Flirting Without Words: Body Language Signs To Show Affection!

Flirting Without Words: Body Language Signs To Show Affection!
Flirting Without Words: Body Language Signs To Show Affection!

Our own body language sometimes says more than words and is an integral part of our communication, although sometimes we are not aware of it.

However, our intentions can be determined by our facial, hand, and body postures, the way we sit, and our eyes when someone is able to crack these codes.

This is exactly the art of flirting that we need while looking for a partner. To know how to let someone know without words that you like them or to tell by their behavior if you like us.

The initial phase of getting to know each other and the dating phase are always interesting and exciting, but also somehow confusing: Will he/she kiss me, will he/she touch my hand, what does this long eye contact mean, does he/she even like me?

There is so much floating in the air and most of the time we cannot immediately recognize the meaning of all these small gestures.

What does it mean when a woman wraps her lock of hair around her finger? How do you explain long eye contact? Is it just a reflex action of our body or is our subconscious telling us something? When does flirting actually begin?

Facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice … all of these play a role in non-verbal communication and it is up to us to master the interpretation of body language signals in order to understand each other without words.

Of course, there is no clear sign of affection because we are all different, but it can still be reduced to some equal elements of flirting in the end.

So take a look at the little body language signs and find out:

Body language: recognizing affection in a woman

Flirting Without Words: Body Language Signs To Show Affection!
Flirting Without Words: Body Language Signs To Show Affection!

Most men just don’t recognize the non-verbal signs that women use to show how interested they are in them, but their body language shows it all, just look right.

Since it is a common rule for men to take the first step, they need the courage to approach a woman and turn her on.

However, they are often not sure when it is a good time or if it is even a good idea because they do not want to be given the cold shoulder.

Fortunately, there is a universal body language that shows the woman’s interest and affection.

If a woman does not openly say that she likes a man, he has to look for clues in her posture, facial expressions, and gestures that show whether he has a chance with her or not.

Nonverbal signs of affection can be seen during the meeting, on the first date, or generally during the dating phase.

Here are some of the most common signs that a woman is interested in:

1. “The eyes, they never lie.”

Flirting Without Words: Body Language Signs To Show Affection!
Flirting Without Words: Body Language Signs To Show Affection!

In a good old movie scene, the hero says “The eyes never lie”. And it’s true. When a woman is around a man she likes, she will try to tell him through non-verbal communication.

The first thing a man should watch is a woman’s eyes. You can read a lot in the eyes, we just have to look carefully. Generally, when we look at something or someone we love, our pupils enlarge.

It is the same in this case. If the man sits close enough to the woman that he can tell if her pupils have dilated, he may consider it a good sign if it has.

We can also interpret this as the glow in our eyes when we are in love. In addition, women like to keep eye contact for longer when flirting.

In this way, they create a connection and some kind of intimacy with their flirt partner. Therefore, watch out for your eyes, dear men, because therein lies the secret.

2. She is constantly touching her hair

Throwing your head and hair back is usually the first sign a woman uses when she’s around a man she likes.

The head is tilted back to brush the hair over the shoulders or out of the face.

In this way, a woman subtly shows her openness to the man. Even women with short hair are used to this gesture. And when a woman plays with a strand of hair while listening to a man talk, that’s a hit.

We have a habit of subconsciously playing around with things around us when we are in the presence of someone we are nervous about. So we touch our jewelry, hair, nails, or the like.

It’s a good sign because when we’re around someone we like, we want to make a good impression, which ultimately makes us nervous.

3. A real smile?

One of the most popular flirtation signals is a smile. When we like someone, we can’t get the smiles off our faces.

However, we all tend to interpret every smile as a sign of interest, but we need to be careful because not every smile sends such a message.

Some say, “I’m nice”, “I’m crazy about you”, and others say, “I don’t like you”. And how do you know if it’s a real smile that shows interest?

The key is to pay attention to the woman’s chin. If her chin is lowered and relaxed while laughing or smiling, it is good because it means that she is sincerely laughing, flirting, and being comfortable with the man.

But when the smile is stiff and the chin is raised and she only shows her teeth, unfortunately, it will be forced and then the woman only regards the man as good company and nothing more.

4. She changes her posture

Flirting Without Words: Body Language Signs To Show Affection!
Flirting Without Words: Body Language Signs To Show Affection!

If you notice a slight change in posture in a woman, it is a sign that she likes the man.

By changing posture in this case, I mean that the woman always easily turns towards the man.

This can be specially noticed when walking or standing next to each other. She will twist her shoulder slightly so that the front of her body is more prominent towards the man.

This gives her the opportunity to show her openness and interest.

5. Can the feet say something?

And whether! Changes in posture are definitely accompanied by changes in leg movements.

Legs and feet are probably something we wouldn’t pay attention to first when interpreting the flirting signals, but they can also tell us a lot about how our flirt partner is feeling.

When a woman flirts with a man and likes him, she unconsciously turns the tips of her toes towards him. The knees are also turned towards the object of desire.

The legs are often not in the direction of something or someone that is uninteresting or threatening.

For example, if the legs are pointed at the door, it may be a sign that the person wants to leave.

When women cross their legs while sitting, it often indicates a degree of caution or disinterest, which can arise for a variety of reasons, from feelings of threat to mild insecurity.

On the other hand, if a woman doesn’t have her legs crossed, it means that she is more open to the man, not so much physically as mentally.

6. She looks for closeness and touch

A woman who is interested in a man will look for a way to be as close to him as possible. For example in a club, when a woman gradually approaches until some kind of communication takes place.

In addition, she will always look for a way to gently touch the man. A gentle touch of the arm or shoulder can say a lot, especially if it lasts a few seconds.

It is certainly a sign that she is interested and that she is giving the man the green light to conquer her.

7. Tone of voice changes

Flirting Without Words: Body Language Signs To Show Affection!
Flirting Without Words: Body Language Signs To Show Affection!

The tone of our voice changes unconsciously depending on the society we are in, whether we are nervous, angry, excited, sad, or happy.

Therefore, a change in a woman’s voice pitch can indicate that she likes a man.

When her voice gets higher, does it mean that she is excited, happy, and a little nervous and aren’t we all when our crush is around? It is also a good sign when a woman starts talking very quickly.

From the sheer excitement, she doesn’t even notice that the speed of her speech has increased.

On the other hand, if her voice is deep and she speaks slowly, it can be a sign that she is bored.

Body language: recognizing affection in a man

When it comes to men, figuring out what they’re up to is definitely a lot harder because they have a hard time showing emotion.

So we need to be very adept at reading non-verbal signs and figuring out how they feel and what they want from us.

Here are a few things that women should watch carefully in man’s body language :

1. Open posture

An open posture with someone is generally a sign that we are confident, safe, open to communication, and comfortable in the company of that other person.

This is especially true for the position of the arms. If one person has crossed arms, this can indicate that they do not want to have anything to do with the other person and that they want to “distance themselves” in some way.

When a man is open-minded about a woman, it means that he wants something more from her. He wants to connect and get in touch and let her know he’s interested.

2. Strong gesticulation

When we’re nervous, we tend to gesticulate heavily. Of course, this isn’t the case for everyone, but if we look closer we will see that most of them still do.

Especially men when they are in the company of the woman they want to be conquered.

So my dear woman, if you notice that a man is gesturing too much while you are talking to him, then you will know that he is just a little nervous and that he likes you.

3. His hands brush his shoulder or arm

Body language: recognizing affection in a man
Body language: recognizing affection in a man

Just as women play with their jewelry or hair while flirting, men also tend to touch their shoulders or arms from time to time.

They also have a habit of smoothing out their T-shirt or shirt in the presence of women.

It can be a sign that he’s nervous, doesn’t know where to put his hands, but also that he’s unconsciously “improving” the impression he’s making by worrying about how he looks .

4. It reflects the woman’s body language

When a man is interested in what a woman is saying, he is subconsciously reflecting her behavior.

And if he’s a professional flirting professional, it cannot be ruled out that he will use this tactic on purpose to seduce a woman he likes.

Anyway, ladies, if you notice that a man is reflecting your behavior, for example, you take a sip of a drink and he does exactly the same thing, you move your hand, he moves him, you should know that he is you like.

You can check this for yourself by observing whether he is imitating any of your gestures.

Well, you don’t even have to know whether he’s doing it unconsciously or using little manipulative tricks. It is important to know that you are on the right path to conquer his heart.

5. He seems a little out of breath

When we’re nervous, our breathing becomes irregular and it seems like we’re running out of oxygen.

Most of all, we have a habit of taking a few deep breaths. In this way, we try to calm down.

It is the same with men who get nervous in the presence of the woman they want to win. Do not hold it against them or be too harsh if you notice signs of nervousness in men.

Reaching out to women and fighting for women’s hearts is not an easy thing, so give them a chance.

If you notice that a man’s breathing is a little irregular, feel free to be honored. We can literally say that you made a man breathless.

6. He tilts his head to one side

Body language: recognizing affection in a man
Body language: recognizing affection in a man

If a man tilts his head slightly to one side while talking to a woman, it could be for two reasons:

Number one, he cares about what the woman is saying and it makes it easier for him to focus on what she is saying.

He wants to hear everything and so he unconsciously tilts his head and approaches to listen as best he can and to remember everything correctly.

Or number two, he’s thinking about kissing a woman because it’s a typical move we make when we want to kiss someone.

In any case, both are non-verbal signs of affection and sympathy.

Body language of affection:

There are many similarities, but there are also differences in body language when it comes to showing affection.

But in the end, there are some elements that are important for both: eye contact, the search for closeness and opportunities for contact, and an open posture.

Not only do we need to know how to interpret the other person’s body signs, but we also need to know some of these little things ourselves in order to be able to communicate effectively non-verbally.

Here are a few more body language things you should know if you want to make a good impression in general or if you want to flirt successfully in particular:

Self-esteem is the be-all and end-all: When flirting, it is important to show self-confidence through body language and this can be achieved with an upright posture and open arms.

With a bent posture and crossed arms you signal insecurity and shyness, but also let your interlocutor know that you are “closed” for any form of communication.

Another very important thing for showing confidence, but also showing interest, is eye contact. If you look at the ground or tiptoe, you actually leave the impression of an insecure and shy person.

Body language: recognizing affection in a man
Body language: recognizing affection in a man

I’m not saying that you have to stare at someone to appear confident, but you are welcome to make eye contact every now and then. This is how you show security, trustworthiness and leave a good impression.

Interesting Fact: When shy men are flirting, they have a habit of putting one foot on the other. So it’s not bad to keep this in mind in case this is a shy man.

What we said, we get back: You date someone you like and the first thing you notice is that they are nervous. This immediately creates the same feeling in you, you feel uncomfortable and any attempt to break the nervousness is in vain.

On the other hand, if you come on a date where the other person is full of positive energy, smiling, and friendly, you will immediately feel more comfortable and there will be no nervousness or stress.

It is therefore important that you appear with self-confidence, positivity, and good energy so that you and the person you are talking to feel better and the atmosphere is as pleasant as possible.

Flirting is an art, and any art requires both talent and practice. Let these signs of affection be your guiding star on how best to flirt, how to show affection, and how to interpret it in body language.

Good luck! 

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