How to Get a Guy to Kiss you for the First Time?

How to get a Guy to Kiss you for the First Time? or How to get a guy to kiss you on a date?
How to Get a Guy to Kiss you for the First Time? or How to get a guy to kiss you on a date?

In today’s article, I’ll take you on the romantic journey of the first kiss: How do you get him to kiss you? how to get a guy to kiss you for the first time or on a date?

Based on years of experience and a lively exchange with my friends, I know that the men are sometimes a little on the line when it comes to taking this first step.

You can find out what can help here in this article.

Are you ready? Then let’s get started right away!

What are the best tips that he finally dares to kiss you?

Get your lover to kiss you by responding to them and reducing the physical and physical distance. With a lot of humor, you manage to loosen up the atmosphere so that he feels safe. As a rule, it also helps to have a good basis of trust in which both feel comfortable.

I can still remember my youth, when the first kiss between me and my boyfriend was still in the future, and how excited I felt. From this experience, I know that there are certain tricks that make it easier to encourage him to take this step.

Because the most important thing in this context is that you both feel comfortable.

Does this all sound very complicated to you?

I can well imagine that this is a big topic at the beginning.

It is completely normal for you to feel insecure and not know how to best deal with your fears.

I want to help you and accompany you on your way to your first wonderful kiss.

So what are the best tricks?

1. Create a good relationship of trust between you!

As a rule, it is important that you get to know each other better and thus create a good basis of trust.

Only when he has the feeling that he can trust you and vice versa will he gain the necessary security to take this step, which may be a very big step for him.

In my experience and according to the stories of my friends, there are men who are very daring and who are not afraid to kiss a woman.

But then there are also those who are unsure and always push back the time of the first kiss. These types of men are afraid of being rejected or crossing a certain line.

If you have such a man on the line, it helps to make him feel that he trusts you, that he can feel comfortable and secure in your presence, and that he doesn’t have to be afraid of doing or saying something wrong.

Create a space between you where both of you can let yourself go.

2. Breakthrough the contact inhibition threshold!

A kiss means closeness. The man or woman moves beyond the normal physical distance that people in society normally maintain.

So that both partners feel comfortable with it, this contact inhibition threshold must be resolved step by step.

In my experience, for example, this can start with a hug at the beginning of the meeting, continue with random touches on the shoulder of the other until it finally comes to holding hands.

These simple touches create the basis and ensure that both want the same thing.

As a rule – especially shy – men need this necessary confirmation that they can also go one step further.

Sit close to him Be tense
Randomly touch his arms/shoulders etc. Do not react to his body contact
Crouch near him Expect too much of him
Cuddle up to him, for example in the cinema To be shy

3. Be confident and live your life!

With this point, I want to explain to you why it is important to behave confidently.

In concrete terms, this means: Men find women attractive who know what they want and show it.

You have insecurities, especially when you don’t know when your first kiss will be and you doubt whether or not he even wants to kiss you.

Is it me or why doesn’t he want to kiss me?

Let go of these insecurities and also the feeling that your happiness depends on him and his behavior.

Approach the matter with confidence and be aware of one thing: You are great and unique. Live your life: go out and meet your friends. Have a party or go to the cinema. You should have fun.

The reason for all of these tips is to understand that you should feel good about yourself and be happy.

If you are satisfied and happy, you take this mood into your dates. Men are happy when they are having fun when women are self-confident and playful at the same time.

You are not dependent on the guy. Flirt with the man when you feel like it, but also back off so he can approach you again!

4. Find him great, but don’t shower him with your attention!

As mentioned in the previous section, it is important that you do not become dependent on him and that you make him feel like he is everything to you.

I want to go into more detail:

Scenario 1:

YOU: You meet up with your crush and are completely blown away by them. You are very excited and you also find it unexpectedly difficult to speak in his presence.

You really want to convince him of you and that he should finally kiss you. You show him by all means that he is a great man, shower him with compliments on his clothes, his hair, his ability to play football, etc.

You completely forget to tell me something about yourself and your life. It’s all about the uniqueness of the man and blasting him with it.

ER: He will of course be happy about your compliments and is certainly also taken with the way you see him. But that’s too much!

Because of the excessive accumulation of compliments, he feels that you automatically make yourself small and are “submissive” to him. He doesn’t find that appealing, but rather off-putting.

Scenario 2:

YOU: You meet up with your crush and are completely blown away. You feel that you like him very much and that he is really something very special. You give him two or three gentle compliments on his new jeans and the great hairstyle he has today. At the same time, however, you stay with yourself and do not lose sight of your own uniqueness.

You don’t make him feel like your life depends on him. After compliments, you immediately tell something about your life again, such as that yesterday you had a very successful day at work or a very fun evening with your friends.

ER: He’s happy about your compliments and that you noticed that he has a new hairstyle. He will react easily and immediately feels that he can let himself go in your presence and that you are a self-confident woman who knows what she wants. He realizes that you can be happy and have fun even without him. He finds that very attractive.

As you read through these two sections, you will see the difference clearly and you will learn to understand that there is no need to shower him with attention.

The secret here is to strike a perfect balance between “I like you very much” and “I can live without you”.

What does that mean in concrete terms: As a rule, every now and then you should give him a few nice words, a compliment, or a playful look. At the same time, these compliments shouldn’t gain the upper hand and make him feel like you are putting him on a 10 m high pedestal. That turns him off.

It is not attractive to men when the woman looks up at him like that. Of course, you can perceive him as a strong shoulder and lean against him – that’s not what I meant by that.

In your situation, you will quickly notice which relationship you have and whether you tend to see him as a big guy and yourself as a little girl next to it, or whether your relationship is fairly balanced.

You can do that:

  • Give him individual compliments in between
  • Be confident and have confidence
  • Stand by your feelings
  • Focus on yourself
  • Good balance between friends and partners
  • Also concentrate on your work, university, free time

Avoid the following:

  • Shower with a thousand compliments
  • Feeling unimportant and small about yourself
  • Hold him responsible for your emotional state
  • Lose yourself and just have more eyes for him
  • Just do more things with the partner
  • Align everything according to your partner: No more studying, go home earlier from work.

These are some mundane examples so you can see if there is a good balance between you and your partner.

A good balance between you and your partner is necessary for a balanced relationship in your relationship.

5. Show him your humorous side

Men love it when they can laugh and have fun with their partners. In no way does this mean that you have to be childish or that you should behave like crazy.

It’s about showing the man that you are funny, that you understand jokes and that you just enjoy life.

Imagine if you meet up for a walk and you can just talk in a funny way, you joke, he reciprocates, and you both get a total laugh.

These moments weld together and are an ideal basis for overcoming physical barriers.

Experience has shown that hugging a buddy is easier than hugging someone you’re standing on. Because with people you find hot, you are inhibited and afraid of doing something wrong.

On the other hand, everything is much more relaxed with my friend: Even if one of the two does something strange or inappropriate, both of them can laugh and then things are only half as bad.

Of course, your partner will always mean more to you than a buddy, and it’s also perfectly legitimate that you are a lot more excited with your crush than you are with a good friend. It’s also not about hiding your feelings, but rather creating a base between the two of you where you can let yourself go and have fun.

Because then the principle that I mentioned earlier also applies here – if something goes wrong, you can laugh about it.

If your crush is aware of this, they will be much more likely to dare to kiss you than if there is a very tense atmosphere between you.

6. Talk to him openly about what you want

While this section is very obvious, many are still scared of it.

It’s about the topic: Talk about the things you want!

How do you do it best?

You are going for a walk with your friend, you are already holding hands and want to sit on a bench. He’s telling you he’d like to take a break and sit down.

He gives you the sign with his hand that you should sit close to him. The mood between you is getting more and more tingly and your looks are getting more and more brisk.

The problem is this: Both of them are usually shy about their first kiss. Although the mood is already very tense and hot, the uncertainty interrupts this beautiful atmosphere.

The solution is to look deep into his eyes as a woman and then not interrupt eye contact. You will notice whether he wants to kiss you or not. To make the situation even clearer and give him a specific sign, look at his lips.

Watch what he’s doing. When he looks at your lips and maybe even gets a little closer, tell him very clearly: “If you like, you can kiss me. I would really like that! “

With that you broke the ice and made it clear what you wanted. He will be very grateful to you for taking the helm and communicating to him.

How should I react when I realize that he probably wants to kiss me?

There are some clear signs that you can tell that he is about to kiss you. If you watch him carefully, you can deal with the situation in the best possible way and respond to it wonderfully.

  • He becomes calmer and calmer and tries not to focus on the conversation, but on a calm atmosphere in which there is enough space to dare the first kiss.
  • He’s restless and most likely unsure what to do.
  • He pays attention to his oral hygiene (e.g. eats a piece of chewing gum).
  • He comes closer to you and puts his arm on your shoulder.

How do you best respond to your partner’s actions?

Give him security if you feel that he is somehow insecure (especially if he seems very restless to you).

Otherwise, respond to his signals and sit closer to him, snuggling up to his shoulder when he puts his arm around you. Ask him for a piece of chewing gum – this also subconsciously signals to him that you are interested in a kiss.

Be confident and take away the fear of kissing you.

Similar questions

Can I tell from a kiss that he’s into me?

Yes – the answer is clearly yes. As you know, men are not that communicative. But they show you their intentions with the way they kiss.

If the man only kisses you briefly on your lips with his mouth closed, then you can assume that he is not sure of his feelings. On the other hand, an intensely passionate kiss is a great sign that he is into you and wants to get closer to you. Especially at the beginning of a relationship, the kisses are very passionate and wild.

Does the man have to kiss me first?

No. It depends on what you want. If he is very insecure and can barely jump over his shadow, then it will be very helpful for your future relationship if you just take the step and kiss him. That’s not bad at all.

man can also wait for the woman to say that she would like to be kissed. There is also the reverse variant: the man can ask her directly if she would like to be kissed! This creates a good basis of trust and loosens the mood a lot.


In summary, I would like to emphasize again how exciting this topic of the first kiss is. There is much more to it than just pressing your lips together and smooching. A kiss is a very intimate thing that both of you should have fun with.

Experience has shown that there is always a lot of excitement beforehand, but with a few little tips, you can ensure that this long-awaited kiss finally comes.

Stay cool and confident and approach the matter without fear – that makes it a lot easier. For you and your partner. Talking together is a particularly important factor.

Talk openly about your wishes and ideas and do not make it a secret. You are a team and when you are aware of this, you master your first doubts together.

How do you get him to kiss you? how to get a guy to kiss you for the first time or on a date? Which tip will you actually implement so that he finally kisses you?

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