How do I conquer a Leo man? My insider tips!

How do I conquer a Leo man? My insider tips! No wonder you are attracted to a Leo man. The way he enters the room with his charisma. With the pride of a real lion, he takes control of the whole room. The girls only have eyes for him and it doesn’t seem easy to find his place in the king’s court. So how do you seize the opportunity and impress them? Make his eyes light up? to seduce him? With the Leo man, you need to know how to be a strategist and play his game. So, be sure to follow the tips below to find out how to attract a Leo man.


Leo man: personality in love

In order to better answer this question, we must first understand what kind of man we are dealing with. This is something that can be very well understood using the analogy of Leo, the symbol of this zodiac sign. There is a pride to the Leo man, who only meets Aries’ attention needs, which are similar to those of a child.

They love it, the center of attention to stand. A Leo doesn’t hesitate to receive compliments either. Leo men are in excess vain. But not to the point of making fun of them. They are looking for someone who not only complements their style, personality, and qualities but can also offer them a change. Beneath his superficial appearance, this man is actually in search of true love. Always.


What kind of women does the Leo man like?

Rule number one is to be the best version of yourself. The lion doesn’t even recognize the number two. So, you have to make sure you are dressed to the best of your ability, no matter what it is. Your eyebrows must be impeccable, your manners extremely polite, your personality remarkable.

The first impressionthat you get from a Leo man lasts a lifetime. Never try to attract a Leo man by playing on self-pity or compassion. They have a very clear idea of ​​how much drama or hardship people have experienced. If he thinks you’ve seen too much, he’ll run away with the pride of a king.

don’t give in to him And don’t tell him either. Although he will consider it a personal win, it wouldn’t make you interesting. Be a woman who is not easy to seduce and win over. Even if it’s you trying to turn him on and attract him, please don’t show him. Pretend that he needs to chase you away and that this won’t be an easy part, that he needs to be up to the task.

And don’t tell him how much he means to you. He knows his worth. What you need to know is your own worth and don’t depend on it to calm you down. He is looking for a queen to rule the world with him. He would not be satisfied with a simple baroness. Unless this one is an angel sent from heaven.

How do I conquer a Leo man? My insider tips!

How to seduce a Leo man?

When it comes to making a first impression, you have to be up to the task from the start. And plays his game skillfully. Like I said, the Leo man loves attention.

Let him know how much you care for him. But do it subtle, for example by giving it a little more attention than others. But keep your distance and don’t become the helpful woman he’s not attracted to.

Never criticize him in public, especially in front of his family. Even if you criticize him privately, do it gently.

Always look flawless. Whether at home or away, the Leo man will have great respect for a woman who always keeps herself well. He will be attracted to you if you independent are and have your own life. But he needs you to get interested in his too. Ask him about his work, hobbies, and interests. Keep up to date with everything that happens in his life. Never forget that sensitivity is the key to everything with the Leo man.


How does a Leo man in love behave?

The first sign that a Leo man is interested and has feelings for you is that he will prefer you over everything else. In a group of friends or in a room full of people, if you catch his eye or his attention, it means he’s interested or even in love. You will meet his eyes from time to time. If some people pay little attention to what you say, he will. He will want you to feel special.

If he suggests things you can do together, that’s another sign. This means that he wants to spend more time with you. Preferably alone. Leo men rarely jump up and don’t seek comfort. But in some difficult moments, even the Leo man can his weaknesses demonstrate. If he sets his heart on you, it’s only because he needs you to comfort him. It will mean that he feels very close to you. It’s his way of getting closer to you. If it’s not just about being spoiled, but it’s serious business, then it’s a good thing he chose you.

How do I conquer a Leo man? My insider tips!

How to win his heart?

It’s not that Leo men are moody. But a Leo can quickly lose interest in someone whose charm is gone or broken. To put him on the case, let him do it. The Leo man is convinced that his path is the right one. To contradict him completely is harmful for your love affair with him. If you want to change his mind, make him believe it was his idea. He doesn’t mean to be silly, but he likes it when you compliment power.

Compliment all the little things, like the location he chooses for a meeting or the shelf he fixed himself. He needs to feel valued. He likes to be unique. This in turn will make him appreciate the person who appreciates him.

Support his unusual thought process even if he drives you crazy. He will see common sense in his plans and he can be the only one. It does not matter. He wants to be in the spotlight. So let him get attention whenever he can. But if you give him all the spotlight, he will look elsewhere.

Never speak badly of the people around him. A Leo’s identity is derived from the people he or she is in contact with. The severe criticism of them is perceived as a personal attack on him.


Signs that the Leo man is uninterested or not in love

Unfortunately! It’s also true that he might not be interested in you after all. It is important that you know if this is the case. So how do you know if he’s interested and has feelings for you?

When he takes pride in correcting you in conversations, pointing out your mistakes, or finding excuses to be with you fight, then he is not interested in you as you are. This man knows he’s right, so he’ll never tolerate a bad opinion of someone he’s not trying to charm.

Some Leo men won’t hesitate to say it outright. The most docile of them will leave clues.

But if your lion hasn’t caught his prey, the next one is probably not far away and will know how to capitalize on the opportunity. Persistence is the key. How do I conquer a Leo man? My insider tips!

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