How to apologize to a guy in your own words for behavior and lies?

How to apologize to a guy in your own words for behavior and lies? Anything can happen in a relationship between a man and a woman. To spoil them, a rash act or a caustic phrase is enough. Lack of attention, deception is hard perceived by men. If you are at fault, you must ask for forgiveness. Of course, this is not easy to do. Let’s see how to apologize to a guy.

What is the essence of forgiveness?

The meaning of forgiveness is that you, by your action, words, forever end that wave of negativity, which, like a Wave, beats against the side of life. You have probably come across such that in a relationship, partners do not notice that they do not forgive, they harbor resentment, from.

At the same time, as if there is a fact of forgiveness, the phrases are heard in the pair: “Oh, come on”, “Yes, I already forgave you”, “Laprostila”, “Lapril”. In this case, forgiveness does not occur. This is the calm before another storm.

No, there must be forgiveness. That is what will bring you peace.

When You Forgive with all your heart, Sincerely forgive a person, Gratitude arises inside, for the fact that a person is next to you.

Understanding that forgiveness has occurred in the soul is quite simple. The partner from whom you asked for forgiveness begins to say: “Forgive me too.” It opens up at the same time. In such a relationship, silence and love are born.

How to ask for forgiveness?

It is best to ask for forgiveness directly, and not through a telephone conversation, SMS. Simple tricks to apologize:

  • When pronouncing words, look the guy in the eyes. In order to process the accuracy and chest.
  • Tell the truth. Men clearly recognize lies, although they themselves often use this technique.
  • Avoid vain promises that you are unable to keep. In this case, you are making the situation worse.
  • Do not raise your voice, speak from the “I position”, do not go to the “You messages”. Don’t try to blame the guy. His mistakes are best discussed after the fact of reconciliation has taken place.
  • Express in words your emotions about the situation. The guy should understand that you are really ashamed of what you have done.
  • You can pre-write a phrase with an apology on a piece of paper. Speak it, do not read it, firmly, with feelings.
  • Indicate that you have taken into account your mistake for the future.
  • End the apology with an interrogative sentence that allows the guy to accept the forgiveness. “You’re not angry with me anymore, are you?”

How to get forgiveness from an offended husband

  • A verbal apology is best accompanied by kisses and hugs.

A profitable tactic for forgiveness

Before asking for forgiveness, consider some of the nuances:

  • Choose the right time for forgiveness, focusing on the magnitude of the situation.

If this is a minor quarrel, then you can ask for forgiveness in half an hour or an hour. If the quarrel was a major one, during which the old “jambs” were recalled, accusations were used, then some time should pass before forgiveness is possible. The guy needs to cool down.

Call him in a couple of days on the phone with a proposal for a meeting. If he refuses, then apologize on the phone.

  • Determine exactly what your fault is.

Apologize only for your mistakes. Don’t blame the guy though. Let’s say a quarrel began because of the garbage that was not taken out by the guy. He does not show aggression, continues to play the computer. In the end, you could not restrain yourself, yelled at him. Here it makes sense to apologize for your impulsiveness. If forgiveness is combined with a reproach to the guy, then it is unlikely to look sincere.

  • Think about your actions in advance if the guy refuses to put up.

While this situation is rare, it can happen. Then ne stoit beg for forgiveness. Get out of the situation with dignity. You can just say that I’m sorry you’re not ready for forgiveness. No, it’s your right.

Non-verbal tactics

To enhance the possibility of a successful development of events, you can also include non-verbal tactics in addition:

  • Take the guy’s hand. It is better to do this not at the beginning of the speech, but somewhere in the middle. When he understands that it is about forgiveness. Touch enhances the perception of apologies. They add sincerity to the words.
  • Look into your eyes. This point is quite difficult to complete. Especially if you are very guilty before the chosen one.
  • After you touch the guy, stand closer to him. This is a great hint for him to hug you, which in itself means accepting the apology.

Special Ways to Forgive

If you asked the guy for forgiveness, but nothing helps, then know that there are three female methods that must be used with caution. Otherwise, the situation may worsen.

  • Tears. Few men are able to withstand women’s tears. If you sincerely suffer, it’s unbearably hard for you, then you can use this tactic. No, remember that a man will immediately figure out insincere sobs. Frequent tears only irritate him.
  • Tenderness. If during the conversation the guy softened, then hug, caress him.
  • sexes. Any quarrel should not be discharged with sex. Otherwise, this magic method will become habitual.

When no actions help, the guy is offended and does not want to hear about forgiveness, then let go of the situation. Wait until the feeling of resentment subsides.

Phrases about forgiveness

Depending on the situation, you should choose the most appropriate phrases about forgiveness.

  • If there was a domestic confusion. “Don’t sulk at me, please, over trifles. This is nothing. Yes, I overdid it with EMOs. You know how impulsive I am. I need to be more restrained. Darling, don’t be angry with me. Another time, I’ll do my best to contain myself. Peace, right?”
  • Against the backdrop of jealousy. “When you say that you want the doctor Yes, I am jealous. I don’t know what came over me. Of course, my jealousy does not justify such behavior. Excuse me, okay?”
  • If there has been a change. “It’s hard for me to ask your forgiveness. I am guilty before you. I’m ashamed to look into your eyes. I don’t know if I deserve forgiveness because I jeopardized our relationship. Then you can do that. Can I count on us to stay together?”
  • If there has been a scam. “I know how ugly I acted. Honesty in a relationship is important to me. No need to talk about the situation. Try to forgive me.”

Don’t make mistakes

Avoid these common mistakes:

  • Don’t apologize right away. The guy and you need time to cool off. If you are at the peak of emotions, then it is hardly possible to resolve the issue.
  • Don’t bend your line. When voicing words of forgiveness, do not throw accusations, arguments in your defense. Feel free to say what you have planned. Don’t forget to read about it in the new room.
  • Do not remember past grievances. Ask for forgiveness without recalling his “jambs”. If you have already forgiven a man for them, then forget about them forever.

Asking for forgiveness is never easy. No, it is not necessary, you can put it in the future. If You Treasure Them, admitted your mistakes, are ready not to repeat them anymore, Then do not be afraid to start sparking with your apologies.

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