How to become necessary and significant for a girl? 👑

How to become necessary and significant for a girl? This publication of mine will be somewhat provocative and revealing. She will tell you about women’s secret desires. You can read and disagree, get angry, or twist at the temple, or you can try to implement some of this and get a stunning result.

Let’s get right off the bat and be honest: girls divide guys into categories. There may be several of them, they can be split up, but in general, there are three of them:

– Those who do not cling;

– Those who cling;

– A man of the highest standard, for whom you want to run to the ends of the world.

Going from one to another is difficult, but possible. It all depends on the beginning of your communication, on how you position yourself, how you present. You can, shaking with tension, whine how you liked her and invite her on a date.

And you can silently cover it with your umbrella in the rain and bring it to the shelter building: any adequate girl will be grateful and will want to continue acquaintance with the knight and the defender. Therefore, let’s start on the points to become unique for girls, of the highest standard.

How to become necessary and significant for a girl?

1 Silence is golden

The more a man is silent, the higher his value in the eyes of a girl.

But here you have to be careful. Silence during a CONVERSATION will make you a boring and uninterested interlocutor (automatically fly into category 1). Therefore, it is important to be able to keep up the conversation (I wrote a detailed analysis of how and what to say for this).

But silence during some events (at dinner, during a purchase, at the cinema, and so on, where your dialogue with her is inappropriate) and laconic correspondence (write only on business) – gives weight to every word you say. And the compliment that you utter against the background of an endless stream of words will be less important and even noticed than if you give it out suddenly against the background of dry correspondence.

Look, when an interesting and important person says something, they catch his every word. You are also important and interesting. Let her wait for your words.

On an example, with politicians, I will explain. As journalists or analysts like to take a quote and start twisting it, this way and that, giving a special meaning, putting depth, the double meaning of the statement, and so on. Girls are the most notorious dreamers and inventors. Do not feed them with bread, let them look for such deep meanings: “What did he mean when he said …?”, “What did this long look of his mean …?”.

Look into her eyes and be silent, smile meaningfully. This has a particularly high sacred meaning in situations where you cannot influence the situation – you just observe together. Catch her eye and smile.

2 We and us

Say “we”. Include this word in your speech. Nothing melts the female brain like this pronoun. Especially if it is addressed to a third party. Push it inconstantly. For example:

– Instead of: “I want to invite you to take a walk in the park,” say: “I want we went for a walk in the park.”

– Instead of: “Me and Dasha congratulate you on the holiday!” Say: “We congratulations on your holiday!” etc.

Add everywhere: “we liked”, “we want”, “we have …”. And when you discuss something together and when in public.

3 Brains

Women can’t resist smart men.

This explains the common cases where a young girl falls in love with an old grandfather, and they happily begin to live together. A common pattern from envious women – she fell for the money. But it is not difficult for young and beautiful people to fall in love with a younger and richer man, without a round dance of already existing heirs. However, they are led by the mind and charisma of experienced and intelligent men.

And all these jokes that the brain is the sexiest organ in men? A clear confirmation of female weakness.

The mind is not only calculations in nuclear physics, it is erudition, a broad outlook, and the presence of one’s own point of view. I am not suggesting that you grow old and win young women’s hearts, no. But in the era of Google, it is a shame not to be aware of events, news, not to learn new things, and not strive for development.

“Smart” in the direction you are interested in, study what is interesting to you – then there is a high chance of meeting a really suitable and interesting girl, with whom, first of all, you will feel good and not bored. When you are on the wave of enthusiasm from your passion, passion, it will catch your state and excitement, and either share them with you, or fall aside, like unnecessary shavings from a tree. Why do you need a girl who is indifferent to your personality?

Just don’t talk about the fact that you are not smart and where are you, who was generally expelled from the university. I have already written above what the mind means in the female sense. Integral calculations and your speed of solving them are of no interest to anyone.

How to become necessary and significant for a girl?

4 Career

Arising from the previous point. Now I will write something, and if you understand and accept it, then your life will become easier at times. And not only in the field of personal relationships.

You must be a master in your field and love what you do.

If you don’t like your job, change it. “Oh, how easy it is for her to write this,” you might think. But nothing like that, I felt it all on myself and on other people close to me. It’s easy to find excuses, but building your life always takes effort.

A job that weighs you down will never make you desirable and successful in the eyes of girls.

Work that inspires and satisfies you makes you
valuable and unique. And it doesn’t matter who you work as – a painter or a top manager. Once again, I repeat – DO NOT IMPORTANT. The type of your employment does not matter, the main thing is your attitude towards it. Respect for colleagues, superiors, joy from the result, communication with customers.

No one says that you, like an idiot, should always smile, rejoice and not get tired. Any work is both stressful and problems, constantly arising impossible tasks, deadlines and so on.

But if these stresses are the only thing you get from work (and a salary, okay), then you will never be a man of the highest standard for any woman in the world.

A man who is a professional in his field causes unprecedented admiration among women. (In general, he calls everyone, including his superiors, but we will not go so far now).

Think about what you can fix (if needed). Maybe it is not necessary to change the field of activity at all, it is enough to make changes in the current course of things? Solve this problem, love yourself, create comfortable conditions for yourself.

5 Kindness

Do you agree that a unique man is an exclusive man? I think yes. And let’s remember, approximately, what does the average modern man look like? And think about how against its background to show off its exclusivity.

Let’s talk in a positive way – this is a person with a sense of humor, who knows his own worth, who knows how to stand up for himself. And what follows from this? Aggressiveness. Anger. Selfishness and indifference to others, closeness, and callousness. Oh yes, how many times all this creeps out at the most unnecessary moment and pushes the girls away from you forever.

Unfortunately, the modern world forces people to become like that. Driving all our humanity deep, deep. Well, you have already guessed what kind of quality that will instantly set you apart from all men and exalt you to a pedestal. It’s so rare in today’s world kindness.

And a man, a kind man – a rarity and a single copy. But again, guys, I’m not talking about excesses. Not when you allow everyone to “plow” on you, silently turning your back. I’m talking about another kindness.

Help the old man, take pity on the kitten, treat understanding (rather than condemnation) to someone. Justify someone else’s mistake (out loud).

Don’t let yourself be used out of the “goodness of your heart.” It is important to do things of your own desire and impulse that demonstrate your good soul. And it is desirable to do all this in full view of the girl. Yes, this is such mercantile spirit and thoughtfulness.

And one more thing: do not confuse aggressiveness with brutality. The second is when courage and strength are demonstrated with a slight movement, in a positive sense. Protection, care, guardianship. Aggressiveness, on the other hand, has a negative connotation, and aims not to unite, but to oppose.

6 Generosity

Oh no, I’m not going to tell you now how great it is to be generous and scatter money left and right. It will bring you nothing but free money greedy girls.

I propose to go from the opposite and show what makes you an ordinary and gray (not standing out from the crowd) guy. Even if you are already in a relationship.

So this is – conspicuous stinginess. I had such a case in a nascent relationship – I was walking around the city with a guy, I wanted to drink, he says – we’ll buy it now. We taxi into the store, take what he wants, go to the checkout, where there is a small queue. He gives a bill, pays it off. The cashier hands over the change and my boyfriend starts counting the coins she gave him. Scrupulously shifting coins from one hand to the other. The queue is waiting, I’m waiting. Then he nodded to the cashier that everything was correct, and we went. What the?

As he later told me, he always controls his finances. Isn’t it easier then to control them without removing them from the map? – No, you need to withdraw everything so that the bank does not use your money illegally.

In general, he always had such behavior – both when paying for movie tickets and in a restaurant. He didn’t leave a tip, I took mine out and put it on the bill.

So, guys, it’s VERY, VERY unpleasant when the money spent on a girl is so emphatically recalculated, moved, the change is carefully checked. I stand nearby and feel how sorry he is for this money. How he does NOT want to spend them and part with them. And the reason for this is me. Do you understand what I mean?

I offered a hundred times to split the bills, buy the tickets myself (for two), but how, he does not agree to this. He’s a man, he invites. In general, do not repeat such mistakes. I quickly broke up with him, and I recall with horror all these “invitations” and exits into society.

What is the man of the highest order? If next to him you feel like a beggar, not a desirable girl.

Conclusion – if you are greedy, you do not need to publicly demonstrate it. It’s repulsive. It’s better to honestly say that you feel sorry for the money for empty entertainment, it’s better for me, Masha, to buy a bag for you. Well, if you want to do something nice for a girl.

7 Persuasion is more valuable than money

Stability and loyalty to one’s word are the two pillars of a reliable person who is always welcome by everyone. Who is respected. A bargain is a bargain. If you promise something, you simply must fulfill it. Break into a cake and perform.

Or warn about force majeure and apologize. This applies to any things – they promised to be at 19, which means they should be at the indicated place by this time. They promised to punish the offender – punish. They promised to get the girl – get it.

Girls tend to pay attention to the little things. If you don’t fulfill even a tiny promise to write an SMS after a workout, then she notices this, and … there can be no question of any increase up the ladder of uniqueness.

8 Lie

There are two interesting and indisputable facts in our life:

1. People lie to appear better in the eyes of the other person.

2. The attitude of others towards you depends on your actions.

If you combine them, it turns out that the lie is meaningless. No matter what you write, it doesn’t make sense in the end.

For example, I always used to cheat people on time: “I’ll be there in 15 minutes”, and came in 30. Moreover, I knew very well that in 15 minutes I would not have time.

Or: “Preparation took me 40 minutes“. Although in fact it was spent 30. Here is such a petty stupid lie.

I don’t even understand why I did it. Wanted to look better, faster? Indeed, in fact, an honest answer does not affect anything, but, on the contrary, creates an image of a decent person for me.

Therefore, do not cheat on trifles – what time you went to bed, where you will go, how much you spent. The truth may not be revealed, but the habit of lying will firmly enter into your nature, and at least sometime, but you will make a mistake.

And then you become a huge disappointment. Why huge? Because the game is not worth the candle. There is no point in these petty lies. Nothing changes from the distortion of facts. But the conclusion will be this – if you cheat on small things, then you will repeat it in a situation with higher stakes. And as a result, you are not an exclusive man, but the most common liar.

And then it will be easier for yourself – you don’t have to keep your deceptions in mind so that the testimony converges. Honesty is a trait of strong people who know exactly how to become unique for a girl.

I know and you can do it too. How to become necessary and significant for a girl?

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