How to know if your husband is cheating: 9 signs of cheating

How to know if your husband is cheating: 9 signs of cheating. Women’s instinct rarely fails. If suspicions about the spouse’s infidelity have already appeared inside, it is possible that a “third-not-superfluous” really appeared in the couple. However, it is impossible to say for sure without having 100% evidence in hand. How do you know if your husband is cheating for sure? Which suspicious signs can be trusted, and which may well be a misunderstanding?

1. Change of appearance.

Yes, he can really start to shave more often, change the style of clothes, get carried away with updating the wardrobe for the sake of his mistress. Or not. But you never know because of what a man can decide to reconsider his tastes and attitude to appearance?

  • I wanted to.
  • A competitor has appeared.
  • The dress code at work has become stricter.
  • The neighbor’s grandmother praised the new T-shirt, etc.

If the betrayal has already occurred, then, according to the logic of events, a man does not need to change outwardly and preen. He has already been accepted, two women love him at once, everything suits him.

Although one detail is still worth a closer look. If a spouse was not particularly picky about underwear before, and then suddenly began to stock up on stacks of underpants from Calvin Klein, this is an alarming sign. It is unlikely that he decided to “transform” in this way for the sake of himself or his wife.

How to know if your husband is cheating: 9 signs of cheating.

2. Delays at work.

The 21st century can be safely called the century of workaholism and slavish exploitation at work. So the husband can really linger on work matters and more than once. And at the same time, he will also grumble at his wife for her attempts to hug him, because he is tired and hates the whole world after a hard shift.

How about corporate parties that come without wives? The answer is simple – the boss is a redneck. Wives at the buffet are an additional expense that management does not want to take on.

Of course, it is impossible to say for sure that the spouse is late at work, and not visiting a strange woman. However, accusing the faithful of treason, arguing such a guess only with his late returns on weekdays, is also a so-so idea.

3. Frequent phone calls.

If the wife really believes that her husband will talk for a long time with his mistress at home, then she considers him a complete idiot.

If a husband is cheating, he probably feels the fear of being exposed. He will do everything not to be caught red-handed. Hidden phone conversations can indicate anything, for example, he:

  • prepares a surprise (it is better to check the calendar for upcoming holidays);
  • got problems that he is afraid to talk about or does not want to disturb;
  • solves work issues in solitude so as not to be distracted;
  • makes “male jokes” with a friend that are clearly not intended for a thin female ear, etc.

You can tense up if the husband is clearly looking for an excuse to sneak out of the apartment for a few minutes and takes the phone with him. For example, if he, with all his dislike for shopping, offers to go grocery shopping. Or suddenly decides that a quarter-full bin is already an excuse to take a walk and throw out the garbage. At the same time, he completely refuses to take his wife with him. That’s when it’s clear – I went to call my mistress.

4. Deterioration of intimate life.

Even the most passionate feelings calm down after several years of routine. No, they do not disappear for good, but “lie down to the bottom.” All the partner’s habits have been studied, and there is usually little variety. Love and sex also becomes more insipid, this is natural. To make it more diverse, you can:

  • go on a trip together, change the situation;
  • transfer children/pets/work to someone for a few days and just be alone;
  • try something new (poses, locations, role-playing games, toys, etc.);
  • hint at a visit to a sexologist (it is unlikely that the husband will agree to go to a specialist of this profile, but he will certainly try to prove that everything is fine in bed);
  • buy erotic lingerie, take the initiative in your own hands.

You can justifiably be wary only if the spouse suddenly, for no reason at all, began to use something new in bed. Moreover, this “new” is regularly repeated by him. This situation may mean that the husband tried the experiment on the side and is now trying to include him in marital sex. Often, at the same time, he ignores the wife’s reaction to the novelty and periodically tries to impose a pose/game/action on her.

How to know if your husband is cheating: 9 signs of cheating.

5. Finds in his car.

If a husband has a mistress, she was 100% in his car. An unfaithful man can buy packs of car fragrances. Therefore, if bouquets of cheap chemical aromas suddenly began to come from the salon, it’s time to think.

A wife can also find out about a rival for two more reasons: someone else’s woman’s thing or perfect order in the salon, although such cleanliness was not observed before her husband. What may cause suspicion:

  • the presence of female hair on the seats;
  • earrings, rings, small trinkets, even underwear, clearly belonging to a strange woman;
  • differently adjusted passenger seat;
  • fingerprints, palms, in general, any parts of the body on the glasses (visible when fogging);
  • traces of women’s cosmetics (foundation, shadows, powder – it is difficult to calculate, but it happens that it is very noticeable).

In general, the “iron horse” of the faithful will give him away with giblets. However, getting into the salon with an “inspection” will not be so easy. It is quite possible that a husband will not leave his wife alone in the car for a long time.

6. Sudden generosity.

If a husband, from whom it was not always possible to wait for a gift even for his birthday, began to buy various trinkets and fall asleep with flowers for no reason, this is suspicious. It’s hard to believe, but even traitors sometimes have a conscience. She kicks the guilt in the side, which begins to rage, and the husband suddenly decides that he can shut him up with generosity.

The logic goes something like this:I have a mistress, but I don’t want to let my wife go either. My conscience gnaws at me, so I will try to pay off it by giving my wife gifts. I am evil, my generosity is good. Everything, the universal balance is restored”.

Paradoxically, such an alignment can play into the hands of his wife. It’s not even about good gifts. The whole point is that the husband is trying to save the marriage in this way, and the mistress is his temporary hobby. It is quite possible that he himself will get tired of hiding everything and stop communicating on the side.

7. Condoms.

Couples usually stop using them or use them irregularly. So an open pack of condoms in the glove compartment of his car, in his coat pocket, in his bag, anywhere but at home, which his wife probably knows about, is a bad but obvious sign.

If a couple still uses these contraceptives, condoms of a different brand or subtype (with flavors, without lubrication, with a specific surface, etc.) may become evidence of infidelity. The reaction of a husband to finding a wife can also tell a lot. A faithful spouse who simply decided to try new contraceptives with his wife will react calmly to this.

The most obvious and cruel evidence of treason associated with this method of contraception: the husband insists (does not offer/asks) to use condoms, although the couple has long refused them. There is a huge chance that he not only changed, but also attached the train of Venus to his shoulders.

How to know if your husband is cheating: 9 signs of cheating.

8. His phone.

SMS, phone book, call and browser history, mail, social networks (if it is a smartphone) – this is his dossier and, possibly, compromising evidence. The traitor doesn’t necessarily act suspicious, meaning he doesn’t sneak around on the phone or text someone every 10 minutes with an enigmatic smile. However, his phone will certainly have the answer to the question of his fidelity.

But checking his phone isn’t just about entering, it’s about breaking into his personal space with rattles, fireworks, and a Brazilian carnival.

  • If he is guilty then this will only speed up the divorce, and such an invasion will clearly reduce his sense of guilt for the offended, already ex-wife.
  • If he is true such a step will completely undermine trust, worsen relationships and, quite possibly, also lead to separation.

Therefore, before you start rummaging through his phone, it is better to think three times about the consequences. Women do not like it when their chosen ones doubt them and climb into their phones. Why should men like it?

On the other hand, what to do if it still seems that the missus is cheating, but there are no signs or they are too blurry?

9. Conversation.

This is a particularly good option if the suspecting wife has studied well how facial expressions, gestures, and the reaction of the spouse as a whole under different emotional states change. Further development of several scenarios is possible:

  1. he confesses to his deed and the couple will figure out how to live on, what steps to take;
  2. the husband will calm his chosen one, explain the reason for his strange behavior. This contributes to even greater rapprochement. It is also important for men to know that they are experienced and valued;
  3. the traitor will lie, say that he has no one. However, his reaction will betray a lie.

About the last one. The reaction of each person is largely individual. However, there are several common signs that indicate the lies and tension of any person. This:

  • shifty eyes avoidance of direct gaze. Or vice versa – the liar will try to maintain eye contact for an unnaturally long time (longer than 5-7 seconds);
  • shaky, sweaty hands attempts to hide the palms (in pockets, behind the back), redness or blanching of the skin of the face (rarely), perspiration;
  • touching the nose pulling clothes, straightening hair, constant rotation of a small object in the hands (pens, keys, napkins, etc.);
  • accelerated speech reservations, stuttering, slurring of spoken sounds;
  • rapid shallow breathing dilated pupils;
  • contradictions in stories twisting facts, repeating the same argument.

It is better to gather all your strength so that the conversation takes place calmly. This will help to quickly get to the bottom of the truth if the chosen one is innocent. And this same calmness will make the unfaithful man nervous and give himself away.

Sometimes, women who do not understand how to find out if their husband is cheating, they perceive any misunderstanding as real evidence. And in vain, because even the most reliable signs at first glance can turn out to be an absurd coincidence. Turning a blind eye to drastic changes in your spouse is, of course, not a good idea. However, all the time to “graze” and “nag” him is worse for himself. In the end, it is precisely because of the excessive distrust and suspicion of his wife that a man can really run away to his mistress.

How to know if your husband is cheating: 9 signs of cheating.

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