How to get your Crush to like you even though he has a Girlfriend?

How to get your Crush to like you even though he has a Girlfriend?
How to get your Crush to like you even though he has a Girlfriend?

In today’s article, I’ll show you the 7 best ways to get your dream partner, even if they have a girlfriend.

Since I have had experience with this topic myself and know how difficult it is to deal with this situation, I would like to take you by the hand and give you valuable tips.

So let’s start right away.

What are the best tips to win your crush despite having a girlfriend?

You got to know him and in the first moment, the butterfly circus started in you. What’s the best way to go about your campaign of conquest?

1. Get an overview of your situation!

At this point, I want to urge you to look at your situation in a very objective way.

  • What happened?
  • What do you want?
  • What does he want?
  • How is the relationship between you guys?

Only when you have clarified these first points can you continue.

You have decided for yourself that you want this one man – despite a girlfriend. You push this thought aside a bit and concentrate on yourself and your crush.

You can find out how he feels about you in conversation. You have to have clarity and you can only get this through open discussions with him.

Scenario 1:

ER: During the meeting, he speaks to you openly, compliments you, values ​​you and makes you feel that you are very important to him. Perhaps he even dreams of future joint activities. His girlfriend is not the focus, which means he manages to fully engage with you.

How should you behave You can count yourself lucky and it pays to stick with it. Enjoy your time and intensify your encounters.

Scenario 2:

ER: During the meeting, he speaks little, is constantly distracted, looks at his cell phone, and is quite tense. He’s waiting for a message or a call. He only speaks superficially to you and keeps mentioning his girlfriend.

How should you behave This situation is rather difficult. He’s very focused on his relationship and probably still very attached to his girlfriend. That means better: hands off!

With these two scenarios, I wanted to make it clear what I meant by creating an overview of the situation.

I know you are in love and you definitely want him. But it makes a lot of sense to see whether there is a real chance at all. There’s no point in starting a full program to hit the wall.

So the first thing to do is: See if you have a chance and it pays to fight.

2. Be yourself and show him who you are!

That may sound very banal at first – but in my experience, this is one of the most valuable tips that I give you on the way.

Your goal is to convince your dream guy of you, that is, you want to show yourself from your best side.

Is that right? Exactly, that’s how it should be. But to be honest, there are not only the good things about a person. By that I mean, everyone has good and bad qualities.

In order to be successful in the long term – no matter what area of ​​your life – the most important thing is to be yourself.

It is very clear that you are under a lot of pressure in this situation. Especially due to the unfavorable constellation of you, your crush, and his girlfriend.

I can very well understand that you only want to present your beautiful sides. People are of the opinion that if they show themselves to be perfect, understanding, kind, sweet, etc., they are sure of success.

You must be honest. To yourself and your dream partner.

How do you manage to implement this point in concrete terms?

With the following list I would like to show you what you should not do under any circumstances:

  • Only tell the positive things about yourself
  • Being dishonest: e.g. not talking about your feelings
  • Comparing yourself to his girlfriend and making him feel like you want to outdo her
  • To go beyond your limits
  • Spreading falsehoods just to be better off
  • Issue an ultimatum: either she or me

Instead, focus on the following things:

  • Talk honestly about yourself, your feelings, your past, desires, etc.
  • Share your fears and worries
  • Also tell him about past experiences that were beautiful, that you regret, etc.
  • Let him participate in your life and show interest in his life
  • To show understanding for him and his situation
  • Make it clear what you want and what you don’t want
  • Stand up for your goals

3. Get to know him and look for common interests!

You have met with him a few times and you always had a wonderful time together. That sounds pretty promising.

The most important thing is to build a relationship of trust, get to know the other person, and find out where the common interests lie.

In the beginning everything is always beautiful and simple. But a long-term relationship or attraction comes from both partners having common goals or hobbies.

Experience shows that if he has a girlfriend he will probably have less time than a man without a girlfriend. It is also completely normal that you only play the buddies to the outside world so that no one can find you in rather unfavorable situations – if you are already exchanging looks or a kiss.

Find out what you like to do together and what your goals are.

In turn, open conversations, which play a major role in your situation, help.

If you like to be active in sports and he also likes to be in the fresh air, make an appointment for a walk or a bike ride. That creates joy and above all a good basis for a long-term relationship.

These joint activities aim to find out what things you are on the same wavelength about and which can weld you together.

4. Become a team that trusts each other!

The alpha and omega of your beginning relationship is trust. A basis needs to be created between you where both feel that they can speak openly.

In my experience, it is important that you can talk about your insecurities and worries freely and without having to be afraid.

In order to gain confidence in the situation, it helps to observe it.

Scenario 1:

ER: He hardly responds to your very profound and long messages, or only after a while. Most of the time, however, he only replies briefly and is not that interested in the whole thing. He seems distracted and like he’s very busy.

DU: Watch the situation a little longer. It may be that he’s only like this for a few days. Maybe he has a lot on his mind and therefore cannot get involved in your messages. But if this behavior persists, talk to him about it openly. This creates clarity and, above all, trust for your future relationship.

Scenario 2:

ER: He is really happy about your long messages and answers them with joy and also very profoundly. He asks you how you are and desperately wants to see you again. He is interested in your life and your goals.

YOU: Yeah – you did something really right there. He is totally blown away by you and thus a good basis is created for a happy relationship between you.

In the best case, your relationship looks like scenario 2 . If so, just go ahead and get to know each other better and better. Keep this openness and enjoy the time.

If your situation is more like scenario 1, then you should definitely seek the conversation. If he gave you hopes for more at first, now is the right time to address this again. Make sure to let go of the feeling of bothering him with your feelings or your questions.

My dear, it is your right that he tell you openly and honestly what he is feeling. Only on this condition can you develop an honest relationship based on trust. If he doesn’t understand or doesn’t want to understand, it is usually better to take a step back now and realize what you really want.

In my experience, it can help in these situations to concentrate on yourself and see what comes from him. If he likes you and has feelings for you too, he will definitely come back to you.

You have to make him feel that he can trust you, that you are there and that he can rely on you. He has to feel that you could be a good partner for him and that you can have a lot of fun together.

It is perfectly normal for the situation with a bound man to be much more nerve-wracking than with a single guy. But if you really have feelings for him, then it’s worth fighting for.

Make him feel like you’re not putting him under pressure and just be there for him when he needs you!

5. Be more than just an affair for him.

Avoid being pushed into the role of the affair. As a forgiven man, it is of course much easier to have a casual story going on on the side than to face the decision: Who do I want? Who do I want to spend my future with?

The best way to get around this is to avoid sexual contact.

It’s perfectly normal for you to be very attracted to him – that’s fine. But keep this physical distance at first.

This way you will notice right from the start whether he is serious about you or whether he is just looking for a sexual adventure outside of the relationship.

You must realize that you are worth a lot more than just being someone’s sex partner!

6. Become the best version of yourself and stand out from others!

You don’t believe me that this will help or that it is too far-fetched?


Do you know when you are most attractive?

Then when you are yourself and you are happy.

I will give you a few specific tips on how to organize your life so that you are happy and can be the best version of yourself:

  • Stand in front of the mirror and look deep into your eyes – tell yourself that you accept yourself for who you are, that you are good just as you are, and that you are a special person.
  • Visualize your goals: Do you dream of living with your sweetheart by the sea? Visualize yourself getting up in the morning and looking at the infinite ocean. Imagine how you will achieve your goals and that will lead to firstly knowing what you want and secondly, going through life much happier.
  • Take a look around your closet. Are there any other items that you like to wear? Do you feel good in your clothes? If not, then buy some new pieces that you can then confidently carry out into the world. Cut your hair or try new hairstyles.
  • Learn to accept your body as it is. You can get him in top shape with simple sports exercises, yoga, or jogging.
  • Become aware of your strengths and show them to the outside world.

You can quickly implement these simple tips and you will see the difference it makes when you are satisfied with yourself.

You go into the world with great self-confidence and self-confidence. Not only will your boss notice this, but also your dream partner. Men like self-confident women – including your crush. It’s easier to flirt with a lot of self-confidence!

Imagine the following situation:

Your dream man meets with you and is completely exhausted from work and that’s why he was stressed at home. If you are totally in your midst, you will manage to catch him, to be there for him, and to hug him.

Valuable tips in this context:

  • Compliment the man – he won’t be used to women paying so much attention to him.
  • Listen carefully to his words and watch the things that go wrong in his relationship -> This is how you find out what you can do better, get to know him better, and have a trump card up your sleeve.
  • Be different from his girlfriend and convince him of your qualities, which you are more than aware of thanks to the work on yourself.
  • Become aware of the strengths that set you apart from other women and play them out.

7. Withdraw at the right moment!

You’ve met him umpteen times and your dates have always been wonderful. You can’t help but think about him and you want to be with him all the time.

But the fact that there is another woman in his life makes you sad and dulls your joy.

It is completely normal. At some point, I think it’s important to act on the principle that man is the hunter. Especially when you have got to know each other better, have created a good basis of trust and the next step with you would only be coming together.

Now it’s his turn. You have no right to force him to leave his girlfriend. You can only be there for him and make it clear to him that you would like to take a more important part in his life.

Give him space and the time he needs and create clear relationships – is he ready to leave his girlfriend or not?

As a rule, if he has already gotten into you emotionally, he has already partially closed his relationship. But that does not mean that he will then necessarily split up.

An important point that you should understand is this: He shouldn’t leave his girlfriend because of YOU, but because he is no longer happy with his current relationship. It’s not your fault that they split up. It is important that you don’t think that yourself and that you don’t let anyone talk you into it.

similar questions

How long should I wait for my crush?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution and no fixed number of weeks or months. As a rule, it should only be as long as you feel comfortable with it.

If he makes a promise to you that he will break up within the next few weeks, appreciate that he will speak openly with you about it and wait. If it does not happen, then you absolutely have to seek the conversation again. In no case will you be held up.

How do I know he’s in love with me too?

As a rule, men show their feelings differently from women. When women are in love, they think about their crush all day and write to them frequently. Men, on the other hand, think about a lot of other things and therefore are unlikely to call in as often. But that doesn’t mean anything.

You can tell from the news, how he writes and whether he wants to meet you, whether there is interest. Does he seek your physical contact during dates, are you on the same wavelength, does he open up, etc.? These are all signs that he is in love with you.


In summary, I would like to say that this topic is very sensitive and that there is no magic solution for convincing your crush despite being a girlfriend. But with the help of these tricks, you can handle it better and find out what you want and where your common path will lead you.

The most important thing is that you always stay true to yourself and see what feels good to you. Create a particularly trustworthy basis between you and just be there for him.

Are you in love with a man who has a girlfriend? How do you deal with it?

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