How to behave correctly for a woman with her beloved man?

How to behave correctly for a woman with her beloved man: advice from a psychologist? Relationships between the sexes are a serious thing and not always the easiest. A man and a woman are like representatives of two different planets who do not understand each other’s language at all. You fell in love with a guy with all your heart, but do not know how to show him your feelings? It doesn’t always have to be rushed.

Sometimes a man is very easy to scare away with the wrong behavior. And in this case, it will be very problematic to prove to him the purity of his intentions.

In order for misunderstandings to arise, there are certain norms of behavior, such as r now storie sehooden If feelings begin to prevail over reason, think about what such an oversight can turn out to be.

Why are men afraid of girls in love?

We probably noticed in my uni that guys always answer in the hood in ^ n ^ py short ardor design py short nelyly design us short nelyly design And there are several very good and justified reasons for this:

  • You are not his type.

Sadly, this is what tends to be the true rationale behind most rejections of a romantic relationship with a woman who shows signs of attention. More often than not, the part of the branching can be said about this directly, especially if the time is gin injections

Therefore, too obvious activity can generally scare him away.

  • Interference with privacy.

Some women, even before getting consent to a relationship, behave as if the guy is already a freebie. This is one of the typical mistakes of strongly in love ladies.

Such behavior is not only not liked, but also frankly frightened by most adequate men who really appreciate their independence and abstraction. Therefore, before hanging on his neck and kissing him in public, think about whether he is ready for this at all.

How to love a man?

  • Fear of a serious relationship.

Another typical reason for the fear that a woman will begin to show active and persistent attention. Let’s say right now a man is not ready to take care of someone or even live together.

There can be completely different reasons for this: a recent painful breakup with a girl, tense moments in a career, difficulties in school, problems at home, etc. Therefore, he is unlikely to fantasize about a white dress, a luxurious wedding her..

  • Excessive emotionality.

Almost all women do this. Such is the nature of the fair sex that any emotions literally seethe in them and rush out. But men are the complete opposite. Most often, they are cold-blooded and are guided exclusively by rational urges.

Therefore, the sensual pressure of a woman can really scare a guy. He may think that it will be very difficult in a relationship with you, since any situation will cause a storm of emotions, from which you will have to rush to pack your things and run away until the pan hits your head.

  • Secret love for another.

Yes, this fact should not be forgotten either. A man may not talk about such an intimate circumstance. But if his heart is occupied, it is problematic to force out the image of a girl from there, yes, Bul. To this end it is necessary to project the fullness of the object.

  • own complexes.

And this is generally a whole separate topic. For example, a man may think that he is simply unworthy of such a pretty girl. Or he will begin to look for some secret trick in this (a cruel joke, self-interest, a desire to make a fool of him).

Low self-esteem in general sometimes does not allow you to adequately perceive the fact that some girl is in him. Therefore, such a guy can really start to shun you in this case.

How to behave so as not to scare a man?

In the modern world, a girl should be able to take the initiative and at the right time to show her attitude towards the guy. Because lately, it is the fair sex that is the dominant in terms of psycho-emotional.

So, here are some tips to help you avoid common mistakes and

  • Don’t pity.

It’s not right to tell long stories about failed relationships and how bad the past was. A new man can simply feel like a vest or a friend-zoned comrade, who, apart from the constant consolation of drunken female tantrums, does not shine anymore.

  • Be a good conversationalist.

It is very important. Every girl in love, if she wants to smoothly switch the guy’s attention to herself, must, first of all, be a mother. Don’t act like you don’t care what movie he saw last weekend.

And the depreciation of hobbies or interests in terms of music is generally the last thing. If this is the case with the contact that isn’t available.

  • Maintain the tone of the conversation and skillfully use humor.

You should not make a languid or sour face when a man tells some funny story. Learn to adapt to the dialogue. After all, it might actually be interesting. To that end, where the partner is, it is not possible to do so.

In addition, good peppy humor can win absolutely any heart. This is true even from a psychological point of view. After all, people tend to be with those who cheer them up and make life more colorful. And there are enough gloomy shades in it.

  • Flirtatiousness and flirting should be unobtrusive.

It is not necessary to stop and mimic, podsmotrennye somewhere in erotic and melodramatic films. Act natural and learn to shoot gracefully with your eyes.

  • Do not rush to make demands for courtship.

Many men today are very afraid to stumble upon materialistic women. Therefore, the manifestation of feelings for them means only one thing – she wants something from me. Because that’s what it is and it’s not supposed to be that way on a potential cavalry squad. Be smarter and don’t demand huge bouquets and chic restaurants from the first days of your acquaintance.

  • Let go of demonstrative helplessness.

It is only in the books that clumsy girls make a man want to take care of them. If it is the last thing you want in Parnya and it is still possible to do it, it is not a street and it is a child.

  • Show common interests.

This is what unites people in a couple from the first days of dialogues. If he loves modern impressionist paintings, invite him to go to an exhibition. When a lover turned out to be a fan of rock music, the best option to get closer is to attend a concert together.

Don’t forget that you, too, should be interested in all this. Otherwise, deception will sooner or later be revealed and will not lead to anything good. And it’s not very pleasant to be where it’s frankly boring.

  • Obsession won’t help.
  • Jealousy is the worst ally at the beginning of a relationship.

While you are just starting to communicate, give up bouts of possessiveness. This is the first thing men turn to, because they hate scandals and are not going to be on a short leash for the rest of their lives.

  • No vulgarity.

If you want a relationship more than once, pay attention to your image. If it resembles the style of the main characters in adult films, you should not show your love for a man in this form. Otherwise, he simply will not understand everything.

Butterflies in love and romance. But your feelings must be properly presented. Otherwise, the object of passion is simply afraid to approach.

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