Crap Words for Lovers to make them Smile

20 crap words for lovers to make them smile happily. Want to send a crap sentence to your lover, but are confused about choosing the right sentence? No need to bother making it yourself, just take the crap words for the dearest girlfriend/boyfriend in this article. Are you ready to choose? Come on, just take a look at the following description!

Surely you don’t want your relationship with your lover to end that way, right? So, because of that, immediately send crap words to them next dearest lovers!

Crap Words for Girlfriend to Smile

Crap Words for Lovers to make them Smile
Crap Words for Lovers to make them Smile

1. Walk in the Flower Garden

If I had flowers every time I thought of you, maybe I could walk in the flower garden forever. Alfred Tennyson

How much you feel in love with your idol is actually difficult to describe in words. However, if you still want to convey how much you love your boyfriend, sending a chat to your dearest girlfriend above is one of the best options.

If every time you think about it you have one flower, then when those flowers have transformed into a flower garden, you have been thinking about it all the time, right? Imagine how nice he will be to know that you are always thinking about him.

2. No need to say

Never mind. Me and you don’t need to be cheered up. The silence is what usually lasts. Not showing off. Fiersa Besari

Technology that is growing rapidly has also made the popularity of social media soar. Not wanting to be left behind, people are competing to show their best on social media, including in matters of romance.

So, if you have a lover who likes to show off your affection in public, and you don’t, try sending crap words to your beloved boyfriend above. That way, maybe he will understand that you prefer to enjoy the romance alone, without the other person having to know.

3. No Reason

So strong. So deep. Until I can find no more excuses, why should you who I love? Dwitasari

Love does not love if it has a reason. If you really love your boyfriend, you won’t care even if someone is more beautiful than him. You also will not care even if there are more wealthy people.

Love keeps you by his side no matter what. If you have such deep feelings for him, send a rant for your dear girlfriend above. Guaranteed, he will flower when reading it.

4. The Most Beautiful

I may not be the best thing in your life but I believe you are the most beautiful thing that has ever been in my life. Agnes Davonar

Maybe everyone will feel very happy if they get sustenance. However, make no mistake, fortune is not just something in the form of money. Getting a good partner can also be called sustenance.

As a form of gratitude for getting a good partner, don’t forget to treat your lover with love. Make him feel that his presence is so valuable by sending romantic sentences like the quote above to him. You don’t need to be too often, once in a while is enough to keep a relationship warm.

5. Need a partner

I also can’t walk as a shoe without you. Because shoes need a partner, not just the right shoes. Natural Thunder

Humans generally have two legs. Of course, to keep your feet protected when you walk around, you need a pair of shoes. Yes, it must be a pair. Because shoes will not be useful if it is only right or left.

Well, your relationship might be likened to a shoe. Without a partner, you may feel incomplete. Doing everything feels less because there is no lover who accompanies him.

Crap Words for a Distant Girlfriend

Crap Words for Lovers to make them Smile
Crap Words for Lovers to make them Smile

1. Can still hug

I’m here you there, but we can still embrace in prayer and poetry. Helvy Tiana Rosa

Being away from your lover is not a barrier to giving attention to each other. You can contact him by phone, text, or social media to ask him how he is doing and encourage him.

Apart from direct communication, praying for his safety is also important. Because, if it is not God Almighty who protects him, then who will?

2. Meeting in a Dream

I closed my eyes, trying to find you there. Are you awake with the same dream? Robin Wijaya

For lovers who are close to each other, completing longing by meeting is an easy thing. However, for couples in long-distance relationships, only a meeting in a dream can treat longing a little.

So, for those of you who really miss your idol, also invite your lover to meet you in a dream. The trick is to send sweet words like crap quotes to your beloved boyfriend above.

3. Growing homesick

Long-distance dating is not as easy as falling water, but long-distance dating can create a complete longing for. Boy Candra

Everything that happens in life, whether good or bad, has a positive side. Likewise with Long Distance Relationship / LDR.

Unlike lovers who easily meet when they miss, couples who are separated must endure homesickness. However, it is precise because of that that the longing that has accumulated will reinforce the feelings of love in each other’s hearts.

4. Still Missing

Because the word is only an intermediary, it cannot be complete. Let the taste speak from its depths, this second. Still. Miss this, for you. Moammar Emka

Sending romantic words to a lover who is far away, may not be able to completely cure homesickness. However, at least with those expressions of love, the relationship of love that exists will remain warm.

If you want your sweetheart to understand how deeply you miss him, maybe the crap words for your beloved girlfriend above can represent him. Or if you are too shy to send it in person, just make it a status on social media.

5. When the time comes

When the time comes, sadness will become laughter, pain will become a story, memories will become a teacher, longing for meeting, you and I will be us. Fiersa Besari

Although it does have a positive side, it cannot be denied that the long-distance relationship is quite torturous. If when you are close you can face the harshness of life with a lover on your side, the same is not true during the LDR.

When you are apart, you have to face the hardships of life alone without a lover to rely on. Even for a homesick business you also have to bear it yourself without being able to treat it completely. However, if you and your lover are willing to be patient, there will come a time when all the difficulties you are currently facing will turn into happiness.

Funny Crap Words for Dear Girlfriend

1. There are angels

Can I have your photo or not? The problem is my friends don’t believe that an angel exists. Anonymous

Sending crap words to your beloved boyfriend doesn’t have to be romantic. Because even a funny quote can actually make a lover feel bored.

Don’t believe it? Just try sending the sentence above to your lover. Guaranteed, he will smile to himself because indirectly, you have praised him as a beautiful woman.

2. So Messy

I may not ask for a drink. I am thirsty. I spilled my glass 3 times. I’m messy when you don’t exist. Raditya Dika

Loving someone means wanting that person to always be by their side. As stated by Raditya Dika above, even your daily activities can get messy because of the absence of a lover beside you.

Now, if you also feel that your life will be chaotic if there is no him, express the crap words for that dear girlfriend in front of him. Surely he would laugh and blush when he heard it.

3. Half Breath

How come now I’m often short of breath, huh? Oh, that’s worth it. Half of my breath is on you. Anonymous

So, so that the seduction sentence can sound funny and fresh, just try to cheat the quote above to seduce your lover. If you are embarrassed, you can send it via text message.

4. Who is Guarding

If it rains, I won’t give you a jacket. Because if I’m sick, who will take care of you later. Pidi Baiq

Having a love relationship is synonymous with sacrifice. To make your idol heart still okay, sometimes you have to sacrifice what you have.

For example, when it’s raining, if you wear a jacket and your boyfriend doesn’t, maybe you can give him a jacket. However, if you don’t want to give it, that’s fine. Just say the crap words for the dear boyfriend of Pidi Baiq above so he laughs.

5. Unable

If asked to forget about you, I will go to the village first. Ask for a letter of incapacity. Anonymous

In Indonesia, many things must be taken care of by including a letter of incapacity from the kelurahan. For example, when registering for free health facilities from the government or when you want to get subsidies.

However, it seems that this is not the only thing that requires a certificate of being incapacitated. For those of you who are not ready to lose your lover, asking for a certificate of not being able to forget it also seems okay.

Crap Words for Boyfriends Before Sleeping

1. Calming the Night

I just want you to accompany me to open the morning to release the twilight, calm the night and share stories. Boy Candra

Always being with loved ones all day long is fun. When he opened his eyes there was him, after work, there was also him, even when he was about to fall asleep he was also there.

However, if you are still dating, it looks like you have to hide this desire first. Even so, don’t forget to always give him encouragement and greetings good morning until good night to your lover.

2. Get to the Dream

Good night, you who are not near and not far, who have sneaked into a lonely dream. Helvy Tiana Rosa

For lovers who are not in an LDR relationship, the distance that separates the two can be said to be close, but it can also be said to be far. Far away because you can’t meet often like a married couple, but close because you can meet at any time to let go of homesickness.

Even so, still, the night is a time for you and your lover to temporarily separate. However, don’t forget to say good night with romantic words before going to bed so that even long distances can feel close.

3. Moon Night Bright

You are the moon for my bright nights. Ridwan Kamil

The sun is a giant star that illuminates the earth during the day. Meanwhile, at night, there is a moon ready to decorate the sky in place of the sun. Yes, even though the sun is superior in terms of brightness, the beauty of the moon tends to be more enjoyable than the sun.

Like the moon, maybe for you, the beauty of the idol’s heart can also be aligned with the earth’s natural satellite. Well, if you want to compliment him with crap words for your dear girlfriend before going to bed, just send him the quote from Ridwan Kamil above.

4. Denying Reality

Because only dreams can deny reality. Let’s drain longing without mercy. Good night. Moammar Emka

Dreams can be a way to make things happen that can’t happen in the real world yet. For example, completing a longing for a pair of lovers who have not been able to meet because of circumstances.

If you are going through the same thing, it is a good idea to ask your boyfriend to meet you in a dream. So that the moment is right, send the invitation along with a good night message, yes.

5. Split to Meet

I hated the night because he kept you away from me, but the thought that tomorrow morning we’d meet again warmed my heart. Good night, my love. Anonymous

If you are still dating, of course, you inevitably have to separate from your lover if you are going to sleep. Moreover, if you live in Indonesia, which in fact is a nation that upholds the norms of decency.

However, don’t be annoyed yet because you have to say goodbye to your lover just because night comes. Isn’t it after waking up in the morning that you can meet him again?

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Crap Words for Your Lovers?

That was a collection of quotes or crap words for your lovers to can make them smile that you can use as crap for your boyfriend/girlfriend. So, after reading the 20 crap words for your beloved boyfriend/girlfriend above, which one do you want to send to your lover?

But keep in mind that seducing a lover is only a means of sweetening a relationship, yes. To make him even more sure that you love him, don’t forget to pay attention to him and always be there when he needs you.

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