How to Kiss Correctly for the First Time? 20 Tips

How to Kiss Correctly for the First Time? 20 Tips. The date is going great. Both he and she are delighted with each other. It’s time to say goodbye, emotions are running high. There is only one thing left – a kiss. Half a minute of lips merging – and … people disperse in different directions, awkwardly saying “see you” with the understanding that there will be no meeting. It turns out that one unsuccessful step can cross out dozens of pluses. Then how to kiss correctly, giving pleasure to yourself and the person you like?

The kiss itself is the climax. However, in any story, there is also a plot, a development of action, an ending. Alas, without them, the climax is generally impossible to create. Without them, it is a mere physical act.

Before a kiss, it is important to make sure that the partner is set up for this step, really wants it. This is evidenced by the following factors:

  • dilated pupils, shortness of breath;
  • dry lips that a person periodically licks;
  • rapid heartbeat (pulsating vein on the left side of the neck);
  • trying to get close face to face;
  • a look at the lips, biting one’s own;
  • conversations on personal, romantic topics.

Now about how it is better to complete the process, how to behave after it. Often after people break away from each other, they feel awkward, do not know what to say or do. This gives rise to misunderstanding, makes you perform strange actions against the backdrop of confusion. Someone nervously laughs, someone says incoherent nonsense or phrases out of place. What to do in order not to spoil the impression:

  1. slowly move away from the partner, gently raising the eyelids;
  2. without departing, look directly into the eyes of the person;
  3. smile slightly, giving a smile of warmth, ease;
  4. compliment, step back a little, or touch lips again.

After that, you can switch to a light, uncomplicated topic so that the nervousness subsides a little. Or say goodbye gently – hold hands, fix his / her “wrongly lying” hair, thank you for a wonderful time.

1. Find a place for your hands.

Standing with your hands down, or even more so with your hands in your pockets, is not a good idea, as it betrays nervousness or even erroneously hints at indifference. Therefore, it is enough to find one point on the partner’s body and leave the brushes there. Better yet, start stroking the skin lightly and gently through the clothes. You can’t allow vulgarities if this is the first kiss.

2. Look for sensitive points.

To spice up the action, you can try to find erogenous zones. Most often it is the neck, neck, suprarenal region, lower back. However, each person has their preferences, so the points may differ. For this, it is important to adhere to the following rule.

3. Follow the reaction of the couple.

Even the memorized, exactly reproduced movements of Don Juan and Mata Hari can be very disliked by someone. Therefore, if a girl or guy is pulling away, this is a sure sign that tactics will have to be changed. And vice versa, the desire to cuddle, trembling, “goosebumps” indicate that it is better to continue in the same spirit.

How to Kiss Correctly for the First Time? 20 Tips.

4. Don’t contradict yourself.

What is usually expected from a romantic nature, slightly naive, refined? That’s right, lightness, softness, tenderness. If such a person suddenly starts playing passions with her mouth, it will look at least strange. Better to be natural. Moreover, both romantics and passionate people have their advantages.

5. Cover your eyes.

Most kissers close their eyelids. However, a small percentage of those who remain still prefer to do everything with their eyes open, watching their partner. This has its charm. However, it is desirable to make sure that the look does not seem strange or repulsive. To ensure a positive effect, it is enough to cover the eyelids, leaving a small gap between them.

6. Do not imitate a vacuum cleaner.

The wide-open mouth, the vacuum created by the lips and cheeks, the puffing when kissing are not a pleasure. But they betray someone who does not know how to kiss or is very nervous. There is no passion in this manner, despite the stereotype. Instead, there is only persistence and absolute disregard for the partner’s comfort.

It is better to curb the heat, cover your mouth, reduce pressure. And the heat can be conveyed by hugs or lip tension.

7. Don’t share the inland ocean.

The exchange of substances contained in the saliva is useful for immunity. However, when he or she rushes forward with a liter of liquid in the mouth, it becomes uncomfortable.

Stop. Swallow saliva – then kiss. What to do if such a problem arose already in the midst of a lesson? It is enough to break away for a short time, smoothly change the tilt of the head to the other side, and at the same time manage to eliminate the “high humidity”.

8. Don’t play dramatically in public.

Languid sighs, whining, howling, and other similar sounds are best left for a drama club or at least a bed. At the moment of lip merging, such intonations distract from the lesson, they sound ridiculous.

If you want to show that the kiss was pleasant, you can say it directly or ask him for an encore – this is the best praise.

9. Use the language for its intended purpose.

“Mmm, yes, like this… (smack) You are just super! It’s happiness to kiss you… (smack) What are you doing to me? (chmook) One more minute… (chmook) Great! Wow, that was cool!”

Ambiguous, playful, frivolous. Does anyone like it? Hardly. Such action is enjoyed silently, feeling the effect with every cell of the body. But not everyone wants to listen to the “news report” of a partner or his untimely ode.

10. Act gradually.

Immediately “fall on the lips” with a deep kiss is not recommended. In television melodramas, such shots slip often. However, life is not a movie, there is a risk of getting into an awkward, even traumatic situation. You can hit your teeth well, pinch your lip, bite your tongue. And if the partner twitches in surprise, then the number of potential injuries will increase.

It would be nice to start with a softer, lighter version, gradually increasing pressure, pace, if desired.

11. Do not forget about the tips and contours of the lips.

Often kissers pay attention to only one lip or both lips as a whole, without touching their individual segments. And in vain.

To give a light kiss on the corner of the mouth means to express your affection, care, tenderness.

Tickle contours – show playfulness, add coquetry.

And you can gently run your tongue along the inside of the upper lip and find another erogenous zone.

12. Experiment.

The main action during kissing is the contact of the lips, their clasping. However, if you limit the entire list of potential movements to only two steps, kissing ceases to be an art.

It is advisable to change techniques. Not only pressing force or duration but also other features. Use the tongue, try biting, sucking lips, rubbing them. For those who want something unusual, an Eskimo kiss or “butterfly flutter” is suitable.

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13. Try to hold back sounds a little.

Everyone encountered strange sounds when they kissed. Chunking, smacking, champing, and other similar noises can cause laughter or bring down a romantic mood.

It is not necessary to focus entirely on creating silence. However, you can slightly restrain a couple of sounds. To do this, it is enough to relax your lips and try to stretch them forward less with a tube.

14. Use the breath.

It brings new sensations to standard actions. No, breathing like a steam horse is still not a good idea. But doing it gently, gently warming your partner’s cheek or lips is a great way to improve your skills, give a new portion of pleasure.

And a slight breath on the neck, back of the head, or behind the ear causes a pleasant shiver.

How to kiss a girl right?

There is no single approach in this matter. To guess with the option, you have to know your chosen one at least a little. Fortunately, ladies often prefer to kiss in just two different ways, which, if necessary, can be partially combined.

1. Tenderness.

Almost any girl in her heart passionately dreams of a guy who will treat her with awe, affection. She wants to feel like a fragile, delicate flower in the hands of someone who can appreciate such beauty, vulnerability. Accordingly, such a person will like touches full of care and attention. Their characteristic features:

  • softness, slowness of contact;
  • light stroking of the partner’s waist, cheeks, arms, or neck;
  • infrequent or weak use of language;
  • “kiss path” – several short-term lips touches lined up (for example, from the ear to the corner of the mouth);
  • long deep glances before and after kissing.

Everyone has their own concept of tenderness, so the listed features are not considered a constant. You can use only some of them or all of them.

There is nothing wrong with adding your own gesture. For example, gently tuck a girl’s strand behind her ear, kiss her on the eyelids, or lightly rub the tips of her nose.

2. Dominance.

Women love to feel like the heroines of novels, in which the guys are courageous knights, and the ladies are their sophisticated muses. In a modern way, it sounds like this: men are leaders, and girls are followers. “Like behind a stone wall” – this is what such persons aspire to. Their perfect kiss has the following features:

  • strong hugs, strength expresses passion, but does not cause pain;
  • often a young man is taller than a girl (if he is short, he can simply stand on a step or other ledge);
  • the guy himself sets the technique, directs the process (for example, he can press the chosen one against the wall or slightly pull her hair to tilt her head and kiss her neck);
  • views with a slight veil of dominance, self-confidence (it is important not to go too far).

The meaning of this option is to show your strength. It is pleasant for women to realize that their powerful, invincible partners cannot resist female charm.

How to kiss a guy right?

Men, usually stingy with an open display of emotions, are also not indifferent to good kisses. Like girls, guys like different techniques. Knowing your partner a little, you can easily determine how best to kiss him.

1. Light erotica.

The keyword is easy. Otherwise, each lip fusion will end in a bed. This in itself is not bad. However, sometimes you just want a nice kiss and nothing more. For such cases, blotches of subtle sexual overtones will be needed. Features of this technique:

  • stroking the torso, arms, head, or neck;
  • biting, sucking lips, earlobes;
  • tickling the lips with the tongue, applying the French style;
  • breathing game (light blows on sensitive points);
  • running fingers into the hair of the chosen one;
  • coquetry, teasing, flirting.

With the right performance, the kiss will become more passionate, deep, strong. It can also pick up the pace.

So that the whole process stops only at an innocent lesson and does not go further, it is better to use this version for a short time. If it was not possible to stop in time, it is enough:

  1. weaken the pressure of the lips;
  2. stop using the language;
  3. stop the hands at one point (on the chest or waist of the couple, for example);
  4. slow down, switch to light touches.

This is a transition from passion to lightness, tenderness, which smoothly reduces the intensity of emotions, helps to pacify raging hormones.

By the way, the technique also works in the opposite direction, when you want to move from simple “cemchiks” to something more serious, “unobtrusively” to get your partner.

2. Touching charm.

This technique can be easily used by cute, romantic girls. It will also suit coquettes who love excitement, flirting.

Guys love to feel like strong protectors, and when girls allow themselves to be cute, vulnerable, weak (in moderation), this feeling only intensifies. How can you act to get a similar effect:

  • “make eyes”, playfully dodge his lips;
  • cute to be embarrassed or surprised;
  • timidly, stealthily return kisses;
  • “hide” from his gaze or lips, buried in his neck;
  • put your palms on his chest and playfully squint.

But it’s better not to imitate the voice of a child, put a finger in your mouth, make faces, or drag something in the same vein. Not everyone likes it, and sometimes it looks very strange. The “golden mean” rule applies here too, so you have to do without replaying.

Who knows how to kiss correctly, increases their chances of a relationship, a second meeting, and, obviously, intimacy. Having mastered the secrets of such a pleasant art, you can make another person lose his head, forget about negativity, fall in love, feel interest, desire. That is why learning different tricks, honing your skills in this matter is not ashamed, but commendable and even profitable.

How to Kiss Correctly for the First Time? 20 Tips.

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