How to Build a Relationship with a Girl?

How to Build a Relationship with a Girl? If you feel like your relationship is falling apart, then you don’t. Everything is really so. And if you want to save a relationship, then I will tell you not only how to improve relations with a girl and return your happy days, but also help to light a new fire in her heart and surround you with love.

The idea of ​​the publication came to me from consultations. It so happened that 4 (!) young people in a row came with such a problem. Now they are doing well, I follow them on social networks and correspond occasionally. But I was surprised by the carelessness of the girls who almost lost such amazing men with ease. Men who consciously approached the creation of a couple and were not going to part from scratch, but wanted to figure it out and leave these girls in their lives.

Below I will write you 19 (+ 3 bonus) ways tested on real people that will help you build a relationship with a girl. Do not rush to implement them all in order. Read, choose the options that are suitable and convenient for YOU and proceed.

As a rule, a combination of 6-8 is enough. I specifically give you the maximum number so that you can sort through and choose the perfect ones for your couple.


How to build a relationship with a girl?

The main task is to return emotional connection, trust, love, understanding to your relationship. But all the work can be pointless if your girlfriend has a… boyfriend. Yes, it happens. If a young lady fell in love, then here you can jump around with any tambourines – there will be no sense. Her focus is on the other man, and you are the distraction.

In order not to drop your self-esteem to the level of the plinth, trying selflessly to build relationships in one person, make sure that there is no stranger in her heart.

Involvement with others can be indicated by detachment when communicating with you, constant employment (for you), unanswered calls.

I once had a situation when a man tried to improve relations, and then found out that his girlfriend was married. What a surprise! She skillfully made schedules of meetings, creating the appearance of a free one.

After making sure that your situation is not the same as that of this poor fellow, proceed to the battle.

1. Honesty fix

You’ve got into the habit of not being honest. When she asks you how you feel, you say you’re fine. But deep down you feel disappointed and angry. You do not want to tell her about this, because you do not want to run into a showdown and conflict.

Remember that your relationship is ending, so now is not the time to beat around the bush. You have to be completely honest and tell her how you feel.

The secret of how NOT to cause rejection and quarrel: when you talk, talk only about YOURSELF. Not a single pronoun “YOU” should be present! No accusations. We only talk about ourselves.

Tell me why you feel frustrated and angry. What makes you feel unwanted, unhappy. She needs to know it, to hear it. Girls wind themselves up in their heads a lot, and they can be completely sure that you fell out of love, and not vice versa – you miss her warmth.

2. Initiate conversations

You used to talk about everything in the world, and there were never long pauses. Now you sit in silence and hope that the girl will start the conversation.

Go back to the good old days and start talking about the little things. Ask her how the day went, share what you did during the day.

Ask open-ended questions (link list) Maybe you met someone or talk about your family and how they are doing. It doesn’t matter what you talk about, as long as you communicate, you will create a sense of togetherness (and their trust).

3. Try something new

Start riding bikes together, go to a cooking class, visit an exhibition. I have a good selection of options for interesting dates.

You can add a picnic or a photoshoot in the forest to a bike ride. Find something that can charge both of you with positive emotions and impressions.

4. Organize your time

To build relationships, your communication should not be in fits and starts, but in a normal, organized duration. Yes, we are all busy, a million things to do and responsibilities. But relationships are also part of your life and you need to approach them in a businesslike way and set aside time for them. A time when you can sit and talk, have dinner and enjoy each other’s company. Arrange a get-together with family or friends to rekindle the social side of life that you both enjoyed.

5. Agree to something you didn’t agree to before.

Let it be joint [бессмысленный] hiking in the forest, shopping, spa. She will open up to you from a new side and become grateful that you are interested in things that are important to her. This will create warmth between you and give more topics for communication.

6. Make each other laugh

A surefire way to build a relationship with a girl is to make each other laugh. Then you will have many happy memories. We lose the ease with which we used to laugh together over something. But sometimes it only takes a second to add a line to a conversation that will make your girlfriend laugh, or offer something stupid that will make you both laugh.

A board game that you liked as a child, a trip to a stand-up, a joint viewing of humorous sketches can serve as an occasion.

7. Create harmony

Nobody wants to come home in a stressful situation. Therefore, it is in your hands to make your life together more harmonious. To do this, take some of the worries on yourself – clean up after yourself, wash the dishes, go grocery shopping together, help set the table and cook. By the way, cooking together is very close.

It doesn’t really matter who does what, it only matters that you do something together. By doing some household chores together, you will realize that you need each other.

8. Hug

A long time ago I read in a scientific journal that scientists calculated that in order to feel happy, a person needs 10-15 minutes of hugs a day. Heal the crack in your relationship with lots of hugs. Stop hugging – stop loving.

Before, at the beginning of a relationship, you did it endlessly. Now, as you walk down the hallway, you pass each other. Hugs make you feel your closeness and tenderness. Return to this habit and you will both feel loved and desired.

Hug when parting and when meeting (after work).

No matter how difficult your day is, when you are hugged or hugged, it seems that the whole world is turning on the bright side. Relationships with lots of hugs are doomed to good luck for years to come.

9. Use romance

Romance is the key to a girl’s heart. Romance turns an ordinary dinner into a special date. She makes a woman’s heart tremble and her soul sing. I talked a lot about how to use male brutal romance in a safe way (opens in a new window).

A good romantic gesture that is easy to try is to give something she loves. It can be a movie in a cinema, a book, a care item like gloves, and so on.

How to Build a Relationship with a Girl?

10. Show care

Well, since we are talking about care, I will note this point separately. How to take care of a girl – I wrote separately, with examples and clear instructions. Any girl is a vulnerable and weaker person. She always, always needs to feel a strong male shoulder nearby, your support and protection.

Give it to her, let her know that she can trust you, that she can be relaxed, calm, and happy only next to you.


11. Watch your appearance

It is very unpleasant if a girl constantly has to “dress” you like a child, otherwise, you yourself dress up untidy and get endless comments from her. Any girl wants a well-dressed man next to her.

Clean, tidy, appropriate to the situation. Shirt – jeans – belt – shoes – a win-win. Look at photos of famous people. No one wears a stretchy, stained T-shirt or sweatpants on a date.

In short, guys, pay attention to your appearance.

12. Be faithful

Without loyalty, there can be no relationship. If you cannot be faithful, then do not wait for strong love. Of course, it’s nice to look at the beautiful figures of other girls, but looking and succumbing to lust are two different things. Do not see off each short skirt with a greasy look, do not give other girls ambiguous compliments or offers, even as a joke. Even when your girlfriend can’t see you.

13. Respect her hobbies

Respect for each other will make your couple happier. Don’t be derogatory about her hobbies or interests. Let her do what she likes and do not criticize. If you don’t like what she does, spend this time doing your soul activity. It is better if you do your business in the same room. She draws, you read.

14. Praise your girlfriend

Praise her, say encouraging words. The comment or praise you give means a lot because it makes her feel more confident. She will know that you believe in her and appreciate her.


15. Bed

For the fact that I write on frank topics, Google bans my blog. So I’ll just say – be more attentive to your girlfriend. Touch more often, kiss, revive passion. Dilute life with intimate SMS (I have such an article, see popular ones).

16. Listen to your girlfriend

The funny thing is, most men don’t know how to listen. They immediately try to solve the problem or complaint that the girl says. Well, no. Just listen, nod, sympathize, and wonder clarify what you hear.

17. Do not remember the past

The past is in the past, and that’s where it should be. If she met with another before – do not remind, do not compare. He is no longer in her life. Don’t bring up the past over which you have no control. Look to the future and enjoy the relationships you have created for yourself. Instead of a guy, there may be some mistake of hers that you often recall.

18. Make a joint plan

Discuss what you need to achieve, where you want to go, what kind of joint purchase to make. Include in your plans a trip to a neighboring city just for a walk, holding a holiday and its scenario. Dream, it is very close and unites.

19. Speak with love

Turn on love when talking to your girlfriend or when talking about her to anyone. It works amazingly. Generates reciprocal love and tenderness for you.

And if strangers or girlfriends pass on to her: “He talked about you with so much love. and roll your eyes enviously, then you will become the most desirable thing in the world for her.

Tell her you love her and watch her eyes light up. Feel this warmth in which you want to live the rest of your life.


3 more tips for deepening emotional intimacy with a girl

1) Spend quality time together – chat with a girl without resorting to physical contact. Tell her what you appreciate about her.
2) Do not try to change your girlfriend: differences in worldview are natural. Do not impose your ideas or beliefs. Don’t be manipulated into doing things your way. Helping her break unhealthy habits is great, but never try to change her personality.
3) Argue honestly – don’t be afraid of conflict – don’t downplay or back off. If something is bothering you, tell her without playing the blaming game. Finding a solution will strengthen your relationship. How to Build a Relationship with a Girl?

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