How to apologize to a guy for a lie if you screwed up a lot?

How to apologize to a guy for a lie if you screwed up a lot? It looks like you made a mistake somewhere in the relationship and a serious one, since you are reading this article. It’s okay, everyone makes mistakes, but apparently you want to fix everything. It is worth noting that it will not work to correct or erase from memory, but it is possible to make your relationship with a young man continue.

Where to begin?

To begin with, understand yourself. It is important to realize why you did something that is now in jeopardy in your relationship?

  • You may be in a relationship crisis.
  • Are you unsure of your feelings for a young man?
  • It’s normal for you to do stupid things first, and then apologize for them.
  • You are not allowed to control it, and it is not possible to control it
  • Went on about someone

Don’t forget to give it a try, it’s worth it. In some cases, you should no longer communicate with those who incite you to stupidity, and in another go to the olos.

What better not to do?

There is no particular rule on how best to apologize, but there are a few things that better than better.

  • Don’t question a man’s feelings

He has the right to be angry with you, be sad and draw conclusions. You should not tell him: “that you understand everything wrong.” He understands as much as he can. Because everyone has their own life experience.

  • Don’t let him talk

Yes, he has the right to say whatever he wants, but only if he does not violate your boundaries. He can only talk about what he thinks and feels about your act and your relationship.

  • Do not make excuses

It certainly won’t help you. But it can cause additional irritation. Therefore, it is worth recognizing the fact that your act brought pain to your man, and that’s the point.

Be sincere

This is a very important point. If you talk about how you feel and how dear your relationship is to you. That you understand his feelings and sincerely apologize. You must be there by the person who is there. It may not be superfluous to ask how he can forgive you, what will be important for him to keep.

How to make peace and end a quarrel

If a guy asks you something about a case where you cheated on him or behaved inappropriately, ask him. But the number of details is up to you.

  • Take charge

If you have something to apologize for, then you did something. So, only you are responsible for this, do not shift your fiasco onto others.

Do something nice

And this is not about bribery to be forgiven. And in order to show that a man is dear to you, and you want to please him. It could be anything:

  • Massage
  • Podarok
  • Date
  • Your attention
  • romantic dinner

In any case, you know exactly what could please your loved one. And that can soften his attitude towards you.

Remember all the good things that were and are between you

In order to somehow distract your partner from the conflict between you, you can transfer His attention to happy moments in your relationship. You may remember:

  • Your first dates
  • Trips
  • First kiss
  • Moments that are larger than those listed
  • General goals and plans
  • Difficult moments that you coped with

This will help you remember that so much has already happened between you. And there is something to forgive each other.

That is why the candy-bouquet period in a relationship is important. You can keep this wonderful time in your memory all your life, and in difficult moments of a relationship, return it. Remember how you were in love and did not notice how time flies.

How to start over?

After a difficult period in a relationship: crisis, quarrel or conflict, you can try to start all over again. No, I want to upset you, you can start again, but at first, no longer. In any case, you and your partner will have memories, but will you have the wisdom not to remember each other’s “jambs” throughout your life together.

But it is precisely this approach, not to recall the bad, that saves marriages. And in this case, you can try to continue to live together and continue to build your relationship in harmony.

If you have done something, it is important to try to apologize within one day. Going to bed reconciled, even just hugging, will be a good potential for your relationship. No this is necessary for the next part of the conflict, which is why it is so easy to read the words “sorry”.

Consider your partner’s temperament

Given that there are four types of temperament, it is important to consider the temperament of your man:

A man who belongs to this type of personality is EMO-rational, sharp. If you are active on two days, you can do this and you will want to do it in two adverts. In this case, you don’t need to be very emotional. And at some point it is better to remain silent.

A man of this type can take your act more calmly. No, it’s not worth it, it’s not worth it. You need to apologize to him more affectionately, calmly and clearly. He must understand that you are sincerely experiencing and that you understand his feelings.

This type of person can also clearly express their dissatisfaction. No where it is on the bust. Sanguine people are not capable of long experiences, although the depth of these feelings cannot be ruled out. Be frank in front of him and best of all hug.

A melancholic man will also not show his feelings brightly, but it will take a long time to forgive you. He will survive your conflict for a long time. All the details of your act will be important to him. And you will remember these circumstances for a long time. If you care about your relationship, then you can talk to him about your feelings. And to be honest, it’s hard for you too.

No matter how difficult it is for you to apologize, you need to do it openly, face to face. Do not write apologetic text messages. It will look very irresponsible of you. And tell the truth yourself, so that someone else does not do it for you.

It is also important to accept the fact that after your act, your relationship may end. Yes, it may be partly your fault. No in conflicts where there is no need for wine. And perhaps your relationship, and so, was no longer saved.

No it is possible, two posts are not given to the other people, and two parens are there, no one is there by this point. Let the past stay in the past.

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