How to make a Guy like you in 10 Best Steps

Have you fallen in love with a man, but have no idea how to get his attention and get him to notice you? today I will teach you how to like a guy in 10 simple but effective steps!

You will no longer have to spend the night awake thinking about how wonderful it would be to have him by your side and be able to share unforgettable moments with him.

Now you will have the best guide to activate your plan of conquest and influence his mind in a positive way.

You just have to keep reading, take careful note and get to work.

Step #1: Get his attention and make him notice you

How to make a friend fall in love

First of all, to know how to like a guy, you must make yourself noticed; that is, to make him feel curious about you and eager to meet you.

It’s not about being too flashy, but about showing him that you are the most interesting and valuable woman in the world through your attitude, your confidence and your skills, whether physical or intellectual.

Approach him in subtle ways, either through a mutual friend or on your own.

The idea is that you take the first step and begin to promote a slight contact with that man who takes your sleep away.

Another little trick that you should not forget is to smile and radiate a lot of positive energy, since in this way you will attract him more easily.

Do not be afraid to talk to him, yes, with great confidence and dexterity!

Discover, little by little, what you like to do and try to do the same.

For example, if he practices a sport, share that same activity with him and he will surely identify with you.

Step #2: Offer him your friendship and earn his trust

You will not pretend that, after attracting his attention, he immediately fell in love with you.

To create a strong affective bond with solid foundations, you must offer your friendship and earn your trust with patience.

the key to know how to conquer a man subtly It’s taking an interest in his business, listening carefully, and insinuating that you care as a friend and as a man.

there are many details to make a boy fall in love and attract him to you.

However, for them to work, you need to make an effort to get to know him thoroughly and get involved in his world.

Use the following female seduction strategies and enchant him with fine coquetry:

  • Take care of your physical appearance
  • Bet on eye contact
  • Don’t forget body language
  • Let everything flow naturally
  • Being mysterious will bring you closer to him
  • Be versatile and fun
  • Don’t compromise, use suggestion

In case you are interested in discovering more tips to steal the heart of your special one, read our article “How to make a friend fall in love”.

Also, you can check the Love Interest Calculator to find out how interested he is in you.

Step #3: Spend quality time with the guy you like

Tricks to fall in love

Once you have established a closer friendship relationship, the next step is to figure out how to spend quality time with him.

You could opt for outdoor activities or shared hobbies.

If you don’t have many ideas, click and get inspired by these romantic plans as a couple.

Make sure you both have a good time and make sure that he starts to create the emotional need to be with you.

Commit to your target and seduce him without limits with the help of the Magnetic Desire Method!

Step #4: Send him the right signals

When the two of you feel comfortable, put your plan into action, and don’t hesitate to send her the signals that will tell her that you want to become more than just her friend!

To do this, go to body language and let the clues flow.

Your gestures, your movements, and your body will be in charge of expressing everything you keep quiet.

Strike his mind with a deep look or a sweet smile, stroke your hair, cross your legs or wet your lips a little.

These signs will be your best allies because you will be able to communicate your most hidden feelings without saying a single word!

He will pick up on all these clues and won’t be able to get you out of his mind for a while!

In addition to this, it is important that you are aware of your body language and draw conclusions.

Distinguish all the typical signs of attraction in the following article: “do How to know if you like it?”.

To find out more about body language, I invite you to read the article

Step #5: do How to like a boy? Physical contact will be crucial!

The most natural thing is that when we are in love with a person, we feel the need to have them very close, caress them and establish constant physical contact.

This aspect is essential, even more so in the stage of falling in love because it helps to strengthen the relationship and reinforce trust.

A gentle touch will be enough to stimulate all your senses and make you shiver.

Each of your touches will be very special to him and he will feel doubly attracted to you.

Remember to respect his personal space and avoid intimidating him if you just want to know! how to like a guy!

Step #6: Always give him the feeling of freedom

How to captivate a guy

For no reason commit it before time and less if you are not completely sure that the taste is mutual.

The masculine instinct yearns for freedom; a man will enter a relationship only after much thought.

It all boils down to a cost-benefit issue for him; that is, you need the benefit of being with you to be greater than the cost of being without you.

Enjoy every moment with him and make him notice that you are not just another ordinary girl but a woman with many virtues and thousands of good things to offer!

Your task, then, is to start working so that he becomes attached to you and feels that he will lose you if he does not start a serious relationship with you as soon as possible.

Step #7: Make yourself look like a challenge with a high degree of difficulty

Avoid, at all costs, being too accommodating with him because the only thing you will achieve is that he quickly loses interest.

Don’t tell him or give him everything in one night; be mysterious and a little difficult, make him see you as a challenge, and let him discover you!

Boys love the thrill of the chase; therefore, it is about keeping it on the lookout and with the desire on the surface.

Step #8: Dare to make him fall in love, too, through social networks

Today, technology is one of the most effective communication tools out there.

Through it we can, among other things, interact with people from all over the world and have an “active social life” without leaving home.

It’s time for you to learn how to get a guy’s attention on social media and manage to establish a transcendental relationship with him even at a distance.

Each of your words will be crucial to awaken a storm of emotions in that gentleman for whom you sigh on the other side of the screen.

Don’t talk to him every second or every day, try to control yourself a little; Thus, he will miss you and he will be the one to start the conversation curiously.

He will be eager to talk to you, he will know that he is not your center of attention and that you have other priorities in your life.

¡ How to like a guy It’s easier than you think!

Step #9: Be an independent and authentic lady

How to conquer a man

There is nothing more fascinating for a man than an authentic girl, who lives without prejudice, who takes risks, explores, and does not depend on the opinion of others to be happy.

Don’t insist on following beauty prototypes, create your own style and stand out from the rest!

Without a doubt, that man will notice you and you will begin to interest him seriously, even more so if he perceives in you a certain air of an independent woman.

It will surely attract him that you enjoy both your solitude and the company of others.

He can also see that you have the ability to make decisions out of your own conviction and to adapt to different situations with intelligence.

Be independent and authentic, and you will understand how to like a guy quickly!

Read the article on, it will surely interest you!

Step #10: Flirt directly and show your love with small details

When you feel that it is the right moment, flirt directly with him, use all your weapons of seduction and go for the love of the man who has stolen your heart.

Don’t be shy and if you’re really interested, don’t waste any more time! and show him all your love with small details.

Something as simple as a message or a phrase can make a difference and pave the way with that special being.

In war and in love all is fair; therefore, any seduction tactic is valid.

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