sense not only to agree to a second meeting, but also to continue this date. Silently get up and go. There is no need to explain anything to such people.

How to break up?

If you do not like a man, this is not a reason for being rude. Say it correctly, but firmly. Men don’t take hints. Therefore, they can continue to stand their ground. Answer further if you don’t want to.

You can not explain the reason for the refusal. You can send SMS or call. If a man insists that you explain why, then you can tell him the reason, while nothing is wrong.

How to leave a date

It is not possible to do that on the west side, and it is not necessary to prolong it. Of course, silently getting up and leaving is ugly. To do this, you can use the following methods:

  • Tell a loved one that you will go to meet a man.

Discuss test calls in advance: at the beginning, in the middle and towards the end of the meeting. Get a cherished word that will be an analogue of “SOS”. Take a look at the area you are in.

Thus, you will not offend a man, come up with a legend of your departure. The disadvantage of this method is that he will not understand your hint and will be able to insist for a long time insist insist The price is given in the context of the lists that are regulated by the rules.

  • You can show Firmness, toughness and honestly say that you would not want to offend Him, but it seems to you that you are not suitable for each other.

Wish him good luck and ask him not to insist on a second meeting. After that, you can safely leave. Nothing bad will happen if you act honestly. A man will understand, will not be persistent.

  • You can be creative and do it in such a way that on himself escapes.

This scenario is suitable for brave and determined girls who have a talent for improvisation. You can demand an immediate trip to the registry office, ask if he forgot to grab a passport.

  • Now and in the context of the moment.

Slowly. Say you need to leave and don’t come back.

Bye by, by the way, you don’t want to worry about it. See what exactly. If this is an appearance, then you can get to know him better, try to find out what kind of person he is. If you do not like a man with his behavior, then it does not make sense to agree with him for a second meeting.

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