How To Kiss With Your Tongue Properly: A Complete Guide

How To Kiss With Your Tongue Properly: A Complete Guide. Simple kisses perfectly convey sympathy, tenderness, care. However, they rarely demonstrate something more passionate, intimate, frank. But French technology successfully copes with this task. However, practice without previously learned theory does not always go smoothly. You don’t want to hit your face in the dirt on the first try. Then how to kiss with the tongue correctly? What are the best mistakes to avoid?

Kiss with tongue.

He may not be to everyone’s liking. Someone, in principle, does not like to kiss often and a lot, and someone is against just such a technique. How do you recognize someone who can truly appreciate the benefits of “French seduction”?

Most often these people are:

  • passionate, open, emotional, expressive people, mostly extroverts. They are quickly turned on, and their feelings are reminiscent of a typhoon or a storm;
  • curious, ready to experiment persons. They do not tolerate monotony, they perceive any changes with joy, optimism;
  • connoisseurs of intimacy. They are strongly attached to their couple, strive to maintain close contact on a physical, emotional, and often everyday level.

This also includes partners who are in a long-term relationship. They have already built a high level of trust, frankness. They are not afraid of intimacy, so they are often not averse to “pepper” feelings with a kiss with the tongue.

In terms of strength, intensity, the French technique can be completely different. Even if a guy/girl doesn’t really like kissing, you can still find a manner that will give him/her pleasure. Another thing is the unpreparedness or lack of mood for such an activity. How to define such conditions?

How to understand if a partner is ready for a tongue kiss?

It is good if he/she begins to use the language himself, openly making it clear that he/she wants to close the distance. But what if there are no obvious promises for rapprochement? How to guess the very moment that requires the use of French technology, especially for the first time?

1. Setting and atmosphere.

Simple “cemchiks” are versatile and laid-back. They do not have a high threshold of intimacy, so few people are embarrassed when playing them in public. They can be used anytime, anywhere. What can not be said about language contact? It often requires:

  • seclusion. It is too embarrassing to stretch out such pleasure under the gaze of passers-by;
  • suitable pretext. Perhaps with erotic overtones. It can be a joint dinner, watching a love scene in a movie, frank conversations, etc.;
  • romantic setting. Subdued light, candles, lanterns of the night city, a beautiful sunset, sǝxy music tune in the right way;
  • lack of haste. Sweet shivering, warmth spreading throughout the body, does not always come immediately. It will take a few seconds before these sensations begin to emerge.

Of course, you can kiss like that even in the market – during the selection and purchase of meat, for example. But the effect will not be the same.

2. Careful check.

This method most effectively allows you to determine the readiness of a partner to continue. To understand if a couple wants to try a deeper technique, you can follow these steps:

    1. start with a simple touch of the lips, with the usual way;
    2. open your mouth, lightly run your tongue along the lower lip of the couple;
    3. follow the reaction. If the guy/girl moves away, frowns, or otherwise expresses dislike for such a move, it is better to postpone the transition to a new level. If nothing has changed or he/she clung harder, expressed pleasure, opened her mouth, you can try to gently stick the tongue further inside the mouth;
    4. follow the reaction again, depending on it, proceed to a deep French kiss, or refuse it for now.

3. A direct question – to be or not to be?

There is a very simple option, how to find out if he/she is ready to continue – ask directly. This is the fastest way, it is suitable for those who do not like to complicate things. However, it has its downsides:

  • a person may be confused by such directness and give a false answer;
  • partially lost intrigue, intensity of emotions;
  • awkwardness, uncertainty prevent asking (in newly created pairs);
  • the fear of failure will override the desire to try, and everything will end in failure.

That’s why it’s best to avoid such questions anyway, and leave them only for cases where his/her solution is generally illegible or not fully understood.

How To Kiss With Your Tongue Properly: A Complete Guide.

How to kiss with tongue?

1. Act gradually.

Such skill requires smoothness, does not tolerate haste. That’s why french kissing doesn’t start right away. At first, it’s best to just gently press against his / her lips, lightly clasp one of them with your two.

Then comes the time for the “test” – testing the readiness for the next step (see p. “Careful check”).

If the green light is given, you can gently begin to move the tongue along the oral cavity. First, only the tip is activated, then the back is connected. It is important that the movements are smooth, not sweeping, sliding.

2. Experiment.

The use of language opens up new possibilities for enjoyment. Stopping at only one point or movement is a great loss.

There are several varieties of this technique. Here are just a few of them:

  • stinging – with a simple kiss, push the tip of the tongue between the lips of a guy or girl a few times;
  • kindling – licking movements are concentrated only on the lips;
  • mill – contact of tongues, performed in the form of circular rotations;
  • royal – touching the teeth (the inner part of the lips is automatically touched);
  • exquisite – short touch to the sky.

But even that is not all. You can not only stroke your partner’s tongue (along, in a circle, across, randomly), but also lightly bite, suck, even tickle, making quick but short movements with the tip.

3. Find the right points.

Most sensitive and successful points are the outer and inner zones of the lip (especially the upper), the frenulum of the tongue are considered. The tip, back of the tongue, cheeks are also good places for exposure.

But what exactly better not to do, so it’s tickling the palate or trying to get to the language root. At best, the kisser will simply pull away or redirect the foreign language with his own. At worst, a person will have unpleasant sensations up to the urge to vomit.

How To Kiss With Your Tongue Properly: A Complete Guide.

4. Don’t forget about posture and movement.

To use such a passionate expression of feelings, while freely lowering your hands and taking a static position, is somehow wrong.

girls they can bend a little in the lower back, clinging their chest to the chosen one.

  • You can run your fingers through your man’s hair.
  • Running your hands over his shoulders, back, neck, or resting them on his torso is a great idea.
  • If an even more intimate continuation is planned, it would be good to put your hands under his shirt/undershirt/sweater.

Boy can tightly press his partner to him, stroke her waist, back.

  • The neck is a real erogenous zone, so you can put your hand on it and slightly compress.
  • The girl will like it if, during the kiss, she will gently stroke her cheek.
  • Running his fingertips along the hollow between the collarbones, a man will surely cause a pleasant shiver in his lady.

5. Capture the reaction of the couple.

A timely response to responses can also enhance the positive effect of a kiss.

It’s simple: if a person pushes away, moves away, tries to change the situation, it is better to stop the current action or replace it with another one. Exactly the same and vice versa.

If the partner repeats some kind of movement all the time or tries to push his pair onto it, then he likes it. However, shyness or awkwardness does not allow expressing everything openly. You can try to trust your beloved person and experience something new. A mirror image of the steps taken will also do.

6. Finish correctly.

Can’t be interrupted abruptly. Such a decision leaves a feeling of incompleteness. It’s like if a skilled artist with great potential would suddenly give up painting in the middle of the process.

The end of a technique mirrors the beginning:

  1. smoothly make your way back along with the affected points with your tongue;
  2. lightly lick lips or their contours;
  3. completely stop the actions of the tongue;
  4. continue kissing in a simple way, slowing down the pace, weakening the strength of the touch, until the lips barely touch each other;
  5. gently move away from your partner.

Then it is better to say a compliment, for example: “You have such soft/sugar/tender lips.” or “Mmm, that was magical, you’re a good kisser.”. If everything went well, of course.

If something in his / her kiss was not pleasant, you can try to fix it right away. For this, phrases are used, built according to the scheme:

  1. I liked that you…” (she bit her lip gently, stroked her neck, fingered her hair);
  2. “It was nice/interesting/great/sweet”;
  3. “You know what would be even nicer? If you…” (she hugged my neck, sometimes whispering tenderness) or “But this kiss would be even better if you…” (previously swallowed a little saliva, slightly reduced the pressure);
  4. “Let’s try this? What do you say?”.

It is important to express benevolence, sincerely smile, then a person will adequately perceive veiled criticism. After offering your option, you can reach for a new portion of pleasure.

Common mistakes that doom you to failure.

Even with the tips already listed, you can get into a mess. For this reason, it is important to know not only recommendations on how to kiss correctly, but also the rules how not to act. Common missteps:

  • stick the tongue too deep, too zealously, move it dynamically;
  • open your mouth wide and at the same time tightly compress your lips;
  • forget about saliva and make the kiss too wet;
  • to dramatize, making incomprehensible movements with hands, head or even with the whole body, indicating an unsuccessful acting past;
  • kiss for a very long time. It is desirable that this technique does not last longer than a minute. If you really want to use this method of kissing, it is better to try to briefly distract yourself with another caress, and then resume the lesson again.

Knowing how to kiss with your tongue can express much deeper feelings towards your partner. Trying different techniques of such an occupation, kissers enhance the sensuality of the moment, deepen intimacy, and find points of maximum pleasure. They are actually moving to a new level of relationship and personal skill in kissing.

How To Kiss With Your Tongue Properly: A Complete Guide.

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