Does he have feelings for me even though he has a girlfriend? [9 signs]

Does he have feelings for me even though he has a girlfriend? [9 signs]
Does he have feelings for me even though he has a girlfriend? [9 signs]
He: “You are cute!”

You: “Did he really just say that?” You will think to yourself when he says that to you and you wonder inside: “Can he have feelings for me, although he actually has a girlfriend?”

Since I have already been in such a situation several times, I would like to illuminate exactly this topic in this article and give you 9 signs on the way, by which you can recognize whether he wants something from you even though he is actually taken.

Can he have feelings for me even though he’s taken?

Whether he has feelings for you even though he has a girlfriend is shown by tangible signs: constant eye contact, conspicuously many compliments, “accidental” touches, etc. Even if he is currently in a relationship, that does not mean that he is not for your feels.

9 signs he has feelings for you despite a girlfriend

1. He seeks your closeness

A man who has feelings for you is always looking for you. He takes every opportunity to buzz around you.

This is of course not always that easy, after all, he is bound and he doesn’t want to attract attention.

Does he join in the middle of a conversation with others? Does he always show up where you are? Does he suddenly visit your favorite places?

These are clear signs!

2. He’s always texting you

If he swaps cell phone numbers with you even though he has a girlfriend, then he wants to get closer to you.

He can now always get in touch with you and does not have to wait for real meetings. It also offers him a protected space to show you his feelings more clearly.

Of course, you don’t want his girlfriend to know that he has just looked at another woman. Friends or colleagues are also not allowed to find out anything, that would be very uncomfortable for him.

Messenger, Whatsapp & Co are ideal to first secretly write to you and feel whether he can land with you.

Here are some pointers that suggest he wants more than friendship from you:

  • he writes to you more often
  • he answers you regularly
  • he shows interest and asks how you are
  • he writes sweet texts that also come across as flirtatious
  • and important: he calls in-between times

3. He compliments you

You are sweet

With this statement, he shows you that he not only thinks you are great as a person but also as a woman. No man would say such a thing to a girl out of pure amicable interests.

You’re the best

Admittedly – that sounds rather chummy at first. It would also be if he had meant a male friend.

He feels you are a strong woman and is drawn to you.
With that, he praises your whole! Apparently, you are a good conversationalist to him and you can be relied on.

He probably doesn’t even know something like this from his current relationship!

I’ve never met a woman like you

This is one of the most meaningful compliments he can give and shows clear interest.

He is fascinated by you and wants more. Why else would he pay such a big compliment?

You look good today

He thinks your outfit is good or how you put your make-up on today and he also tells you that on a regular basis. That means that he finds you very attractive.

It becomes even clearer if he praises your appearance, even though you haven’t styled yourself properly today. You may be dressed very casually today and without make-up – oops, someone will think you’re great!

4. He wants to make you laugh

Those who like to laugh together like their counterparts. He wants to show you that he enjoys your company and that you have the same sense of humor.

When you have a bad day, he goes out of his way to make you laugh. He only does this to see you happy again. He just can’t take it when you are sad and suffering.

And only those who feel more want to see their crush happy!

5. He’ll tell you his secrets

Your conversations are not superficial. He is always looking for a verbal exchange with you and tells you about his life. If he even shares his secrets with you, it shows how much he trusts you and how drawn he is to you.

Men seldom confide in others. The best friend does, but it ends with the buddies.

Does he trust you in this area? Then there is probably more in the air!

Possible secrets a man would never tell unless he has serious feelings for you:

  • his first time
  • Fears of spiders or heights, for example
  • beautiful sex fantasies
  • he likes love movies
  • unhappy relationship
  • he secretly watches sex films

6. He tells you about problems with his girlfriend

Men usually don’t like to talk about their problems with their girlfriends. At most, they make jokes about it in the male clique. If it is very bad, confide in your best friend.

If he tells you about the problems he has with his partner, it usually has two reasons. He trusts you and he wants to make it clear that his relationship is shaky.

He wants to give you the security and point out that you can respond to his advances.

7. He seeks eye contact

He is constantly looking for eye contact with you and looking deep into your eyes. You also notice that he’s watching you.

The language of the eyes quickly shows you whether he is interested in you. If he constantly looks away or even at other women, then he has no real interest. But if he keeps eye contact, this is a clear non-verbal sign.

If he winks at you, that’s another sign of him flirting at you.

8. He seeks physical contact

Again and again, there are “accidental” touches. When he talks to her, he puts his hand on your arm. He stages situations to touch your hand with his hand.

As a goodbye, he gives you a big hug, which he reluctantly loosens. Yes – he is physically attracted to you too.

9. He tries to make you happy

Does he often bring you a little something? Maybe chocolate or the magazine you like to read?

He shows you how much he loves you. He’s into you – why else should he try so hard to make you happy ?!

Can I reply to his advances?

Per Cons
he has feelings for you he’s in a relationship
you have feelings for him you don’t reciprocate his feelings
his relationship is not going well
you are on the same wavelength

You are now sure that he has feelings for you. You also have feelings for him and do not know how to act now!

You are afraid of ruining an intact relationship. This is completely human and shows that you have your heart in the right place.

Remember, however, that feelings can change. He wouldn’t be making clear advances if he hadn’t already closed the other relationship.

I don’t reciprocate his feelings

If you don’t have feelings for him, avoid his advances.

He has feelings for you and is not just looking for a no-obligation flirt. Therefore, stay fair and keep your distance.

If he persists, you have no choice but to have a clarifying conversation with him.

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He can’t choose between me and her – what to do?

During the get-to-know phase, your crush may also date another woman. He sways back and forth and cannot make up his mind. Even if you find it difficult, give him time. Show him that you have genuine feelings for him. But tell him very clearly that you won’t wait forever for his decision.

Should I start an affair?

The most imaginative stories are written in love. The man of your desire is taken and you are about to start an affair. If you and your crush want this, that’s your decision. But think carefully about whether you can handle this emotionally and also think about his wife’s situation.

Does he have feelings for me?

Not sure if the man feels more of your desire for you? Pay attention to his behavior and reflect on the signs. If he compliments you and is constantly looking for you, he will feel more for you.


Whether he has feelings for you even though he has a girlfriend is shown by tangible signs. Even if he’s currently in a relationship, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel anything for you.

If he wants more from you than friendship, he’ll show you and end his current relationship.

You don’t need to feel guilty. If his relationship was okay, he wouldn’t have flirted with you. So you are not the culprit, but the trigger that he ends his unhappy relationship.

What is preventing you from responding to his feelings? The bad conscience?

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