How to understand the serious attitude of a man towards a woman?

How to understand the serious attitude of a man towards a woman at the beginning of a relationship? If you now instantly remembered the cartoon “Koloboks are investigating” – jokes aside. We are not going to call you on the path of a private detective investigating in personal interests. Our emphasis on the important hidden meaning of your loved one’s behavior will be located in another niche.

Everything is easier than it seems

All bicycles, well, or many of them, in the practical psychology of relations between opposite sexes, already come. While you are puzzled and mentally guessing on a camomile: loves, does not love. Experts have already found the answers.

No matter how ironically you relate to the abilities of psychologists in body language, facial expressions, the “mask” on the face that you are so in love with, words, phrases that accidentally escaped, make a verdict on how passionate a man is about you, here any skepticism is inappropriate.

Just like you, your new or mysteriously expressionless old boyfriend (we are not talking about age now) involuntarily still betrays himself every second and every day. Take into service the signs already verified to the nuances, you will understand everything without his words and confessions. Gotova? Then we begin to “guess” and “conjure”.

How to understand the serious attitude of a man towards a woman? 10 steps to the puzzle

We will not breed long ANTimony, we will try to present everything to you in an accessible language without boring terms. A scientific approach to the given problem revealed 10 fragments of a man’s behavior that clearly indicate the fact: you are loved or at least very interesting to this subject, he is going to make your relationship long-lasting, strong, serious, promising for you on a subconscious level.

How to recognize not a serious relationship?

Bright and barely perceptible signs of his choice in your favor may not be all present, not appear every minute, replace one another, so that you will not get any hasty conclusions for 1 day of observations. The deadline for the final summary can be stretched out, therefore, and the tact of help, now we are transposing ommen.

Nonverbal Body Signals

A little cheeky, sort of imposing pose on a date in a restaurant, nightclub, cafe, calmness in transport, metro, train, slowness in the office when you are discussing a business project, joyful complacency by the fire if you spend time with friends on a picnic.

At the same time, the legs are naturally spread apart at a decent distance, the hands gesticulate, “live a separate life”, accompanying the words with movements, the feet “look” at you – congratulations. He is fascinated, he has already taken out “Cupid’s arrows” from his shoulder bag, “hunts” and at the same time makes it clear that I am open to you, I do not hide anything, I am passionate and do not even hide it.

The posture while sitting seems tense, the legs are brought together, as the profits in an extreme miniskirt do, the hands are restrainedly “silent”, the feet “look” around according to the principle: where to run away – there is no need to explain anything. You are not the woman of his dreams, he did not disappear back home only because of good upbringing and patience.

Mimic messages of the face

The first “mark” that your counterpart is clearly not indifferent to his companion is dilated pupils during the conversation of the site. We do not even consider cases of alcohol and drug intoxication, such a comrade is not a match for you, and it will “wash away” the whole picture because of its psychological inadequacy.

“Our man” is healthy and not prone to bad habits, and therefore his huge pupils are in our favor, this prankster dopamine has already penetrated into the bloodstream and betrays his hidden “hot” emotional attitude towards you. For the purity of the “experiment” take the fan into a bright room or outside under the sun. Are the pupils still huge? Hurray, he is most likely already ours!

“Experiments” with observation of the pupils – a double trap. If that’s the case and it isn’t priced in this way, two of you will have to wait for it. Do not strain right away, please, this trump card will only benefit you. We don’t know how, but men “copy” such women in flight, and immediately attraction and responses are born in their souls. So don’t try to hide your eyes behind dark sunglasses.

Another sign of falling in love on the part of a man is the “bucking” of testosterone, which causes increased salivation. Your companion on a date constantly convulsively swallows saliva, licks parched lips, smiles with a “Gwynplaine smile”, shows you all my 32 teeth, raises his eyebrows with a house – it’s ready, our dear friend, he is a prisoner of your spell, which is already undoubtedly.

Eye to eye and hand to hand

Your boyfriend, heart friend, potential boyfriend provokes any tactile touch with you – another ball in the winner’s hole. Even better, if he also likes to look into your eyes for a long time. Won d Kellerman, a famous American psychologist, generally forced bt

They stood opposite, held hands, talked for a couple of minutes with their eyes, not taking their eyes off the person in this connection. Next to the language, so that the program before the test is finished.

Watch slowly if your companion tries to involuntarily close the distance between you when you are not alone. A random fellow traveler, a participant in the conversation, will dilute your couple for a while, and he still strives to restore the “status quo” again and be next to you. In this case, write down for yourself another sure sign of his love for the piggy bank.

The name of the “velicolep” is that of the interested parties:

  • he listens to you and hears, quickly remembers what kind of coffee, what kind of cakes you prefer, recognizes your favorite perfume, hides in his head the information that is important to you, and extracts it from there in time if necessary;
  • does not get tired of telling you pleasant, exciting things, does not skimp on compliments, is sincere in his admiration for your outfit, hairstyle, choice of a book, film, play, exhibition, total term paper, design project at work, while not prevaricating and allows himself a soft ;
  • constantly asks you about all sorts of little things, cute and not so habits, passions, dreams, hobbies, hobbies, carefully stores all this information on “shelves” unknown to you, and then uses it wisely in the form of gifts, signs of attention, purposeful participation in some in fact, when you did not expect help;
  • his ideas for the coming days and even months include your presence: vacation plans, travel plans, meetings with friends, entertainment events, he cannot imagine without you, and if he leaves on a business trip or on personal matters, he prefers to be aware of what you are busy, preoccupied in his absence, tries, if possible, to be in touch, even if he went to conquer Everest or descended on a bathyscaphe to the depths of the ocean;
  • he warns you about dates and other formats of meeting with you in advance, not a couple of hours in advance, but already during the previous communication, does not turn you into a “boot call girl” – “flesh played”, and here you are in the wings, in love, naive young lady, immediately ready for everything, aerobatics – calls, and messages from noon to 5 pm, psychologists say so: he patiently waited for the right time and took into account that you can be busy;
  • easily and naturally, as if it were necessary, he introduces you to people close to him: relatives, friends, colleagues, together with you he is a little worried about how the communication will go, he supports you in everything at first, until you get along with his circle, at the same time, he does not ignore or criticize “your people”, even if some of your girlfriends or relatives would do well to correct their behavior in his presence;
  • even small things like taking your dog for a walk when you’re sick, medicine for your mom at the pharmacy next door to his house, going to your little brother’s sports competitions together, and then a friendly visit together at an ice cream parlor, and also his constant: missed, waiting, preparing, thinking in dialogue with you.

All this is much more evidence of his interest than an expensive bouquet of flowers, a prestigious souvenir from Europe with a famous label after a business trip, an offer to “walk” around Paris or Rome for a couple of days to satisfy “our sexual hunger with you”, think about it at your leisure. And we leave you to dot the i, after all that you have heard from us.

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