Girl doesn’t reciprocate? 10 ways to fix it

The magical feeling of falling in love inspires, gives you the desire to live and create, pushes you to crazy deeds and makes the world around you and yourself better.

But all these wonderful metamorphoses are possible only under one condition – if your feelings are mutual. But, unfortunately, this does not always happen. And if this is just your case, then our article will help you understand what to do if the girl you like is in no hurry to reciprocate your sympathy.

Causes of “cold” behavior

Before you decide to become depressed and sign your own failure, we strongly recommend that you analyze the current situation properly. What if it’s not entirely your fault? Didn’t think about it? Very in vain! There are a number of reasons why a girl may well ignore your advances. Namely:

  • Her heart and thoughts have long been hopelessly occupied with others. We agree that the situation is not pleasant. Moreover, the chances of its resolution in your favor are negligible. Especially if the beautiful lady who stole your peace is in a serious relationship and sincerely loves her chosen one.
  • You are too intrusive. Yes, so that they don’t talk about how highly masculine determination in amorous matters is highly valued, you still shouldn’t go too far with a demonstration of your tender feelings. It is possible that this will simply scare the girl. And then, at best, you will be ignored. At worst, with open hostility.
  • You are not her ideal. Alas, this also happens sometimes. Even if you are a sexy tall brown-eyed brunette with an athletic build. And the object of your passion is crazy about blue-eyed blondes.
  • You don’t know how to express your feelings. It is possible that you are truly interested in developing relationships and really feel sympathy, but there is one thing. Due to your natural modesty, you do not know how to behave properly with the girl you like. So, it may well be that she does not even suspect about your sympathy. And any signs of attention rendered by you are perceived by nothing more than a friendly and polite attitude towards yourself. Accordingly, nothing but the friend zone shines for you.
  • Bad experiences in past relationships. This option also cannot be discounted. Perhaps the girl recently got out of a painful relationship and is in no hurry to enter into a new one.

It is commendable if you are determined, and none of the above reasons is a significant obstacle for you. So, it’s time to move on to winning the heart of the lady who charmed you so much.

Girl doesn’t reciprocate? 10 ways to fix it! How to get her attention?

  • Analyze the situation thoroughly and try to find mistakes in your behavior. You may even have to radically change tactics. You, like a shadow on a clear day, tirelessly followed the girl every now and then reminding her of your existence? Then it may well make sense to give her a little break from your close attention. Or, frankly speaking, was he stingy with gifts and tender words? So, it’s time to try to express your feelings more clearly and give cute presents, reinforcing words with actions.
  • Fraudulent maneuver. The secret of winning the hearts of impregnable girls was once revealed by a great Russian poet. So why don’t you try to take the advice of Alexander Sergeevich and not demonstrate some kind of coldness towards the chosen one. Especially if she has long been accustomed to increased attention from you and does not even allow the thought that it could be somehow different.
  • Be her reflection. Despite the popular belief that opposites are incredibly attracted to each other, people who have a lot in common still find a common language much faster. Find out about her hobbies, ask mutual friends about the girl’s preferences, about the places she likes to visit most of all, about her favorite books and films. With this you will immediately “kill two birds with one stone.” Firstly, you will be able to get to know her even better, and secondly, to interest her.
  • Forget hints. Blushing and being silent during another chance meeting is definitely not your option. It will be much more effective to indicate to the girl your serious intentions. Otherwise, you risk suffering from unrequited feelings for years, while not realizing the true reason for your failure. If the fear is unbearably strong, you can attract allies. Your mutual acquaintances, if any, can eloquently hint to her about your feelings for a girl.
  • Start changing. First of all – for yourself! Pick up some new interesting hobby, sign up for a gym, start learning languages, or just change your style of clothing. In any case, the changes will only benefit. You will become much more confident in yourself, and it will be noticeable to those around you. And among them, of course, is the one for which everything was started.

How to deal with love failure?

However, it also happens that your feelings with a high degree of probability may remain unanswered. And no bright prospects, alas, are foreseen. How to proceed in this case?

  • Stop entertaining yourself with vain illusions. Find the strength to admit defeat, but don’t dwell on it. It is not always worth listening to the quiet voice of hope, which, as you know, is the last to die. Especially if the girl herself made it clear more than once that a miracle would not happen.
  • Give vent to emotions. No, you don’t need to close yourself within four walls and, suffering from monstrous injustice, shed stingy male tears. But getting rid of the accumulated negativity through intensive sports is a great solution. A positive charge is guaranteed to you. This means that getting rid of unrequited love and resentment will be much more effective.
  • Drive anger and other destructive emotions as far away from yourself as possible. With destructive behavior, you are unlikely to be able to correct the situation, but it is easy to aggravate it. And first of all, negative emotions will harm you yourself. Mentally thank the girl for her honesty and wish her happiness with another. Surely you yourself would not be able to build a romantic relationship with someone, relying solely on a sense of duty or pity. Therefore, learn to respect the choice of another person, no matter how painful it may be for you.
  • Don’t be alone with your thoughts. Ignoring a girl is far from a reason to give up on yourself and voluntarily doom yourself to imprisonment. On the contrary, now more than ever you need the company of close friends who will help you escape from sad thoughts. Don’t stay at home! Actively communicate, meet, flirt, start new relationships. Just do not let depression and despondency settle in your mind and instill in you a sense of guilt.
  • Don’t focus on failure. It’s just a bad experience. Do not treat all the fair sex with contempt and hatred. Plus, who knows, maybe it all happened for the best. Remember that every situation hides an important lesson that is vital for us at one stage or another. And very soon you will find that very fateful meeting that you could only dream of before. Thoughts are more positive, and real, deep, and most importantly, mutual feelings will cover you like a tsunami. And after a certain amount of time, you yourself will be grateful to the Universe that then it was that girl who ignored you. Girl doesn’t reciprocate? 10 ways to fix it

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