How to Leave a Married Man You Love?

Sometimes a woman realizes that it is time to end a relationship that has no future. No way you can do that by the name of the word, but that’s what it is. How to act in such a case and how to gain confidence that you are doing the right thing?

How to leave a married man you love?

Do you have to do it yourself? There are several reasons for this. Any relationship is difficult to end, especially if you have feelings for your partner, you are used to him, life with him gives you a sense of stability.

But when it comes to relationships with a married man, there are other factors: material dependence, the hope that a man will leave his family and choose you, the fear of possible loneliness and change. So it’s not easy to break up.

There are several steps, by taking which you can do it with the least losses, and, most importantly, do not lose it.

  • Give up false hope

Very few men leave the family, no matter how much they love their mistress. Even if they constantly complain that they are unhappy in marriage, this does not mean that they are ready for this relationship to be perfect.

They are kept in the family by a sense of duty, habit, general material issues, children, attachment to his wife, no matter how “bad”, in his words, she is.

It is important to remember a simple rule: if a man really wants to leave, he leaves and begins to build new relationships. No it’s on the button, it’s up to you to do this, it’s practical and not real.

Most often, men cheat because they want novelty, a holiday, adrenaline, to feel admiration, to experience love. No, this is the front door, which will take you to the next floor.

  • Debunk the perfect image

A man can appear to be “the one” only because the relationship with his mistress is endlessly “candy-bookednyp”. You are not connected by life, financial issues, you practically do not notice each other’s unpleasant habits.

Your relationship is a series of dates, you manage to get bored and show yourself only from the best side. Therefore, it seems that further life together will be the same, because it is always in the future, where fantasy does not allow you to look at reality.

Therefore, it is important to try to take off the “rose-colored glasses” and look at the person objectively, to see his shortcomings, to see his shortcomings.

How to break up with a married man?

  • Realize all the cons of this relationship

In order to make a final decision and not doubt yourself, it is important to analyze your relationship and focus on its negative sides:

  • the need to hide everything from loved ones and acquaintances;
  • the realization that it must be shared with another woman;
  • public condemnation and fear of it;
  • total lack of attention;
  • irrevocably wasted time.

A married man closes his needs at your expense, but he does not think about your desires and goals, therefore, if you want a serious relationship that has a future, if you want a real family, then you need to admit to yourself that they cannot be with by this man.

  • Make a plan for the near future

Ending a relationship is not easy, because there is a fear of the unknown. Any change is an exit to a new, unusual environment. Life is changing and a person is not always sure whether he has the strength to cope with these changes.

The main cause of anxiety is the unknown, and in order to overcome it, you need to think over and draw up a clear plan for your new life without this man.

  • Prime resenie and skies about this

Don’t just disappear from a man’s life. The situation of understatement, when the end is not set in the relationship, can lead to a psychological feeling of incompleteness and delay the period of adaptation to a new life.

Calmly talk to the man. You should not blame him, it is important to find the strength in yourself to admit that these relationships gave you good things, how they influenced you, what they taught you, how they changed you.

Despite the benevolent attitude, it is important to be persistent and not change your mind, even if a man tries to stop you, to make promises again. Remember that this is only your life and your happiness depends only on you, and not on him.

  • Stop all communication

In order to find strength in yourself and move on, it is important not only to say about the breakup, but to stop all contacts, remove things that remind you of him, and not look for more meetings. There comes a time in your life when you need to focus all your attention on yourself and your emotions.

It is important to analyze why exactly you ended up in a relationship in which you had to be on the second p. Sometimes such relationships appear by chance, due to sudden feelings.

But sometimes the decision to start dating a married man is driven by family scenarios or a subconscious fear of a serious relationship, because they are impossible with a shuttle who is already married.

It is important to work out negative attitudes well so that such relationships do not happen again. This is a good opportunity to get to know yourself better and change, to reach a new level of awareness.

  • Find a new source of dopamine

Communication with the person you love contributes to the development of a whole cocktail of “hormones of happiness”, One of the most important among them is Dopamine. And parting will lead to a feeling of depression, a feeling of emptiness and lack of something important.

Therefore, it is important to help yourself go through that period, albeit not painlessly, but with the least loss. But not only does love increase dopamine levels, there are other sources that contribute to its production:

  • obtaining new information – dating, travel, books, films;
  • receiving remuneration for your work – therefore, it’s time to strive to realize yourself in the professional field, learn to praise and encourage yourself for achieving even small goals;
  • creating something new – for this, creative activities or growing plants help best of all;
  • victories in competitions – participation in games, marathons, quizzes.

All this will fill your life with positive emotions, return you to a resourceful state and motivate you to move on, and not dwell on the past.

It is important to remember that when parting with a married man, you psychologically “make room” for the new: new meetings, impressions, relationships.

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