Do you want to know that it is not possible to move it?

Do you want to know that it is not possible to move it? There are many reasons why a relationship falls apart and you break up with your partner. These are lies, betrayals, faded feelings, a change in priorities, addictions. Do you want to know that it is not possible to move it?

When a second chance won’t help?

Situations in life are different. Sometimes couples break up, but after a while the man or woman makes attempts to reunite. 90% agreed that it was not possible to do it, and that it was resolved in the name. Here are a few such situations.

Constant lies – a direct road to the final parting. Life is Full of Cases When a woman endured lies from a man for years, with honest eyes he promised that from now on she would never lie. No stoil hey hey prostitute, but started again.

Constant lying is a sign of disrespect. Will a man who truly loves you lie and thereby humiliate you?

Another reason that should not be forgiven is betrayal. You believed a man once, twice, a third time, and then you see him again with a new girl – go away and don’t give him a chance. Even if it hurts at first, by your act you will show that you value yourself.

This is very important for your self-esteem.

From alcohol, drug addiction, gambling can be cured only if a person really wants it, works on himself, follows the recommendations of specialists. In all other cases, he only promises and only becomes more aggressive and scarier.

Against this background, codependency develops with your STORona. She expresses herself in pity for the man, in the hope that he will change.

No matter how painful it is, it is better not to give such a relationship a second chance.

Perhaps you broke up with a guy, but somehow insecure, not completely. You are mentally prepared to try living with him again. And he doesn’t mind either.

After a couple of days, you calm down, you start thinking about returning. But he suddenly begins to threaten you with suicide, murder, with the fact that he will turn you into an invalid if you do not return. In such a situation, it is better to just leave.

Relationships with exes. Do you want to know?

Firstly, threats are scary, they demonstrate a person’s disrespect for himself and for you. Second, they can lead to real action.

primer. The man went to a psychologist. On stated that he had separated from his wife without dissolution of the marriage. Soon she began to blackmail him with suicide.

According to him, if it were not for these threats, he could still return to the family, but after them he feels disrespect for his wife, contempt, self-doubt. In his eyes, she became an ordinary blackmailer, trying to get her way with dirty methods.

In this situation, the man behaved adequately – he turned to specialists for help. A psychologist worked with his wife. She managed to find the strength in herself to accept the situation.

  • You have changed

Perhaps the man realized how dear you are to him, began to control those habits that you did not like. However, by this time you have changed yourself, and now he, as a man, does not attract you.

Not desire for intimacy, not interested. Your feelings are extinguished, and the former young man is no longer able to rekindle them.

There are many reasons for this, for example:

Eternal resentment, anxiety, childish behavior, unfair comparisons with mom, ex – all this is simply debilitating.

  • Disappointment.

Once a guy was your ideal. He really tried to please you, supported. At some point, it seemed that you had found your soul mate. But after the wedding, the birth of a child, the change of work, he changed, and there was no trace left of the former young you were in love.

  • Emergence of other goals and priorities.

At some point in your life you needed a man, a family. No one has to do with the building that is not hard and the heat is concentrated on Rabot, it is, it is, is, is, is. It made you feel comfortable and free. And the relationship with that man, and indeed with any other, you no longer need.

When to Give a Second Chance?

And yet there are situations when relationships with a man can be given another chance. Perhaps the breakup played the role of arbitrator, helped you realize your feelings. And now, by reuniting with your ex, you can find happiness.

Think about the following situations.

  • The breakup was impulsive

Surely you have been in such situations when, under the influence of emotions, you quarreled with a guy and left, clapping your hand. At the time of the quarrel, you did not feel love, tenderness. You were possessed only by resentment or rage.

No you are proselytizing, you are familiar with it and it is not possible for you to do it.

The score is negligible, it is written, and it is private to the body, it is under the number of factors. You didn’t like something in a man, you had a bad day, or you unconsciously screwed yourself up in your head. Under the influence of the whirlwind of emotions, you initiated a quarrel.

And since there are no objective reasons for parting, you can take the man back and give the relationship with him a second.

  • Feelings remain

Despite the difficulties in relationships, the feeling that love has not yet passed does not leave you. Feelings are alive, and every day you feel inner emptiness from the fact that the guy is not around.

Here it is necessary to draw a very clear line between the deep awareness of the love and significance of the Other person and the phenomena that are disguised as them:

  • Jealousy.
  • Fear of being alone.
  • Feeling like a failure because you broke up with a guy.

After parting, do not rush to take the man back. Let the feelings settle down, calm down.

Over time (it can be several days, a month, six months), you will be able to form an even attitude towards a man and your relationship. You will understand what you cannot accept from his character, and what was a trifle that you should not pay attention to.

It will be found out whether you really love a young man, or fears, jealousy, stereotypes control you.

  • Tired of each other

Don’t be afraid, don’t worry. There just came a period when you got tired of each other. Having temporarily parted, having considered your life and prospects, you understand that you have not offended or insulted your friend in any way.

If so, the relationship is worth trying to renew.

Let’s see an example. A family of three – mom, dad, child. Parents communicate with each other, look like a nice couple, but, as it turned out, one day the wife realized that she was hurting more and more.

She left for a month with her mother, then returned to her family, crying, suffering, asking for a divorce. It seemed to her that the life she was leading was not hers. She is a shadow, a facade. Her entire inner world was gone.

The man, however, managed to resolve the situation. He suggested that his wife go to a psychologist. He didn’t rush her, he suggested that she think over the real reasons for the divorce, just relax, do dancing, pendy. On that day it was not possible to do that.

About a month later, my wife felt better, and she herself began to wonder what happened to her.

This is one kind of situation. No there is and another VARIANT. You, tired of each other, parted. Against this background, you tried to meet with other men, he – with other women. Nothing happened, and through returned to each other because of hopelessness. Such relationships will be dead.

All your life you will drag the strap you do not need. Relationship fatigue will one day completely destroy you.

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