How can you re-educate an egoist man – what to do for this?

How can you re-educate an egoist man – what to do for this? Representatives of the stronger sex often begin to demonstrate all the subtleties of their nature after you have managed to firmly get involved in a relationship. And more often than not, such nuances turn out to be purely negative. Moreover, some seemingly everyday little things can literally drive you crazy. As a result – scandals and quarrels almost out of the blue. When it became the cause of discord in relationships.

Sovety for the part of the most practical in the city of Zhurnal. This is really a stumbling block for most girls who do not want to part with a man, but they can no longer put up with the other side of the coin of his character either. What is it that is attached and what is called in it? Actually yes.

When to start influencing your partner?

Not if you are young, so the situation is different.

There are certain marker signals that perfectly demonstrate that you obviously missed something somewhere, and the partner has already felt the weakness, which he is trying to use with might and main for his own benefit and comfort.

To prevent a relationship from turning into an endless attempt to please your lover, pay attention to the following alarm bells:

  • Your couple in the first place is always his interests, desires and priorities.

It shouldn’t have been like this in the first place. Often girls in an attempt to create a strong marriage forget about their own needs, extolling desires b. As a result, it becomes accepted in the family that the spouse is a king and a god, and the wife is in the position of “take-give-mute”. If this situation is familiar to you, perhaps the moment of re-education has come.

  • The man gradually turned into a “domestic disabled person.”

This is also very common nowadays. Young men are taught from childhood that the duty of a woman is to create comfort in the house. However, this does not mean at all that the hands of the spouse himself can turn into paws. Do you understand that you need help, but your man categorically does not want to recognize his ability to do something around the house too? This is a very good reason to engage in his gradual re-education.

  • Most of your fights are due to the fact that a man literally does not hear or deliberately ignores pleading.

Such behavior does not always show indifference. Most often, the partner does not really see the problem in their actions, even if you ask them not to do this every day several times. And in this case, the guy really needs to start re-educating, so that such a “well, well, that’s cool” does not enter into pref. After all, it is because of the little things that most often even the strongest families break up.

  • It is important to know that it is important to know that the partner

It’s one thing when a girl consciously chooses the role of a housewife. No in this case it is not necessary to have a full-body. When both spouses work (and often a woman manages to have a much larger income as well) and life is still your sole concern by default, something needs to be done. For example, try to delicately influence the character of your chosen one.

  • The behavior of a man depresses you morally and delivers a strong EMOTIONAL DISCOMFORT.

In this case, there are only two adequate ways. In the first case, you will have to finally and irrevocably part. This should not be tolerated under any circumstances, as there is a risk of acquiring a whole range of psycho-emotional problems. The second option involves the re-education of a partner, so that in a relationship it is comfortable not only for him.

How to change a man in a relationship?

How to influence the male character?

From a psychological point of view, this is indeed very difficult. Quite often you can meet the opinion that a person must be accepted exclusively as he is. However, think about the fact that the character of each personality is formed under the influence of numerous external facts.

And often this process occurs throughout life. So there is always a chance. The main thing is to act correctly and have a certain amount of cunning. Here are some psychological recommendations, which demonstrate the real effectiveness in the field of male translation:

  • Create your own personal “portrait”.

Often, women from the very beginning of a relationship take the position of a weak and defenseless girl. Please note that it is too late, so that it is not necessary. Otherwise, a man will always perceive you as an insufficiently mature person, with whom you can deal.

If from the very beginning it was not possible to achieve this, act more assertively. For example, actively participate in any matter that is significant to the family. No need for a self-contained plan, no need for it to be available to you. Demonstrate that it is the most important thing in the world, and the price of the box in the world and the same thing as the girl.

  • Don’t worry about that.

Sovet is quite common and even somewhat banal. However, it really works. Not to be missed by the room and unrelatedness. Use an adequate version of the “carrot and stick” method. Removed from the table himself without a reminder? Great job and thanks for the help, love.

Prognosticated by the project with the following summaries of the magazine? You’ll have to be alone with the kids all day because of it. Sooner or later, any man will begin to develop a reflex a la “Pavlov’s dog.” Banalno, no zato wesma deystvenno. Especially effective for those partners who are not accustomed to listening to someone else’s words.

  • State your desires correctly.

Remember that men cannot and will never learn to read women’s thoughts. Be consistent. First, a clear statement of your wishes, and then you debriefing. It is not necessary to change these points. Otherwise, your spouse will not draw the right conclusions.

  • Remember that friendship and mutual respect should come first.

Raging passion, romance and love – it’s wonderful. No longer are you in the water, so that you store them by yourself. The opportunity to talk heart to heart, interest and the format “wife is the best friend” Always has a positive effect on the representatives of the stronger sex.

  • Control should not be too explicit.

Be smarter. A man begins to actively resist re-education only when it is noticeable. So don’t say you’re going to change his character. In addition to this, the object is delicate.

  • Stop comparing yourself to other guys.

There is nothing worse than an offended man. Such comrades often begin to do everything out of spite. Therefore, you should not constantly cite in the example of more successful acquaintances and husbands of girlfriends. In order to motivate and support it in the new announcements that are made in the list.

  • Don’t blackmail him with sex.

This is one of the most important rules. The re-education of a man should not affect the intimate sphere of your relationship. Otherwise, he may decide that love has come to an end altogether. Most guys equate sex with feelings. So don’t punish him with weaning. Don’t provoke change.

It is difficult to re-educate a man, but it is quite possible. It is enough to act as delicately as possible so as not to cause a wave of desperate resistance. Do I need to try to correct his character. Yes, if you understand that the current state of affairs does not suit you.

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