Do girls confess their love first and is it worth it to do so?

Do girls confess their love first and is it worth it to do so? Everything was clear with your grandparents: he came to her, said that he loved her, gave her a ring – and everything, that’s all. Relationships today are complex. Girls work on an equal footing with men, if not more, have every right and love a sense of responsibility.

Do you want it, do you want it?

Do girls confess their love first and is it worth it to do so? Why do you need it?

What is the meaning of the word?

The problem of almost all girls is that they expect only a reciprocal recognition and a beautiful happy ending. For them, this is a way to get a man of interest, transfer responsibility to him and even oblige love. Of course, all these motives are often unconscious, and the girl feels like the heroine of any movie.

Remember: if you think even a little that he needs recognition, you are mistaken. This is an additional responsibility for a person, the need to somehow change his life, even if he is this body.

Therefore, the only reason that really does not take revenge is you.

To speak or not

Write down two columns – the pros and cons of your recognition.

The stars are up to date in this case, the position on the location of the storage. “We will start dating” is not an argument, but only your dreams. “I will get certainty in life” is a more realistic option. All points should concern only you, because you cannot predict the reaction of a person.

Is it necessary to tell a man about his feelings?

Then imagine the worst outcomes: a man can remain silent, get lost or walk away from the conversation, take time to think, just to get rid of the situation. Yeshus if you are intimacy, do it can laughs radically different from earlight.

If even thinking through the worst possible outcomes gives you a sense of relief rather than the desire to hide in a corner and sob, perhaps the time has come for decisive action.

How to confess feelings?

Sometimes even a simple interest is very difficult to communicate, but this is a great way to start a closer acquaintance, and a simple “I like you” is much easier to perceive than a declaration of love. And yes, it’s easier to say. Therefore, these tips can be used for ability and simple recognition of sympathy, and for further ° step box m × bt

Pick a time and place when a man will be relaxed – not at work, not loaded with domestic issues. Unlike you, men are not able to process a large amount of information at once.

  • say it straight

Proven and the same as the method. To tell eye to eye, in private, honestly. It is better if the chosen place is conducive to romance or at least relaxation. At work, at the entrance and at home, it is better to choose a park or a cafe. Among other things, it will be easier for a man to leave to think things over, and he will have time for this.

Start the conversation with something light, don’t dump words on the person as an obligation. And no conditions – you just share your feelings, and do not demand it.

Unlike you, men are more action-oriented than words. Perhaps it would be better to receive your goal of an invitation to a concert, behold.

And most importantly, it will be easier for you yourself, because it is easier to perceive the refusal to act than the recognition of one-sided feelings.

  • Unusual confessions

The host at the concert will announce your sympathy, the radio host will read the quatrain you wrote, or you will bake a cake with the inscription “I love you.” In any case, someone else seems to do the work for you, and at the last moment, refuse the chosen stove.

This way is a little easier for you, you don’t have to choose words, and sometimes all you have to do is smile.

The easiest way that deprives you of the opportunity to know the real emotions of a partner. Get ready for the fact that you will have to wait an hour, a day or even a week for an answer. Such is the rational thinking of a man: he needs to weigh everything, think and try to figure it out, but what

What if the recognition is not mutual?

Decide in advance how you will behave in a situation where you are refused.

Don’t stop by when you want in the depressing, the slaves, the rugs, and the people. Your calm acceptance and gratitude for what he listened to will more likely become the key to maintaining friendly relations, and more likely that he will someday change his attitude.

The first reaction is not always final, a man is more likely to think it over later, in private, or discuss with a close friend. Give him time.

After confessions, give freedom: persecution, imposition will only spoil everything. It’s like a game of chess. You made your move, now it’s up to him. After all, building relationships is a path where two people go towards each other, and not one catches up with the other.

How to deal with loss?

If the feelings were clearly not mutual, give yourself time to be sad and emotes. It’s time for friends to red dry.

Live this moment instead of trying to pretend you don’t care.

When the ice cream or wine is over, it’s time to clean up. Find new hobbies, expand your social circles, go to school or go on a trip alone. Even non-reciprocal love is a huge source of energy that you need to spend on yourself, to become the best version.

Remember, they didn’t answer you, not because you are bad, but because a better fate awaits you. Confessing your feelings yourself is a manifestation of great courage, which many girls can envy.

What if he confesses?

And that’s where the situation is, it’s not necessary to give it away in the wind. As long as you know what you are doing, you are trying to do it yourself.

Prosto ostavaysy chessnoy, given soboy and two words that are!

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